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For questions about a situation on Stack Overflow where an answer was first accepted and later unaccepted.

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I answered a question, he accepted it, and then he deleted the question!

I spent a lot of time on this question: Open links in new tabs - greasemonkey script He was happy, he thanked me, wished me happy new year, and gave me the answer, and I earned 15 points. One minute ...
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What can or should I do about an accepted answer that becomes unaccepted?

In November, I wrote an answer to this question and it was accepted. It's probably not the best post on SO, but IMHO it is good enough to keep because others might stumble upon this same bug/feature. ...
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Can I cancel the accepted answer in Stack Overflow?

What if I accepted an answer and I want to change after that? Can I cancel the accepted answer to choose another one?
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Is it OK to unaccept an answer after weeks?

I happened to ask this question a couple of weeks ago, to which I received prompt responses that worked for me. However, I just figured out that there is a bug with the answer. Although the answer ...
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When is it okay to remove acceptance of an answer? [duplicate]

Recently I posted an answer on this question. After some clarification in the comments, it was ticked as accepted and up voted. After a little while, both the acceptance and the up vote was removed, ...
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what happens if I accept an answer and later accept a different one?

Does the first user lose the reputation points he/she had earned? If not, is he/she somehow informed that I changed my mind and accepted a different answer?
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Lots of users don't accept any answers

There are a lot of posts on Meta revolving around how to point a newbie to accept their own answer. However, the main problem is, that many users don't care to accept an answer at all. If, for ...
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What to do if OP is not reacting [duplicate]

The following scenario happened to me several times now: I answer a question of a new (very low reputation) SO user. My answer stays the only one to this question. The OP does not react in any way, ...
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Hypothetical exploit of answer-accept mechanics for rep gain

I hypothesized a possible exploit of the +2 rep gain for accepting answers to get higher rep than one would deserve. It goes like this: Assume a user has asked N questions and accepts N answers but ...
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3 answers

What do you do when the OP copies your answer and posts it as his own?

I just had one of my answers unaccepted, I checked the question and noticed that what the OP had done was unaccept my answer so that he could accept his own answer, which used the exact styles that I ...
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Two answers for the same question but the second one is more complete

Recently I received an answer from user and I accepted it because answered my question. A few hours later, I received another, more complete answer that, like the previous answer, also answered my ...
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Provide a way to accept unaccepted answers [duplicate]

Sometimes we provide an answer to a question, and the person who asked the question ignored it without accepting it. For me this is not a good practice and if you asked a question you must accept ...
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What to do about the OP taking credit for my walkthrough of his problem? [duplicate]

TL;DR, user removed my "correct" answer after helping walk through the problem. I recently answered this question: Android C++ Minimalist sample app: "Cannot find module with tag 'gpg-cpp-...
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How to deal with people that don't accept answers? [duplicate]

Lately I noticed the following on SO: Users ask questions and disappear (question isn't accepted) Users who never accept an answer or never post the solution (if they found it on their own) How can ...
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Historic Answer Feature [duplicate]

Some questions were ask several years ago. The answer given was the best one at that time. Now years later, a new answer comes up with an approach that wasn't available at that time. It's also correct....
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What happens when a user quits and unaccepts answers to all of their questions

This morning I saw that one of my answers on SO had been un-accepted; it was a valid answer to a question asked by this individual several months ago. His profile description now says only, "please ...
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Changing accepted answer [duplicate]

I noticed, today I got a -15 rep change because a user unaccepted an answer, fair enough. Surprise comes when I check the question, and I've found the new accepted answer is not really an answer ...
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Is "unaccept" of an answer logged somewhere

I could've sworn I've had one of my answers accepted yesterday. Today, I see it is no longer accepted. Is the "unaccept" action logged anywhere? I don't see it anywhere under "Reputation" tab on my ...
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Accepted and Unaccepted for the same answer

I noted a strange thing in my reputation change. I have been awarded reputation for both an Accepted and Unaccepted for the same question. I don't understand this. An answer can either be accepted or ...
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