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For questions about the top users of Stack Overflow and the lists of those users.

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Top users page columns are confusing

When viewing tag's top users (Java for example), we get two columns of numbers, followed by users banners: Only after hovering over labels we can see that the left column is the "total score" and the ...
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Top users for tag synonyms

I have just today found the cool feature of top users in Stack Overflow. Finally, I would be able to be in top something in some barren tag... However, it turns out that I faced a bug: I checked the ...
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My top answerers rating decreased, but overall ratings stayed the same

Yesterday, my rating in Top Answerers section for Laravel tag was 2106. Also, yesterday I've earned like 30 upvotes, so the rating should be somewhere near 2135. Instead of that, my rating decreased ...
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