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Questions tagged [unclear]

This tag is for questions about questions on Stack Overflow that have been closed with the reason "Needs details or clarity"

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Audit question failures

I keep "failing" audit questions where people marked the question as "Unclear what you're asking" (perhaps because they were annoyed with the question asked). In most of these cases it's quite clear ...
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Is a question that shows no attempt to solve a problem considered 'unclear'?

I answered this question yesterday: I have string that looks like the following, and I would like to go through and delete lines that don't contain the tags _JJ or _NN. input: Hello_NN and_CC ...
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How can I make this question of mine more clear?

How do I create a Block with custom layout or arrange for FlowDocuments? My question has so far gotten three close votes for lack of clarity. But I really thought my question was as clear as it can ...
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Wrong question used for Audit in Reopen queue?

I just failed this audit and I wonder why. The question got closed as "Unclear what you are asking". I think I understand the question, even though I'm not familiar with Objective-C. Four people tried ...
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What to do with unfocused question that was edited?

This question shows that the OP is confusing concepts. I was about to edit the question to make it relevant, but feel that it will be too broad anyways. Not to mention that answers were given ...
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