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For questions about features that allow cancellation of the effects of previous actions whether in existence or being requested.

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Undo downvote after 10 minutes rule [duplicate]

I accidentally downvoted an answer, but didn't notice it by time to correct it. How can I undo it after the 10 minutes rule? The answer I incorrectly downvoted:
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Is it intentional that undoing a vote is recorded in an audit?

I've read here that votes on audits aren't recorded. The post in this audit: have been upvoted by me a long time ago. I decided to test the theory that ...
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Why can't I undo my upvote casted long time back?

I returned to a question asked after a few months and realized that the answer I upvoted is actually not correct. My skills in that particular area have improved and I don't agree with the answer ...
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No time shown until I can undo my vote for an answer [duplicate]

I accidentally up-voted an answer, I want to undo my vote. you last voted on this answer 1 hour ago. Your vote is now locked in unless this answer is edited. Why the answer has to be edited so I ...
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How to un-upvote an answer that is now out of date?

We don't have the option to un-upvote or change up-vote to down-vote an answer without it having been edited. This prevents users from being able to modify their votes to reflect technology changes. ...
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What is the time limit to undo upvotes/downvotes on posts?

If I want to undo my votes on any question or answer, within how much time can I undo, from the time I voted? Is there any specific time span within which I have to do that?
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Why is the undo operation in text boxes so coarse-grained?

I haven't been able to find another question about this but it would surprise me if no one ever wrote one, because it is so annoying. Also I'm not sure which tag to use because I cannot honestly tell ...
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If a question has been flagged as a duplicate but is not really one, then how can an SO user communicate the same (other than comments)? [duplicate]

I came across a question from a newbie SO user (but not new to program or the platform) which had been flagged as a duplicate, but it was not really one. It had 2-3 downvotes. It has since been ...
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What happens to up and down votes before you have the privilege to cast such votes? [duplicate]

At 1 reputation you have neither the privilege of upvoting nor the privilege of downvoting. If you try it anyway, you get some message from the system, from which I understood that your vote is saved ...
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How can I revoke a downvote? [duplicate]

I accidentally clicked upvote on this answer and to remedy it, I accidentally clicked downvote. When I realized the mistake, it was too late to revote. How can I correct the mistake? Please note ...
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I'm not sure I like the "sticky score" feature [duplicate]

This is a new feature on SO: if you scroll down a page, the score and vote arrows next to every post become sticky: they stick to the top of the window rather than scrolling up with the top of the ...
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How can I undo my vote?

I accidentally down-voted a question. Can I perform an undo on that vote, without upvoting it? I don't consider this particular question deserves a downvote, but have no reason (or knowledge) to ...
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Got a +1 notice when undownvoting post despite not having earned reputation

Steps to reproduce (all on the same day): Downvote an answer. Be nice to everyone, get upvotes, and hit the rep cap. Remove the downvote on that answer The vote is removed from my reputation history,...
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