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Triage is a question review queue intended to split questions into four categories: "Looks OK", "Needs community edit", "Flag" and "Needs author edit".

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Auto-convert disputed flags when they prove to be correct

Having participated in clearing the Triage queues recently, I've found more and more that some of my flags end up being disputed. My first thought was that, just as people can disagree about votes on ...
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Rephrase Triage help text for "Should be improved" and "Unsalvageable "

This specific proposal has been declined. There is a related (but separate) request The current help text for the "Should be improved" help text in triage suggests using this option for ...
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Duplicate flags shouldn't be disputed on a question that "Looks OK"

When the consensus on a question in Triage is that the question Looks OK, all flags on it are disputed (source). This makes sense for off-topic/unclear/broad/opinion-based/VLQ flags, but not for ...
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Can we have more clear instructions for review queues?

I just got access to the review queues and I'm a bit confused. The queues are just presented to me, without enough explanation of where the questions came from or where they'll go. In some cases it ...
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Request for additional confirmation if reviewer picks Requires Editing at question with many votes down and close

Suggest to perform a-b-testing of a feature such that when Triage reviewer picks Requires Editing on a question with multiple votes down and close (say 3-4) system would show them additional popup ...
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Review option for Stack Overflow mobile application

These days I am becoming a little addicted to Stack Overflow, so even when I am not in front of my computer I keep surfing through questions and answers all the day using my mobile phone (the Android ...
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Upvotes on not-so-good questions: a consequence of the Triage Queue?

Lately I've seen upvotes to questions that should be closed. This has come to my attention in tags that I follow and, more recently, when I gained access to the Close Queue. I wonder if the Triage ...
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Please help me stop seeing "what's the best programming language" questions

I saw this question earlier today: When is the best programming language for web development? It's deleted, so here's a screenshot, although you could probably get the gist from the title. I wasn't ...
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Review triage questions accordingly to my favorite tags

I had read some topics here, made some triage reviews, and I am still not sure that my reviews are good enough. I often see questions, that have all signs of a good question, but they are about ...
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Maximum of 6 Reviews per Item in Triage Queue

Sometimes there are questions in the Triage queue that completely split the community (for example this). This is understandable as reviewing is sometimes a subjective thing, however when a question ...
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Add ellipsis to unsalvageable triage review option

Looks OK, Should Be Improved, and Skip are immediate actions which finish review, but Unsalvageable brings up a dialog box for more specifics. Could an ellipsis (...) be added to the button to signify ...
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Please let us re-flag disputed Triage questions

When you flag a question from the Triage review queue by marking it Unsalvageable, if the question is not ultimately found to be Unsalvageable then your flag will automatically be disputed & ...
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Show the flagging reason in Triage

In the Triage review queue, the reviewer is sometimes redirected to the question that has just been reviewed to allow for the reviewer to vote on the question, i.e. this screen: If a reviewer marks a ...
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Is someone leaning on the triage audit button?

Since yesterday, I'm getting one audit for every 10 reviews or so. I should note that I'm an enthusiastic user of 'skip' -- if the question is not in my wheelhouse, I skip it, I don't spend time ...
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Why does this question "looks ok"?

I am closing in on my gold Marshal badge and therefore am a bit more aware of what happens with my flags. I know it's dubious behaviour, maybe even close to badge hunting, but I'm not flagging things ...
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Appealing 4 day Review ban for 'Requires Editing' (

I'm appealing a 4 day review ban based on an answer in Meta which says I can do this. The basis of my appeal is that the ban I've been given does not appear to comply with the protocols (as I ...
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Triage → Unsalvageable → Should be closed… has been closed?

I encountered which contains an off-topic question. I attempted to follow the advice in How do I deal with off-topic posts in Triage?: Choose ...
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What happens to migrated questions / migration requests now that we have triage?

Now that triage is working for some time and help-and-improvement is better than a first prototype, does that change how migration should be handled? Imho, a migrated question, especially if it is ...
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Show a banner when a post has already completed review

I was reviewing Triage when I came upon this review. By the time I reviewed it, it was already closed, so I couldn't flag it normally. I would have skipped, but I thought it was a review audit, so I ...
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Display statistics on how my triage votes compare to actual results

I am really curious to find out how my votes in triage align with the actual final triage results. This could take several forms, from a simple high-level summary at the "Needs Improvement"/OK/...
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Double Review in Triage

I reviewed the same question in Triage twice. It is the same Question: 29162117
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"Congratulations!" audit notification does not appear if audit is the 20th review in Triage

The 20th review item in my Triage queue was an audit today, it was a highly upvoted question. Clicking "Looks Ok" took me to this screen: Whereas I'm used to being first shown the "...
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Increasing triage "Should be improved" detail and use that for self-improvement of new OPs

There have been questions on improving the triage queue, on getting new OPs more involved and other related issues. In the following I like to start a discussion that involves an integral approach of ...
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Reassign the question to a new category in the Review triage, to undo one's mistake

While reviewing the questions in the Review triage I unintentionally marked a question to the Requires Editing category which I think should've gone into the Looks Okay category. So I started looking ...
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Triage audit failure message says that spam or nonsense should be 'flagged for closure'

I 'failed' a Triage audit and saw this message: (Screenshot) (Emphasis mine) STOP! Look and listen. This was an audit, designed to see if you were paying attention. You didn't pass. This question is ...
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Specific hard-to-review question

tl;dr There was a question in triage with very high disagreement among the reviewers. Related meta questions The most relevant I could find was Close and Triage queues need a downvote option. No, ...
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Help understanding a triage review queue suspension

Today I saw in my inbox that I've been suspended from the review queue for two days in the recent past, due to "incorrectly handling" this triage. Screenshot of the post: Timeline: I'm not ...
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How can I actively cast close votes in and out of review queues simultaneously?

