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The bar across the top of every Stack Exchange site

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New navbar accessibility issues

Two bugs, really. Originally a comment on the announcement post: Bug #1: tabindex="1" ...
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Reputation losses hide future gains in the top-bar

I have been notified of a +5 reputation change. At first I thought a question of mine had been upvoted. But when I expanded the list, I saw this: Initially I didn't understand it, and thought it was ...
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Quick route from Meta to Main

After multiple years of use, one of my "muscle memories" is navigating from Meta to Main, something I do fairly frequently after seeing something in Hot Meta Posts etc. On the old navigation it was ...
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Suggested edits count badge shouldn't be displayed in top bar after reaching daily quota

There's a badge in the top bar showing the number of suggested edits that need to be reviewed, which is nice. However, once I've reviewed 20 and can't review any more, that badge is still displayed. ...
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Can we have upvote/downvote notifications on meta posts back?

Reputation on MSO is copied from SO, so votes on posts don't affect it. I'm guessing that as a side-effect there are no top-bar notifications when someone votes on my post. Although meta-voting is ...
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Top bar Home icon redirects me to http site

The main site link to home in the top bar is still set to, even though I manually load the https version. Are also affected all links to SO posts in Inbox, Achievements, and ...
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Indicate how full review queues are within the top bar dropdown

When clicking the "Review Queues" icon in the top bar, one can see the sizes of each queue, but not how close to the queue limit it is. This information would be useful, however, because a queue ...
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Stop showing the Red Dot when there's nothing to review, and/or make the red-dot optional, delay partial dot delivery

The gist of this question: The dot will erroneously shown when there's nothing to review. ( Finished review tasks, or been banned. ) I suggest to fix / improve it. I suggest to make it optional ...
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Large rep value on new Top Bar obscures adjacent inbox value

I just saw the top-nav bar for the first time. The reputation number was incorrect, showing +1013 when it should have been on the order of +20. This was especially noticeable because the width of "+...
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What's wonky with this recent-reputation-change counter?

I seldom look in the recent-reputation-changes page (achievements), and the counter just tends to build up. It was 4929 earlier today, and it seems to have abruptly dropped to 368: At the top is Edge,...
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Did we swap top bars with Meta Stack Exchange?

As announced the new top bar has rolled out on Meta Stack Exchange. However, the top bar over here on Meta Stack Overflow seems to have gone back to the old design, which I'm guessing is not on ...
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Don't have topbar links open my global profile when the page isn't fully loaded

For the topbar links: If the page hasn't fully loaded yet, clicking on one of those icons acts as a link to either ?tab=inbox or ?tab=repuation of<user-id-number&...
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Add title attribute to the Winter Bash icon on the top bar

The title I meant in the title was the HTML attribute title and not the title of the event. The winterbash icon appears next to the inbox and the reputation icons The inbox has a tool-tip. The ...
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Reputation change indicator causes horizontal scrolling on mobile

When you get more then 100 reputation change, the green label with points doesn't fit mobile view and causes horizontal scrolling. Tested on Firefox Mobile 67.
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Review's red dot in topbar is shown, but the queue that is in danger is grayed out for me

Today my topbar showed a red dot, showing that there is a queue "in danger". I opened the queue, and I saw that the suggested edits was >100. Which IMHO is the likely culprit. All other queues that ...
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Orange stripe in the new top bar looks distractingly like a loading progress bar

This is not a duplicate of Bizarre red / orange alert bar has appeared ? What's up? because it is a discussion of a design concern, not a support request. Some websites (e.g. GitHub, YouTube) use ...
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Stacked icons on new top bar?

Look at the rightmost of the image. The MSO icon and the grayscale SE icon gets stacked up. Google Chrome 63.0.3239.111 (from Play Store), Android 7.1.1.
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User removal bug - repeated notifications?

Is this a bug, or did the Mighty AdminsTM summarily dismiss 9 people from the site on one day?
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Stack Overflow Blog top bar flair does not use thousands separators

The flair in the top bar of the new blog site is missing a thousands separator: My reputation is showing as 21988 while on the Q&A sites, it's shown as 21,988:
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Bring back the Ask Question button

With the new top navigation, how do I ask a question? Oh, I need to scroll right. Or make my browser window very wide — if I make it full-width on a cheapo monitor (1920x1080) in portrait mode (which ...
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Reputation changes are not vertically aligned in the "Achievements" dropdown menu

Now this is misaligned too! Come on, guys… testing! 😏
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Top bar messed up on iPad running iOS 9.3.5

This is how the front page looks for me on the first iPad running iOS 9.3.5 (horizontal orientation): The problem is, it's impossible to see the rest of the top bar, so I can't get access to messages,...
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URLs to specific answers scroll a little too far

When you click a link to a specific answer, it appears the scroll position is set a couple lines too far down. This has been going on for a while (weeks?), but I'm pretty sure it hasn't always been a ...
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New Nav cuts off the tops of my words in the More Stack Exchange Communities box

This is specific to the new nav - I tried, and it's not broken on the other sites. I'm on Firefox 50.0.1 (x32) Windows
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New top bar menus need chevron

The new top bar needs an arrow/chevron/marker indicating at the items that are the menus. Its confusing that some items open a menu, while others are full links. The review queue is not a menu, but a ...
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Wrong icons shown in reputation drop down

While on the academia SE, I clicked on the reputation button and saw this: I actually don't recognise the icon next to all those StackOverflow reputation changes, but it's obviously not correct. On ...
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Why isn't there a search button in the search bar?

