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Triage is a question review queue intended to split questions into four categories: "Looks OK", "Needs community edit", "Flag" and "Needs author edit".

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Triage: requires editing, how picky should I be [duplicate]

I started looking at the Triage queue and wonder how picky I should be with 'requires editing'. For example this question has the sentence formatting all messed up (blank before instead of after ...
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What do you do if the linked code is too long?

Here is an example of link only answer: It uses Gist to answer instead of quoting the code directly, but trying to inline Gist code, makes ...
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Remove or relax the limit on flags per-day in review queues

I would like to request that, when flagging a question as "Unsalvageable" through the review triage queue, it not count towards our daily flag limit. For example, there was just an instance of a ...
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Triage audits imply genuine users are spamming (not good)

This triage review audit, was rendered originally like this: That user is an actual person. Displaying their username could easily lead them to being unjustly blamed for spamming, which wouldn't be ...
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Duplicate flags shouldn't be disputed on a question that "Looks OK"

When the consensus on a question in Triage is that the question Looks OK, all flags on it are disputed (source). This makes sense for off-topic/unclear/broad/opinion-based/VLQ flags, but not for ...
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Show likely duplicates to triage reviewers

When you ask a question, you're shown a list of "Questions that may already have your answer" and "Similar Questions" on the Ask Question page, intended to prevent users from posting duplicate ...
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Custom flags shouldn't be submitted if raised through review audits

We just received a custom flag from a user with 1k rep, on a question that was deleted via spam/abusive flags almost an entire month ago. Looking into the question's timeline it would seem that the ...
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Why is "Should be Improved" now "Requires Editing"?

My understanding was that the wording was not going to be changed, because this is status-declined: Rephrase Triage help text for "Should be improved" and "Unsalvageable " I, for ...
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Is there a way to Triage without spending most of my time skipping unfamiliar technology?

I just did a Triage session, and ended up hitting the Skip button 19 out of 20 times because the questions were specific to languages or products that were unfamiliar to me. This feels like a waste ...
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Edit myself or just tag 'Requires Editing'?

I've been reviewing posts in Triage now that I have the rep for it, and occasionally I will come across ones that require editing and that I am confident editing myself (code formatting, poor grammar/...
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What should I do when my flag for a clearly bad question gets disputed?

I know that I'm a little aggressive in flagging things as unsalvageable in Triage, so I understand that some of those flags will end up getting disputed. But today there are two questions that I've ...
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What should I do if I see a question that "Should Be Improved" in triage, and I decide to improve it myself so that it "Looks OK"?

What should I do if I see a question that "Should Be Improved" in triage, and I decide to improve it myself so that it "Looks OK"? Should I first vote "Should Be Improved", and then make it look OK ...
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Please let us re-flag disputed Triage questions

When you flag a question from the Triage review queue by marking it Unsalvageable, if the question is not ultimately found to be Unsalvageable then your flag will automatically be disputed & ...
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Triage queue - Requires Editing vs. Too Broad

Having recently gained privileges for the basic Review Queues, I've been going through and am unsure when to use Requires Editing, and when to use Unsalvageable -> Too Broad. I marked this question ...
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3 answers

Why is this question not ok?

I failed this audit in triage (screenshot). The description of why it wasn't "ok" was that it was spam or complete nonsense. I don't think the question was spam or complete nonsense, so does someone ...
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Did I do something wrong in this Triage review?

I was reviewing this question and found it OK. To me it was quite clear what the user was asking and there was already a fitting answer. When looking back at the review I saw that another user marked ...
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Automatically dismiss the "This post has been deleted" banner in triage review

I just got a spam audit from triage, and I passed the review. I split the votes (by clicking the score) then the banner appeared: This post has been deleted The following is a screenshot that I took ...
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Please let me mark something I've already flagged as Unsalvageable in the Triage queue [duplicate]

Trying out the new Triage queue, I came across a post I'd flagged a few minutes before. I tried to mark it "Unsalvageable". However, since the Unsalvageable choice brings up the "flag post" dialog, I ...
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Received an audit in Triage that I previously flagged as spam

I received this obvious audit in the Triage queue, which should obviously be flagged as spam, so I clicked on Unsalvageable which popped up this: I already flagged this question as spam before, so ...
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I've reviewed the same post twice

I made this review in Triage, and then this other one concerning the same post. I thought it was a test, so I reviewed it the second time too, but it was not a test. How is it possible? Maybe it went ...
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Why was this answer by OP declared link-only answer and deleted?

I'm concerned about one of my reviews from triage queue that got disputed yesterday: The reason why I still think this is a useful answer ...
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Increasing triage "Should be improved" detail and use that for self-improvement of new OPs

There have been questions on improving the triage queue, on getting new OPs more involved and other related issues. In the following I like to start a discussion that involves an integral approach of ...
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What if Triage wasn't capped?

From Fixing the disconnect between VLQ and Triage (emphasis added): While we've processed a ton of questions with the current settings, the limits are...well, limiting. This results in some ...
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1 answer

Why is there a limit on how many Triage questions I can review?

After reviewing 20 questions in Triage, I get this message: Thank you for reviewing 20 Triage questions, come back in X hours to continue reviewing. After looking around for a while, I found ...
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Weird audit "requires editing"

I just now reviewed this audit and pressed "Requires Editing" by mistake - I didn't see any reason why this had to be changed, it seemed like a valid question, was well formatted and everything. I ...
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Are reviewers affected when a number of posts they send to H & I go back to Triage?