This concerns has kept bugging me for a while, but it became even more apparent with the introduction of the Triage review queue. The long story short, I cannot reasonably help with the review queues ...
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Detect close vote in triage review

I voted to close a question which later came up in the triage review. I wanted to click on "Unsalvageable", however I had only three choices: Well, the question wasn't spam, it wasn't offensive, and ...
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What is the correct followup action after editing a question in the Triage review queue?

More than once I've come across a question in the Triage review queue which would be fine if it were more legible (sentence structure, punctuation, and especially code/error formatting related stuff). ...
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Selected Spam flag in Triage, but the audit said I clicked "Looks OK"? (with proof)

Update I tested it today and the same issue occurred. The question: What happened: I encountered this audit. It's obviously for a spam post. I'm ...
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In close queue, prioritize questions triaged as unsalvageable to unconditionally stay on top

The system can prioritize questions in the close vote review queue based on various criteria as explained here. I propose that if the question has been triaged as unsalvageable the system should ...
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Triage Queue: Duplicates without answer

This question here: how to convert a log4j generated text based .log file to a structured .xml based log file? merely consists of linking to another (old) question which is identical but does not yet ...
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Check for new comments in Triage review queue automatically

Often I see (and sometimes am responsible for) redundant semi-scripted review comments posted on the same question within minutes of each other. Generally, this is because the Triage review queue ...
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Asking for an early review-ban lift

I’m writing this post after reading a suggestion, in the comments of this post, by Samuel Liew. This is the Suspension Message I got: Your review on triage/24428646 wasn't helpful. "Requires ...
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"Your Daily Reviews" progress bar floats left in Triage, since there's no "Filter" button

When looking at the review queues, there are four that are available to <2k rep users: The daily reviews has a progress bar justified to the right. For the Triage queue, you can see the progress ...
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What causes a Triage review to be invalidated?

As a motivating example, this question's Triage review was invalidated at 2020-09-03 22:52:03Z, a time that does not appear to correspond exactly to any other event in the post's history (including ...
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Is an unsalvageable question a very low quality question?

Recently I flagged a question with the very low quality flag with the idea that it had two options. It would perhaps gain some sort of redemption in the Triage queue, or perhaps could be improved in ...
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Require the user to enter details when reviewing a question as "Requires Editing"

During Triage reviews, when "Requires Editing" is clicked, it should display a popup with a text box, prompting for a brief explanation of why they chose that option. I think this is a good ...
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See reason why someone flagged as "unsalvageable" in triage

After having the last "Looks OK" vote on triage questions, you will see a screen with previous reviewers and what they voted, as per this picture. Quite often, even though a post looks OK ...
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Template error on Triage

This is the view I've got today on Triage.
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Why are there questions in the triage queue that have a pending edit?

Why are there questions in the triage queue that have a pending edit? Or in other words: why should I judge questions that are presented to me in a state that is most probably not their future state? ...
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Triage: Add explanation what's the reason for having a triage at all

Right now, there is almost zero explanation about what the "Triage" is and why it makes sense. On the triage page itself it just says Help identify the quality of questions and We need your ...
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I clicked the wrong triage action but then went back and voted to close it - is it possible to end a suspension early?

Yesterday I accidentally clicked Requires Editing while reviewing the triage queue. I didn't mean to do that. It was obvious to me that it should be ...
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Understanding Triage by case example

I have been exposed to Review Queues for some time and would like to contribute to helping by having a clearer idea on how to flag questions appropriately by looking at some case studies. I have read ...
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Temporarily close triage review queue for user when 0 flags remaining

When a user has 0 flags remaining, I think they should be temporarily blocked from reviewing posts in the Triage queue until they have at least 1 flag left. Let's say a user has 0 flags remaining but ...
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Change the Triage Upvote Animation

This is a very minor point but it affects people's perception of how to use Triage and what it should involve, assuming some amount of other people do read it the same as me. When a 'Looks Ok' ...
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Able to vote twice in Triage

In triage, I was given a question. In this case, I marked the question as "Looks OK", and voted up on the question and the answer. Before moving to the next question, I was given the random ...
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When out of votes for the day, triage tricks you into thinking you have votes

I am out of votes today, but I decided to do 3 or 4 reviews in Triage. I saw a question which I wished to vote on. Normally, if you are out of votes and you click either the upvote or downvote button, ...
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Why do not some questions need reviewing any more (In triage)

When reviewing my past review history, I noticed that for some questions (like this one) apparently the reviewing process is suppressed (it is indicated that This item is no longer reviewable.) I'm ...
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