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The bar across the top of every Stack Exchange site

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Red dot in the review icon even though I cannot review [duplicate]

I like reviewing a lot, but sometimes I make mistakes. I am banned from reviewing until some time (end of April now). So no queues are showing for me. I literally cannot review at the moment, so it is ...
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Don't show red circle on review icon if we can't access that queue [duplicate]

Even after doing my daily 20 reviews in multiple queues, I'm still frequently seeing the red dot on the review icon. I'm not even sure the dot is because of queues I have access to (due to reputation ...
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Miss the old top navigation [duplicate]

I really love this site and respect these programmers and designers. They design this amazing site. Many details of the design makes people admire. But I really like the old top nav. It looks clearer ...
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Escape to collapse search and fix a visual bug in the search box

Two things: Is it possible to make it so that the search box collapses if you press the Escape key? If it is expanded, but I decide that I want to go to Questions, I have to first click somewhere ...
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It will be better if Navigationbar on Stackoverflow will be sticky [duplicate]

When we are moving down a page, we can not notice, if there is any notification, if the navigation at the top will be sticky , It will be really helpful. Is there any possibilities, we can see this in ...
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What time is it? It's time for another question about the new navbar! (compromise edition)

I'm okay with the new nav bar. Even if he's a little fat. I'm also okay with the sticky (get your mind out of the gutter). But these two don't go together like chocolate and peanut butter. The nav ...
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