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For questions about the top users of Stack Overflow and the lists of those users.

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Congratulations for reaching a million, Gordon Linoff!

I just noticed that Gordon Linoff reached today, August 20, 2020, a million points of reputation: This comes after an astonishing amount of 71,839 answers (and 0 questions!). He only joined in 2012, ...
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Who's the person with more answers than Jon Skeet? When will they catch him in rep terms?

Someone is working hard to usurp SO's first millionaire. They've already exceeded Mr. Skeet for number of questions answered, so who is it, and when (if ever) will they catch up in terms of rep?
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How to get list of users by tag ordered by number of answers?

If we go to the top users list for a particular tag (say sql), the ranking is ordered by the total score of users on that tag. How can we show the list ordered by number of posts?
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What does change column mean in Stack Overflow Top user rankings? [duplicate]

In the top user section, there is one column (I highlighted it in the image below), change. What does that mean?
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Congratulations VonC for reaching a million reputation

Today - Sunday, 29 November 2020, I just noticed that VonC reached 1 million points of reputation on Stack Overflow. VonC has a position of Development Architect at Softeam at CACEIS Paris, France. ...
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Can the list of Top Users for low(er) traffic tags be improved?

This is what the top of the list of Top openssl Answerers currently looks like: For each user, the first column indicates the number of upvotes received for answers and the second column is the total ...
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22 votes
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User Edits: Profile says one thing, Users tab says another

I've just noticed there's a difference between the number of user edits listed in user profiles versus in the Users page. Exhibit A Exhibit B A difference of 1,826 edits is too large to blame ...
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Why is my name featured in Top Users of python tag?

As you can see, I have a very less reputaion and badges. Then why is my name featured in All Time Top python Answerers? Is it any bug or "encouragement thing" done by Stack Overflow?
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Top Tag Calculation Error

In my Stack Site (Profile) tab you can check my top tags(Image attach below) But if i calculate my tag using How many upvotes do I have for each tag? it show me the correct number. (I check with ...
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Is there any way to get more top users for a tag? [duplicate]

For each tag one can see a list of top users. For example here is a list for javascript. Is there any way to get a bigger list may (be with an information about the number of positive answers each of ...
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Doubt in recently upvote [duplicate]

When I log today morning there was only -1 reputation in my recent achievement. But after i came and log in to my pc. then I got 69 reputation, In past I get message from moderators about voting ...
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