I have been reviewing Help and Improvement queue from about a week. Whenever I see a post that should be closed I click "question is very low quality" link. I want to know if the reviewers, who ...
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2 answers

Is it reasonable that I'm asked to triage/review posts on subjects I know nothing about? [duplicate]

I don't do a whole lot of reviewing work on Stack Overflow (I mostly answer, edit and comment). I was just checking out the triage queue and noticed I keep getting questions about PHP, Python, and ...
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Triage audit failed but the "guidance above" isn't visible anymore

I just failed a Triage review audit (a lousy one, which I downvoted, but that's beside the point) and the wording in the audit failure box is misleading. It says: we've already handled this ...
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Possibly bad review audit

I was reviewing the Triage, when I came through this audit. It does not show any attempt to solve the problem, and the question itself isn't too clear (it was mentioned in the comments as well), so ...
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User answered their own question - Does it "Looks OK"?

Just got this review task: a user that wrote a good explanation (about a subject I don't know enough about, so I skipped). In the comments, other users tell the OP to edit the question and add the ...
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Help tip for "Requires Editing" is incorrect in the Triage review queue [duplicate]

In the Triage review queue, the help tip for "Requires Editing" is incorrect and erroneously uses the word "author". Some of this has already been discussed extensively in the following posts: Is ...
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Check for new comments in Triage review queue automatically

Often I see (and sometimes am responsible for) redundant semi-scripted review comments posted on the same question within minutes of each other. Generally, this is because the Triage review queue ...
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What is the right unsalvageable category for "Wall of Code" questions that need a Minimum, Reproducible, Complete example?

During Triage reviews, I'm having difficulty categorizing questions that are generally good, but they have posted their entire script, group of files, etc. These are questions where the user needs to ...
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Triage test questions shouldn't display bounties or comments [duplicate]

I've been going through the triage queue and I've encountered this From that it is pretty obvious that it is a "Looks OK" test question, because no new question can have a bounty on it, and bad ...
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Triage review asks me to upvote, but not giving such an option

As you can see, there are no voting buttons in the Triage review on Stack Overflow: Yet, sometimes when I click "looks OK" I get a message that I should upvote good questions. Even if I open the ...
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When my unsalvageable review is disputed in triage does the question still go through Close Queue?

According to this answer a common cause for a flag entered from the triage queue being disputed is when I recommend that the question be closed, but the result of triage isn't unsalvageable, but ...
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Voting is borked in triage review queue

The vote buttons (those grey triangles in the screenshot) don't do anything in the triage review queue. They also only appear when you've already reviewed the item and gone back, which seems strange.
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Is there a way to discuss a triage review with the reviewer?

During my reviews in the triage queue, I sometimes notice some really strange reviews by some of the users. For example, check out this question (the question is currently deleted). First, this ...
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Triage guidance for Requires Editing: "Pull code in from hosting site linked in question", how it is handled in H&I?

Triage guidance suggests this as a reason to pick Requires Editing: Pull code in from hosting site linked in question... Above guidance is easily available for Triage reviewers because it is ...
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Should the posts posting links to own sites be treated as spam?

Following post was presented to me for triage review: It contains link to website apparently owned/developed by OP. This does not look obvious spam ...
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Reviewing the same question in First Posts and Triage

I just reviewed a question in First Posts and suggested an edit. While my edit was still pending, I saw the same question again in Triage. I suppose this isn’t much of a problem, but it seems strange. ...
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2 answers

Triage queue - closing off-topic, no code questions

I've been helping with the triage queue for about a week now and wanted to double check some of my flags, since I have 13 disputed flags and 15 helpful flags. Most of my disputed flags are close ...
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Edit question from Triage review

When reviewing in the Triage queue, I often see malformatted questions. Most of the time it's easy to improve by simply putting the code in the correct environment. However, editing the question is ...
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The purpose of "unsalvageable" for triage [duplicate]

Suppose a question is mostly good but is just missing a piece of relevant data from the poster (e.g., the poster is asking about an error message in Python but forgot to provide the traceback). Based ...
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"Vote up" button does not work as it should in Triage

In the new Triage review queue, when looking at certain existing review items, there exists a "Vote up" button in the top right corner that allows me to upvote a post without clicking on the up arrow. ...
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How does Triage determine the consensus?

I've started doing some Reviews in the Triage queue lately, and I wanted to go back to look at some (particularly when the flag I raised in it came back as disputed). I've noticed some where the ...
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Reviewing Triage questions leads to disputed flags [duplicate]

This is specifically related to questions about coding problems. When reviewing a question without a single line of code provided, I mark this as 'Unsalvageable' -> Should be closed -> off-topic -> '...
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What is enough to qualify a question as spam? [duplicate]

I've encountered this question during triage. It does include a hyperlink to a commercial website which makes me think that I should mark it as spam. However, it is a legitimate question about web ...
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Upvote suggestion in Triage Queue has no [Next] button [duplicate]

I'm getting an upvote suggestion in the Triage queue, but there is no [Next] button for me to continue triaging: Up- or downvoting the question does not make the [Next] button appear either. It may ...
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Correct Duplicate Flag in Triage Marked Wrong [duplicate]

I recently did this review:, where I marked the question as a duplicate of the thing that it had been closed for in the first place. However, the ...