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For questions about a situation on Stack Overflow where an answer was first accepted and later unaccepted.

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Is it a bug that I can gain reputation by unaccepting and reaccepting when starting at 1 reputation?

I have 1 reputation to start, I previously accepted some answers and gained reputation from that, but I lost that reputation due to downvotes, so I still only have 1 reputation. I unaccept an answer ...
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Community reward for correct and unaccepted answers?

It is frustrating to witness something like this answer. Someone invested time and effort into someone else problem, and it seems too much to ask for a button click. I know life isn't fair. And the ...
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What should I do if someone un-accepts the only answer (with many upvotes) for no apparent reason after a long time? [duplicate]

I would like to have some advice on what would be right to do (or not to) in those situations, and some opinions, especially on the last part of the question. I spent quite some time on answering a ...
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Is demanding answer unaccepting acceptable? [duplicate]

Sometimes you stumble upon questions that are exactly what you want to know and since we want to keep this site from having x duplicate questions you don't want to ask your own, of course. The problem ...
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Shouldn't there be a time limit when the OP can't unaccept answer (lock)?

I had answered a question on Stack Overflow a few days ago. According to this thread, it's good to unaccept the answer(s) if... The OP has accepted before applying it instantly. The answer is no ...
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New user unaccepted my answer and posted own implementation of my answer [duplicate]

Recently I answered a question with an approach to the user's question which after some clarifying comments with the OP was accepted. My approach wasn't meant to be directly usable as there were some ...
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Duplicates With Different Answers

In my professional career there have been countless times that I've dealt with the issue, can I reinterpret_cast an XMFLOAT3, or a similar struct, to a float* and treat it like an array of 3 floats. ...
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User unaccepts answer because he adds more requirements to the question [duplicate]

I recently saw an answer of mine being unaccepted. No big deal I though, there probably is a better answer now. When I went to look at the question I saw that the OP commented on my answer with ...
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Is anybody able to unaccept answers except the owner of the question?

I noticed one thing a few times, after I edited my accepted answer after some time this answer is unmarked as accepted. In my experience, the user who asked the question is not even online in this ...
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Make it impossible to undo accepted answer, unless there is a new answer or edit to the original question/answer? [duplicate]

If a certain time has passed since the OP has accepted an answer, let's say a week or two, why can they still undo the accepted answer? Unless there is a better answer to the question, or an edit to ...
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Why are unaccepted answers counting as different rep changes in user profile?

I recently answered a question and the OP picked my post as the accepted answer. A few days later, some more users had posted and my answer wasn't the best anymore, so the OP rightfully removed their ...
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Two answers for the same question but the second one is more complete

Recently I received an answer from user and I accepted it because answered my question. A few hours later, I received another, more complete answer that, like the previous answer, also answered my ...
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Asker unaccepted my answer after I rejected asker's edit to my answer

Here is the question I am referring to. I answered the question, and then some more. Note that the question only pertained to the date column, which pandas automatically converts to the correct format ...
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OP non-answer is accepted and actual answer is not accepted anymore [duplicate]

Possibly I'm just being annoying, so feel free to remove this. I answered to this question some time ago and the answer was accepted. Yesterday the OP made a sort of comment to my answer, and marked ...
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If I edit my accepted answer, will I lose reputation? [duplicate]

I have already read this Why did I gain/lose repuation. Still, I have a doubt. If I have posted an answer which is accepted, when I edit the answer to improve it, will I lose my reputation? Reason ...
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Is "unaccept" of an answer logged somewhere

I could've sworn I've had one of my answers accepted yesterday. Today, I see it is no longer accepted. Is the "unaccept" action logged anywhere? I don't see it anywhere under "Reputation" tab on my ...
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Shall answering a user's query in the own answer's comment-section not be rewarded (not enough)? [duplicate]

A few days ago I answered this question, to which the user requested for more help in the comment-section of my answer. I then extended my answer in the comment section, stating what is to be done to ...
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My Work Fly Away This is not just FAIR? [duplicate]

On this Question: How to unit test a Controller action using the Response property in ASP.NET 5 (MVC 6)? Question was about how to mock a private setter: And I believe, I gave the right answer with ...
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What can or should I do about an accepted answer that becomes unaccepted?

