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Small bug on "Traditional view" of Developer Story site

This is a very small bug so I don't know if it's worth mentioning. On the "Traditional view" of Stack Overflow's Developer Story at the Job Status section, there is a missing space. To recreate you ...
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Edit CV in Traditional view and not only in Story view

After introduction of Developer Story the only way to edit CV is via Story view. But for some users it is more comfortable to edit CV via Traditional view. Please, add ability to edit data not only ...
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Make developer story and the traditional view mobile-friendly

Let me tell you, people are using SO job profile as their professional CV, they link to it. And people are checking out CVs on their phones. Recently, I've been through a job hunting session and I've ...
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Where is edit button in developer story section?

I wanted to update some info about me in Developer story section and found a quiet interesting thing. If I use a Story view, I can edit my job details: but in Traditional view I have not found ...
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