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The bar across the top of every Stack Exchange site

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Add numbers back to the review queue drop-down menu

As of the new update for the review queue, the number of items in the review queue has been removed. Can they be added back?
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Top-bar hides cursor when scrolling up in edit-area

While editing a post I often enlarge the edit-area with the .........-bar at the bottom of the edit-area. Now it may happen due to extra movements that the top of the edit-area gets hidden behind the ...
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Review dropdown counts never refresh

The new review dropdown on the top-bar is a great addition. One thing I noticed, the numbers only refresh when you reload the page. If you spend some time on a page and then click the review button to ...
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Reputation Alert and Details Inconsistent

I logged in this morning after being away for a few days and noticed that the "summary" count of my rep change was different from the recent details... I know there are nuances with calculations and ...
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Ask Question button background color

After the top nav went live I just noticed that "ask question" button style is different for external users in compared to the logged in users. So for logged in user it appears And for external ...
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Why is the autocompletion feature (used to create a title on SO) not used in the Search Q&A Field?

I think the autocompletion feature should be added to the Search Q&A field (text field in the upper right corner of this website). This feature may help reduce the number of duplicate questions ...
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Switching between menus also closes the menu

When opening a menu, e.g. inbox, and then switching to another one, e.g. site list, the menu will be visible for a short time and then it is closed. Browser: IE 11 on WP 8.1 Edge on WP 10
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Can't drag anymore or go back after dragging popup under the topbar

The close/flag popups can be dragged from their title. But after dragging a close popup under the new top bar, I can't drag it back anywhere. And I can't "return to previous page" with the mouse ...
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Reputation icon in (old) top bar shows +2 while +10 was earned

I religiously click all tabs in my profile to clear any counter every time I use the site. You won't see "[500] reputation" or "[42] responses" in my profile when I take a screenshot of it. As far as ...
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Images not shown in firefox portable

I used stackoverflow sice some days in firefox portable version 49.0.2. There are the images at the beginning of the top bar missing: Also the images for the editor i can not see: Is it a bug or is ...
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Closing the "another edit was made" left whitespace over the top bar

If you look up right now at the top bar, you shouldn't see any whitespace at the top of the page (above the top bar). But that's not what happened when I was doing first posts. I was editing, saw a ...
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Clicking Help->Business on Meta overwrites meta but doesn't overwrite SO - why the difference?

The growing menu within help has added a new menu item Business. Clicking help->business within stackoverflow opens this item in a new window, that is: <a href="businesspage.html" target="...
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Inbox and achievement notification alerts stay alert too long

The red inbox alert is a real attention and eye catcher. So whenever I see this red on the screen, I assume there is something to look at. However, the alert does not go away or reappears after ...
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Why isn't search aligned on the right side?

Almost all sites are placing search field in the right top corner. What were the reasons to place it in the middle of the header? I think it would be better to move it to the right as it was before.
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Error message popups have a greater z-index than the navigation bar

To reproduce this issue: make sure you did not disable stickiness; trigger a vote popup by voting on your own post; voting on a post on which your vote is already locked, or downvoting something. ...
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Could we add a more substantial header back to the page?

This is how the main site looks for me right now: The problem is, I'm not sure what it's called, because the name of the site appears nowhere on the page! Actually, that's mostly joking, but I ...
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