In November, I wrote an answer to this question and it was accepted. It's probably not the best post on SO, but IMHO it is good enough to keep because others might stumble upon this same bug/feature. ...
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Getting an unaccept for another user's question

I noticed I got an "unaccept" a couple of days back, but as I did not recall unaccepting anything, I clicked to see what it is about, and noticed I am not even the OP. It is the first time I see this, ...
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Answer unaccepted after a few days; OP changed scope of question in comments

A few days ago I posted an answer to this question. The OP accepted the answer, and even left an appreciative comment ("Thanks so much!"). Three days later, the answer was unaccepted, with no comment ...
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Ability to transfer ownership of "no longer mantainable" own questions to other interested owners, in order to keep them correct and reactive

A few times it happened to me that after having posted a technical question on a complicate thing I was working on, I had to switch to a completely different task, slowly and unconsciously letting the ...
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Lots of users don't accept any answers

There are a lot of posts on Meta revolving around how to point a newbie to accept their own answer. However, the main problem is, that many users don't care to accept an answer at all. If, for ...
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User accepted my answer, then completely changed the question and 'unaccepted'

I answered this question: and spent a fair amount of time on it. My answer was duly accepted. However, today I looked at my rep ...
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Undoing acceptance of an answer. Does it affect the reputation of the user who has answered? [duplicate]

If a questioner, at some point in time, feels that a provided answer does not fit to the scenario or the code has some bug, then: Is it alright to unaccept the answer (my main concern)? If yes, then ...
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Changing accepted answer [duplicate]

I noticed, today I got a -15 rep change because a user unaccepted an answer, fair enough. Surprise comes when I check the question, and I've found the new accepted answer is not really an answer ...
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What to do if OP is not reacting [duplicate]

The following scenario happened to me several times now: I answer a question of a new (very low reputation) SO user. My answer stays the only one to this question. The OP does not react in any way, ...
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What to do about the OP taking credit for my walkthrough of his problem? [duplicate]

TL;DR, user removed my "correct" answer after helping walk through the problem. I recently answered this question: Android C++ Minimalist sample app: "Cannot find module with tag 'gpg-cpp-...
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Historic Answer Feature [duplicate]

Some questions were ask several years ago. The answer given was the best one at that time. Now years later, a new answer comes up with an approach that wasn't available at that time. It's also correct....
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When is it okay to remove acceptance of an answer? [duplicate]

Recently I posted an answer on this question. After some clarification in the comments, it was ticked as accepted and up voted. After a little while, both the acceptance and the up vote was removed, ...
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Does getting an unaccept change the "accept don't count towards the max" calculation?

Today (2/5/15) I am currently being capped at 200 rep (several upvotes have not counted). Since I have one accepted answer, I would normally expect to max out at 215, not 200, as reputation from ...
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I answered a question, he accepted it, and then he deleted the question!

I spent a lot of time on this question: Open links in new tabs - greasemonkey script He was happy, he thanked me, wished me happy new year, and gave me the answer, and I earned 15 points. One minute ...
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How to deal with people that don't accept answers? [duplicate]

Lately I noticed the following on SO: Users ask questions and disappear (question isn't accepted) Users who never accept an answer or never post the solution (if they found it on their own) How can ...
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Can I cancel the accepted answer in Stack Overflow?

What if I accepted an answer and I want to change after that? Can I cancel the accepted answer to choose another one?
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How do I know if an user is dead or alive, when an user didn't accept my answer can a admin verify and accept it? [duplicate]

For instance, I am posting an answer for a question asked by an user. His last seen shows that 7months ago. I can come to a conclusion that he is not active in stack exchange any more. If he is alive ...
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Hypothetical exploit of answer-accept mechanics for rep gain

I hypothesized a possible exploit of the +2 rep gain for accepting answers to get higher rep than one would deserve. It goes like this: Assume a user has asked N questions and accepts N answers but ...
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What happens when a user quits and unaccepts answers to all of their questions

This morning I saw that one of my answers on SO had been un-accepted; it was a valid answer to a question asked by this individual several months ago. His profile description now says only, "please ...
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What do you do when the OP copies your answer and posts it as his own?

I just had one of my answers unaccepted, I checked the question and noticed that what the OP had done was unaccept my answer so that he could accept his own answer, which used the exact styles that I ...
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Accepted and Unaccepted for the same answer

I noted a strange thing in my reputation change. I have been awarded reputation for both an Accepted and Unaccepted for the same question. I don't understand this. An answer can either be accepted or ...
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2 answers

Is it OK to unaccept an answer after weeks?

I happened to ask this question a couple of weeks ago, to which I received prompt responses that worked for me. However, I just figured out that there is a bug with the answer. Although the answer ...
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Additional SubQuestions in the comments

I answered a question, I'm pretty sure it was true answer as the user asked. However when I asked him why he didn't accept it, he mentioned additional details in the comments like: "What I wanted to ...
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what happens if I accept an answer and later accept a different one?

Does the first user lose the reputation points he/she had earned? If not, is he/she somehow informed that I changed my mind and accepted a different answer?
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What happens when your answer is unaccepted but it is the answer for the OP? [closed]

I would like to better understand the process of unaccepting an answer. I want to know if after the OP reads the answer and find that it solves his problem and accepts it (+15). And then he unaccepts ...
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Provide a way to accept unaccepted answers [duplicate]

Sometimes we provide an answer to a question, and the person who asked the question ignored it without accepting it. For me this is not a good practice and if you asked a question you must accept ...
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