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For questions regarding the online news and social networking service from Twitter Inc.

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Change Twitter name and icon to X on the profile page

The Twitter name and logo has been changed to X. It should be updated on the profile page as well. Here's an SVG to use.
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Can you add a Mastodon profile to your Stack Overflow profile whilst keeping your website link?

I would like to verify my Stack Overflow profile from my Mastodon profile. I can achieve this by replacing my website URL with my Mastodon URL, but this would mean that my website would not be ...
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Stack Overflow Twitter account continues to have spelling problams

Edit: I just saw a new post from the twitter account and it has exactly the same spelling error. I'm following the Stack Overflow Twitter account and saw a tweet in my timeline featuring the ...
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Limit the size of Twitter oneboxes in chat

Twitter links that contain multiple images can fill nearly a whole screen when they are one-boxed on chat. It's very annoying, and it would be much nicer if it was height-limited. For example: There ...
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How did Stack Overflow get its Twitter account?

What was involved in Stack Exchange acquiring the Twitter account @StackOverflow? It used to have another owner for a long time. Was it purchased? Acquired via Twitter management? Taken over by ...
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Careers Tweet Link already over limit for long links [closed]

When sharing a Careers job posting via Twitter, we are already over the tweet character limit. Can you not shorten the url?
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