I expected a search button inside the search bar, which has the same function as the search button in the result page, or a magnifier icon as the search button (that appears on the right side after ...
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Temporary option to revert to old nav bar (switching sites is disorienting)

Personally, I love the new nav bar. I'm excited about it, and I'm looking forward to seeing it on other sites. However, because only [M]SO uses it, I'm finding that I'm mentally having a really hard ...
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Top nav bar sticky preferences

I saw the new nav bar update and a linked post to make the new nav bar not sticky. I went and checked the box to unstick the bar on the main SO site, but then noticed it's still sticky here on Meta. I ...
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Can't access review queue dropdown since appearance of "NEW" with salary calculator

Any attempt to click on the button in the top-bar results in a page reload, thus effectively preventing me from accessing the review queues by this dropdown. It is fine on Meta, but not on main site. ...
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Why are we repeating the same information twice when viewing an user activity tab?

When opening the site switcher (little SE icon in the top right) when viewing any user activity on their profile page, the user information from the top bar is repeated. Is this a desired behavior? It ...
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Flickering of search bar with new Products menu

Whenever you go to different pages on StackOverflow, the new search bar shortens. (you may need to open the image in a new tab). I believe this is a result of the new Products menu. Could we ...
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When resizing the window the elements jump around

When using a none maximised window and resizing horizontally the elements on the top bar jump around. First when the right hand "hamburger" logo is clipped the elements jump around slightly. Then when ...
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Can we make the text in the search box darker?

The search text in the new nav bar is light gray on white. It's a little too low-contrast for my 53-year-old eyes. I checked the previous bar on other SE sites and, while the prompt text is light gray,...
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Bug with the Low Quality Posts Recommend Deletion dialog box with the new top bar

I just got to see the new top bar when I was reviewing low quality posts. The problem is that when I click Recommend Deletion in the Low Quality Posts queue, the top of the dialog is hidden under the ...
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Not a fan of the "Questions" link being highlighted; what purpose does it actually serve again?

This relates to the new top nav. Those that can't see it will still observe this behavior. I know this is the base behavior, but I'm no fan of it. I think it's meant to behave as a pseudo-...
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How to remove the sticky nav bar at the top in the redesigned SO using stylish?

I'm trying to get rid of the new sticky nav bar using stylish but I haven't been successful so far. Can someone tell me how to do it? Unlike Unstick new navigation bar this is not a feature request. ...
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Products doesn't fit on mobile

Products link in nav bar doesn't fit and activates horizontal scrolling in icon area: It needs to responsively disappear, probably (... or just permanently disappear, it's not very useful, everything ...
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Reputation tab really lagging today

I've today just got 45 rep so far. But when I got them the total reputation just changes on the top right corner... But there is no green tab with +10 or +15. And after around 20 minutes, I saw the +...
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Review button lose highlight after clicking anywhere on the page

If the review button is "highlighted" according to this, it shouldn't lose the orange-y color unless I click it or do some review. Well, it lose the _highlighted-reviews class every time I click ...
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Close question modal can be dragged off screen

I often drag the close modal out of the way to check something in the question or a comment, and noticed recently that sometimes I'm dragging it so the top of the modal is under the nav bar. Indeed, I ...
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Aligning the new navbar

I might be slightly neurotic when it comes to pretty alignment in web design, posters, cutlery, town hall tiles, YOU NAME IT, but I thought that the new Stack Overflow navbar could use some small ...
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1 answer

New navigation bar on iphone - cannot click right side buttons after zoom

I have traditionally used the web interface to SO on my iPhone, and then pinch to zoom if there is something I need to see/click. This includes the "Recent inbox messages" and "Recent achivements" ...
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Main SO offers meta review queues

Today I noticed that dropdown list of review queues started to show Meta Reviews, that are not accessible to me because of reputation requirements. I think that button just should not be shown(as it ...
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top-bar incorrectly claims I have unread messages

This, I see on the top-right on SO: So it claims "You have unread inbox messages", but then there are no unread inbox messages, at least there is no red number indicating them. I got it reproduced, ...
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Indefinite review button's indicator badge

Badges are meant to notify a user of something, and once a user acknowledges the notification, the badge should be removed - or at least that's my understanding. That said, I'm not sure if this is a ...
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Pop-up messages shown under the new top-bar

I got the new top-bar (even if I'm >34k rep). The issue is, pop-up messages such as the "successfully created job alert" one are displayed under the new top-bar. Tested with Vivaldi browser, so I ...
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The topbar item background should be less !important

I'm maintaining a custom Stylish skin for SO (which I don't want to link to here directly to avoid suspicions of advertising), and I've come to find out that the top menu items have a locked-in ...
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Get rid of the horizontal scrollbar from the top bar somehow

Can we somehow get rid of the scrollbar on the top bar of the site while browsing on a mobile phone in portrait mode (narrow screen)? It seems that the easiest solution is to hide the "Products&...
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Top-bar goes missing in Safari

Cocoa has support for tapping on links with three fingers; this brings up a popup with a WebView. Safari sets the behaviour so that the user can scroll through the website in this popup, but when it's ...
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