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Should I rollback trivial edits from >2k rep users, when there are multiple such edits? [duplicate]

A user who had just passed 2k rep made a trivial edit (Revision 3) on a question. I was curious, should I roll this back or leave it as is? They simply changed "I am" to "I'm". My ...
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What should I do if a user is constantly putting the post in reopen review?

I was one of the users who closed this question. If you look at the revisions you will see the user keeps editing the question without effort and putting it into reopen review queue. The edits are ...
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Should I approve suggested edits that only add a language to a code block?

I came across an edit that only added a language to the code block, i.e. ``` > ```java After looking around, I found this answer which suggests yes, always, as long as it's the only thing that ...
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What do I do about a user who makes seemingly trivial edits to my question?

I asked a valid question about an issue I have in an Angular project and provided a detailed info about settings of my project. Just about an hour after I asked the question, some user started ...
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What to do with a question that appears sensible but turns out to have a trivial cause?

I saw a question (now deleted; screenshot) that at first seemed sensible, but it appears the cause (and the fix) was trivial. Should we ask the OP to delete their question? Should we ask the OP to ...
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Best practices for trivial questions, with no need for answer

See this case (10k+): The Q (mine) is clear, but I no longer need a full A - a one-line Comment solved my problem. What is best practice? A. DELETE the question? B. (if not delete) To explain/...
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Close reason "Can be trivially googled" needed [duplicate]

I sometimes see questions to which an answer can be trivially found by googling. A glaring example is this question about queues in C++. When I tried to vote to close the question I found that none of ...
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Trivial edits that are not trivial [duplicate]

I recently came a across and answer that was overall a good answer. The only problem was that the answer was missing a newline in-between some text and a code block causing an entire block of code to ...
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What the rules for the 'trivial answer converted to comment' [duplicate]

So how does SO decide when an answer is a "trivial answer" that should be converted to a comment?
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