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Triage is a question review queue intended to split questions into four categories: "Looks OK", "Needs community edit", "Flag" and "Needs author edit".

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Should Triage review be available after using all daily votes

I used all my daily votes today, so "First Post" and "Late Answer" were no longer available ... but Triage review queue was. Is this intentional? No biggie, just an f.y.i. in case was overlooked.
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Missing next button in the Triage queue after a successful "Looks OK" review

I am not sure whether this is Triage queue specific, but I have not seen this in other queues lately, e.g. after passing an audit. I am not sure either whether it is related to the that this was my ...
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How can I actively cast close votes in and out of review queues simultaneously?

This concerns has kept bugging me for a while, but it became even more apparent with the introduction of the Triage review queue. The long story short, I cannot reasonably help with the review queues ...
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What to do in Triage to agree with a duplicate flag when you can't cast a close vote

Reading this Triage queue review item, I saw a "Possible duplicate" comment from another user. It looks to me like that judgment is correct, and I upvoted the comment. However, I still have to choose ...
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Other flag raised from Triage suggesting options not available rejected

In the Triage review queue, I came to one question which seemed to be of very low quality. As the Very Low Quality flag was not available, I raised an Other flag. It was subsequently declined with: ...
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Detect close vote in triage review

I voted to close a question which later came up in the triage review. I wanted to click on "Unsalvageable", however I had only three choices: Well, the question wasn't spam, it wasn't offensive, and ...
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2 answers

Missing "VLQ" flag option in Triage Queue

I came across a (turd of a) question in the Triage queue that I thought was a good fit for the Very Low Quality flag. When I clicked "unsalvageable", the flag menu was missing the VLQ option: I have ...
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Are there any examples of how to handle questions in the triage queue? [duplicate]

I have triaged 11 questions to date but I am not happy that I have chosen correctly. Mostly I have chosen "Should be improved" but that may have been too generous. How should I respond to ...
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Triage: How to vote if more information is needed

In triage review queue, I've come across several questions which seem to be suitable for Stack Overflow if the user provided some more information. Often the question either lacks example code or a ...
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Triage Queue's "Unsalvageable" should not prompt for a reason [duplicate]

According to the post that introduced the Triage queue, the purpose of it is to be fast. Indeed, as fast as can be, because "because we're throwing a ridiculous number of questions into it." Clicking ...
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1 answer

Is triage review queue really working?

I have been the decider on several reviews, meaning that they had 2 'reviews' with the same decision as mine, most of these have been 2 x 'Looks Ok' and 2 x 'Should be Improved', so my decision is ...
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37 votes
4 answers

What should I do if I see a question that "Should Be Improved" in triage, and I decide to improve it myself so that it "Looks OK"?

What should I do if I see a question that "Should Be Improved" in triage, and I decide to improve it myself so that it "Looks OK"? Should I first vote "Should Be Improved", and then make it look OK ...
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1 answer

No notification message for Triage custodian badge

I did some review tasks from the new Triage queue, and so received a new Custodian badge. But I didn't receive a notification message saying I received that badge.
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65 votes
2 answers

Closing questions should be easier in the Triage queue

After using the Triage queue for a few days, I've marked many questions unsalvageable. However, I've always used a close reason; I have not run into anything that should be flagged. Right now, ...
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How flag questions like "please do my job for me"? [duplicate]

This question is about Triage queue and VLC queue. I do not mean to put a VLQ flag. That in Triage is no longer available and was never in VLQ. What is the proper way to flag for these kind of ...
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Please let me mark something I've already flagged as Unsalvageable in the Triage queue [duplicate]

Trying out the new Triage queue, I came across a post I'd flagged a few minutes before. I tried to mark it "Unsalvageable". However, since the Unsalvageable choice brings up the "flag post" dialog, I ...
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38 votes
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Fix needed for editing/triage overlap

I popped up a second copy of the question in the Triage review queue, and noticed that: The question was only 45 secs old The edit notifications do not appear in the triage window Real-world triage ...
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48 votes
2 answers

Triage gray areas - what should we do when the question is borderline?

This was pointed out in an answer to the original topic thread, but could probably do with more extraction, as it can be viewed as quite subjective whether a question qualifies for "Looks Okay&...
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1 answer

Are there audits in the triage review queue?

The other queues have audits to check whether reviewers are properly reviewing. So does the new triage review queue also have audits?
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Seems double flagging is possible in Triage

Whilst looking at a question on the 'triage' review queue, I felt the question was unsalvageable (no code, two lines, "i want you to tell me how to do x"). I clicked on the link, intending to flag, ...
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1 answer

"Vote up" button does not work as it should in Triage

In the new Triage review queue, when looking at certain existing review items, there exists a "Vote up" button in the top right corner that allows me to upvote a post without clicking on the up arrow. ...
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1 answer

When will a post enqueue Triage review type?

I notice that there is a new review type Triage today! Good job, I think this will be a significant way to improve the qualities of review activities. But I'm wondering, when will a post enqueue to ...
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8 votes
1 answer

Voting is borked in triage review queue

The vote buttons (those grey triangles in the screenshot) don't do anything in the triage review queue. They also only appear when you've already reviewed the item and gone back, which seems strange.
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333 votes
25 answers

Help us test question triage!

tl;dr: there's a new review queue. It'll be getting somewhere around 1-2 questions per minute. The only thing they have in common is that the system is unsure of what to do with them. Some are great, ...
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