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Triage is a question review queue intended to split questions into four categories: "Looks OK", "Needs community edit", "Flag" and "Needs author edit".

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How does the Triage review queue work?

I recently got the privilege to review questions in Triage, and I'm pretty sure I'm already doing it wrong. I've read some of the Q&A about the Triage review queue here on Meta, but I was ...
332 votes
25 answers

Help us test question triage!

tl;dr: there's a new review queue. It'll be getting somewhere around 1-2 questions per minute. The only thing they have in common is that the system is unsure of what to do with them. Some are great, ...
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Triage needs to be fixed urgently, and users need to be notified upon receiving a review ban!

Prologue Since late 2019, I have been investigating why posts are ending up in the Help & Improvement (H&I) review queue when it should have been closed in Triage. Unfortunately, due to the ...
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298 votes
2 answers

Adopt a consistent policy on what "Requires Editing" means in the review queues

In the review queues (and the triage queue in particular), there are three options for a post. One of those options is labeled "Requires Editing". In the description of what those options ...
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47 votes
1 answer

HIQ "very low quality" link

It looks like a "question is very low quality" link was added to the HIQ (Help and Improvement Queue) recently. When should I click on this link? Should I click it anytime I think the question ...
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Why was I suspended from reviewing for selecting "Requires Editing" in Triage?

I got suspended from reviewing without even noticing why, since there is no obvious link to On the review page, I read: Your review on triage/23957671 wasn't helpful. &...
132 votes
4 answers

Change triage guidelines for "requires editing" [duplicate]

According to these posts: here and here (and some other posts around Meta), the following guidelines for Requires Editing in the triage section are misleading: Requires Editing for questions where ...
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59 votes
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Lots of disputed flags since yesterday

I've been going through the Triage queue for quite some time now. However, since yesterday, 11 of my flags have been marked "disputed", almost half of my total disputed flags. I do know that disputed ...
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93 votes
2 answers

Triage Review Queue - Inconsistent guidelines for "Requires Editing"? [duplicate]

According to a highly-upvoted answer here, by someone who's clearly put considerable time and thought into putting together useful guidelines, we should not be clicking "Requires Editing" ...
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112 votes
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Suggestion for rewording of triage review guidance

There are three categories. Looks OK: Looks OK for questions that can be found, understood and answered as-is And that looks OK. One might want to consider adding in a bit about formatting, but ...
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146 votes
3 answers

Please rename the "Should be improved" button

The HIQ is currently full of questions that indeed can be improved, as they don't contain enough details, however that's not the purpose of the HIQ. Should be improved seems to be incorrectly ...
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57 votes
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Fixing the disconnect between VLQ and Triage

tl;dr; When flagging questions as VLQ, we're inadvertently sending too much noise to the moderators to handle. Over the past year, the reviewers here on Stack Overflow have shown themselves able to ...
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83 votes
6 answers

We should clean up posts that should be improved but haven't been and won't be

It's been about 5 months since we started testing Triage. There've been a fair number of hiccups, and there's still plenty of work to be done refining the criteria, but at this point I think the ...
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Rephrase Triage help text for "Should be improved" and "Unsalvageable "

This specific proposal has been declined. There is a related (but separate) request The current help text for the "Should be improved" help text in triage suggests using this option for ...
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Difference between Should Be Improved and Unsalvageable in Triage

I have recently been given access to the Triage review queue and actively reviewing questions on it. I am a little confused about when to use "Should be improved" and "unsalvagable". According to ...
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49 votes
2 answers

Triage gray areas - what should we do when the question is borderline?

This was pointed out in an answer to the original topic thread, but could probably do with more extraction, as it can be viewed as quite subjective whether a question qualifies for "Looks Okay&...
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How flag questions like "please do my job for me"? [duplicate]

This question is about Triage queue and VLC queue. I do not mean to put a VLQ flag. That in Triage is no longer available and was never in VLQ. What is the proper way to flag for these kind of ...
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77 votes
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Help and Improvement review queue not working

This queue seems to have an awful lot of questions that should be closed. Someone somewhere is neglecting to vote to close and just saying "Should be Improved" which to some extent all these ...
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66 votes
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Triage implementation has been (silently) abandoned midway, how bad is that?

I recently learned that triage development has been abandoned midway: Triage was predicated on us rewriting all of the views. Which... Very nearly happened. And then didn't. (side note for readers ...
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Triage: How to vote if more information is needed

In triage review queue, I've come across several questions which seem to be suitable for Stack Overflow if the user provided some more information. Often the question either lacks example code or a ...
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27 votes
2 answers

Triage Audit Failure by Marking as Duplicate [duplicate]

I just failed an audit within Triage because I flagged a question as a duplicate. I was told that I failed because it was an answerable question. This was the question used in the audit: https://...
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219 votes
12 answers

Announcing tweaks to the Triage queue

Big changes are coming with our review queues. You all already know this; we’ve been talking with you about it and have started releasing our bigger changes bit by bit. This announcement isn’t that. ...
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Auto-convert disputed flags when they prove to be correct

Having participated in clearing the Triage queues recently, I've found more and more that some of my flags end up being disputed. My first thought was that, just as people can disagree about votes on ...
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22 votes
1 answer

Why are my flags disputed?

