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Triage is a question review queue intended to split questions into four categories: "Looks OK", "Needs community edit", "Flag" and "Needs author edit".

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How do I deal with off-topic posts in Triage?

I just got an off-topic post in Triage. The question was fine, however it really should have been moved to another site. How do I react in this situation? The question is not OK, however editing it ...
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Why there is no search feature in the Review - Triage?

I would like to help in separating questions into categories in the Review -> Triage section, but there is no search feature where I can search for a question in order to decide it is duplicate or not....
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Getting banned from review - spamming 'Requires Editing' in Triage

On my review page, I read: Your review on review/25144570 wasn't helpful. "Requires Editing" should only be used when other community users (like you) are able to edit/format the question ...
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Reviewing triage queue, failed audit for unknown (to me) reason [duplicate]

I am fairly new to reviewing posts, and I stumbled upon this question to review: The user posted the following text:
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Triage Queue's "Unsalvageable" should not prompt for a reason [duplicate]

According to the post that introduced the Triage queue, the purpose of it is to be fast. Indeed, as fast as can be, because "because we're throwing a ridiculous number of questions into it." Clicking ...
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Failed review audit

I just failed a review on this question. I recommended moving the answer to SuperUser since this is obviously a software related issue and not a programming related issue. "Cannot start ...
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Asking a user to improve their question when they don't have the necessary points?

This is related to Where are the docs/post on how triage is supposed to work (including actionable items like criteria to apply)? and How to handle “Graphical Layout issue…” in Triage review queue. ...
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Default "Unsalvageable" option default to vote close when available [closed]

As an user who recently gained the reputation to vote close questions instead of flagging them, I wonder why the Unsalvageable decision in the triage queue does not default to vote close the item at ...
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Triage: move 'too broad' item on the first level of "unsalvageable dialog"

Please move "too broad" here, on the first level: Currently all of those items are less popular then "should be closed" -> "too broad". But "too broad" is somehow on the second level. P.S. ...
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Why did I get a review ban for this homework help question triage?

So I received my second review ban in a short period of time and first of all I want to make clear that I am not trying to whine about this but am rather asking here to genuinely learn where I went ...
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Triage Queue disappeared but others are working as expected

I already have an experience of being temporarily suspended from reviewing, and I think I learned useful lessons after carefully reading how to review per each review type; however, when that ...
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Banned for a month from reviewing because of one mistake [duplicate]

I was in the flow of reviewing posts and have just had this today: Your review on triage/26473900 wasn't helpful. The "Requires Editing" option should only be used when other community ...
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Why wasn't my review on triage/25860923 helpful? [duplicate]

To all who already have, or are considering downvoting this question: please note this is not a generic question about how triage is broken, or why bans are seemingly inexplicably long. Rather this ...
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Allow seeing the editing list from review queues (Triage)

So I recently got the option to enter review queues. And I've stumbled upon the the following scenario in the Triage queue: First reviewer said Unsalvageable Someone said Looks OK Someone else said ...
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Should 'Looks Ok' in Triage auto-upvote, or at least generate a prompt to?

In the Triage review queue, when you decide a question 'Looks Ok', and two others have already, it prompts you to upvote the question. However what about the two others who thought it was a good ...
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Malicious links in SO Triage tests cleanup and origination

I was reviewing posts, and received the following as a test (unsure if link is specific to me): While it's obviously spam, it contains a link which ...
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Hit the wrong button got a review ban [duplicate]

Can anyone let me know why one wrong click on this post lead to a review ban? Why is the ban not clear when you go back into the review queue? I eventually found this banner: Your review on ...
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Need "Missing source code" or similar option when marking question as unsalvageable in triage [duplicate]

In my review queue, I came across a question that was well written - user described the observed, vs desired behavior - except that the author had failed to include one of the source files/snippets ...
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Suspended from reviews even though editors could have improved the question [duplicate]

I got the following message when reviewing: Your review on triage/25151211 wasn't helpful. "Requires Editing" should only be used when other community users (like you) are able to edit/format the ...
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Review privileges suspended in Triage for one question which is already closed [duplicate]

I see my review privileges have been suspended for the triage verification of this question. I chose 'Needs community edit' as I believed the question can be made answerable after a few tweaks. But I ...
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Triage Queue - Is a new option needed? Too Broad sub-reason? [duplicate]

I've been working on the Triage queue and think I've found a use case for a new VTC reason: Request for basic instruction" or "Too Basic" Now, I realize that that's not an appropriate ...
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Review suspension for using "requires editing" after edit has been made [duplicate]

I got a review suspension because I voted for "Requires Editing" on triage/26950302. Conclusion: Thanks for the answer. I now understand it is really "forbidden" and not just ...
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Requiring author feedback to solve the triage dilemma

TL;DR Many of us agree that at the moment the triage queue does not work as it should. A lot of questions marked with Should be Improved cannot be improved by the community and are therefore stuffing ...
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Banned for "Requires Editing", the moderator thinks it "needs more focus" [duplicate]

I've been banned for reviewing as "Requires Editing". OK, I might have been wrong, although I know exactly how I would have edited the post: I would have ...
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Review option has been paused

Today morning when I check this link for reviewing questions, I am getting a message as preceding. You reviewed incorrectly. Please read Is there a ...
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It seems I reached the ban limit [duplicate]

I got suspended from the review queue again. This has happened a few times in the past now and the ban duration keeps stacking up. My current ban will be lifted on June 4th (60ish days from now). I ...
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Did I hit a bug in the Triage review?

Here's what happened. I'm reviewing post in the Triage review queue, the first post I marked as "Should be improved". The next one has a warning of "Stop! Look and Listen" bla bla, then I ...
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Triage Dispute Audit

As usual, I'm contributing on daily manner to Stack Overflow community, and I've just failed on this review audit: I disagree with it because: there ...
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So for a few weeks now I'm still "a user who can't review." How do I get back to being one who can? [duplicate]

So someone told me what I did wrong. And I did do that wrong thing. Is there such a thing as forgiveness in the SO universe? How do I get back to being able to review and make my small contribution to ...
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Why are there audits when the triage queue is full? Don't they just slow us down in clearing the queue?

About half an hour ago while browsing on SO I noticed the red dot of triage lighting up indicating the queue is full/under heavy load and needs some help clearing it up. Trying to be a diligent user ...
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Is the review moderation process flawed?

After having been repeatedly banned for allegedly "bad" reviews, I'm under the impression that the moderating process is inherently flawed and in need of repair. Or maybe the whole Stack Exchange ...
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What's the point of audits in the Triage Review Queue?

(I've tested this, and it works) If someone chooses 'Requires Editing' for every post in their Review Queue, they will never fail an audit. So what's the point of having one when it can be fooled so ...
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Review ban process is very cruel [duplicate]

As you know there is a review ban for wrong decisions. For example, when I visited back after some hours to start the review again I was faced with this message: Your review on triage/24383821 wasn'...
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