How come these 2 flags are disputed? Is there something I'm not understanding? https://...
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73 votes
2 answers

Triage "Requires Editing" Notification to New Reviewers

I have noticed quite a bit of very low-quality questions in the Help and Improvement review queue, such as this and this. Most of the blame is that triage fails to properly explain to new reviewers on ...
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65 votes
2 answers

Closing questions should be easier in the Triage queue

After using the Triage queue for a few days, I've marked many questions unsalvageable. However, I've always used a close reason; I have not run into anything that should be flagged. Right now, ...
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In Triage, if a question's consensus is "Looks OK", the GUI suggests I can vote on it after the review, but I cannot

So this is incredibly frustrating. For those who still insist that this is a dupe: The dupe explains why there is no facility to vote in Triage. My question concerns two portions - there is a ...
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2 answers

Missing "VLQ" flag option in Triage Queue

I came across a (turd of a) question in the Triage queue that I thought was a good fit for the Very Low Quality flag. When I clicked "unsalvageable", the flag menu was missing the VLQ option: I have ...
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Are there audits in the triage review queue?

The other queues have audits to check whether reviewers are properly reviewing. So does the new triage review queue also have audits?
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No notification message for Triage custodian badge

I did some review tasks from the new Triage queue, and so received a new Custodian badge. But I didn't receive a notification message saying I received that badge.
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Why did I get suspended from reviewing for 7 days instead of 2 without any explanation?

A lot of people look to be confused about review reviewing, and I think I'm one of them. I just got banned for 7 days after what appears to be a correct series of reviews to me, look at my history if ...
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93 votes
3 answers

The incorrect usage of "Requires Editing" is still causing problems. Can we do something about it?

So, I read this question yesterday and I posted a suggestion in an answer (now deleted) which I'm going to re-post here. The OP of that question addressed the fact that the "Help and Improvement" ...
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Are raised flags during triage disputed if others disagree?

Today I performed the following triage review during which I flagged the question (being under 3,000 reputation points) as unsalvageable with the reason of opinion based. I noticed my flag was ...
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28 votes
3 answers

I feel like I'm abusing the Triage queue; Editing questions as I go through

In the past couple of days, I've started to feel "guilty" as I go through the Triage queue. For a good handful of the questions I know, as soon I see them, that they need help and I know that I can ...
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25 votes
2 answers

Should I review questions with images of code as "looks ok" or "requires editing"? [duplicate]

Sometimes I run across questions with screenshots of a code segment instead of the actual code in a code block. Other than that, it's a good question. Pictures of code are not as helpful as code ...
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20 votes
3 answers

I was blocked from reviewing: How are questions marked as spam on Stack Overflow?

I marked a question in review as requires editing and got a response saying it was spam. I put in some time to view the question before answering and to me it looked like it requires editing. Is ...
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19 votes
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Provide an option to filter the triage queue by tags

I propose to add an option to filter triage questions by tags. The implementation can be like in the close queue and the motivation for my request is, well, the same as it was when the close queue was ...
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2 answers

I can't mark questions as Unsalvageable in Triage when I'm out of Close votes for the day

The title pretty much says it all; if I am out of close votes for the day, I cannot select the Unsalvageable > "it should be closed for another reason..." option in Triage. This makes sense, since I ...
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62 votes
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Allow special comments to be passed to H&I queue from Triage

I was just reviewing a few posts in a row in Triage that all (hopefully) got sent to the Help and Improvement review queue and was annoyed to realize that, in the time it took to determine that I ...
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Why is there no filter in triage review?

Is there any specific reason why we do not have a filter in the "Triage" section of the review queues? There are tag filters for the "First Posts" and "Late Answers" queues, so doesn't it make sense ...
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Review triage questions accordingly to my favorite tags

I had read some topics here, made some triage reviews, and I am still not sure that my reviews are good enough. I often see questions, that have all signs of a good question, but they are about ...
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If I've already voted to close a question that comes up in the Triage queue, I can't mark it as "unsalvageable"

I came across a question in the Triage queue that I'd already voted to close through a different queue. As it was still unsalvageable, I clicked the relevant button, but I was simply greeted with a ...
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Has there been an increment of Triage review limits?

I just found out that I could review additional 20 posts under Triage category. Is this something newly implemented?
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22 votes
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Replace "Requires Editing" button text with "Needs help"

TL;DR Let's put "Needs Help" on that button instead of "Requires Editing". In Triage, reviewers have three options: Unsalvageable, Requires Editing and Looks OK. Requires Editing means that users ...
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20 votes
1 answer

Why is there no facility to vote in Triage?

I come across quite a few bad questions in Triage. If I'm marking them as "unsalvageable" or sometimes even "should be improved", I'll probably want to vote them down as well, but there's no facility ...
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15 votes
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Missing next button in the Triage queue after a successful "Looks OK" review

I am not sure whether this is Triage queue specific, but I have not seen this in other queues lately, e.g. after passing an audit. I am not sure either whether it is related to the that this was my ...
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13 votes
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Is there a limit to how many times a question can get sent back to Triage from H&I?

I suspect this is a duplicate but I haven't been able to find anything. This is in regards to the "Low Quality" link from H&I, and this section in Shog's nice flowchart: Is there a limit to the ...
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How to fix triage! (?)

Problem statement A large segment of the triage "Requires Editing" votes are simply wrong. The people voting don't understand the essential difference between requires editing by OP and requires ...
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What is the best Triage response for give me teh codez questions?

Note re possible duplicate: I had already commented that I can and do skip many reviews. However 'pressing skip' can't be the complete answer to 'what should a conscientious reviewer do in situation ...
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55 votes
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Why can we not change our review choices?

I recently was working the Triage review queue and accidentally clicked on "Requires Editing" instead of "Unsalvagable". Now, I realised I had misclicked right away, but I was ...
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