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Questions tagged [tooltips]

Apply to questions where the topic is the boxes and/or their brief contents that pop up when hovering over certain elements of a page. (Related: tag [popup].)

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Voting tooltip changes meaning of downvote

In the new voting tooltips, a crucial reason for downvoting was left out: This question does not show any research effort I suspect the UI designer(s) removed the bit out to save space, not ...
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Trying to edit a locked post results in an incorrect tooltip: "Suggested edit queue is full"

I have editing privileges, so I think the tooltip should say "Locked posts cannot be edited" or something like that.
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31 votes
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"Answer was accepted 1 time"?

When I hover my mouse over any "accept" event in the reputation tab of a profile, I see a text box saying Does this message suggest that an answer can be accepted more than once? I think it ...
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Please make all of the link tooltips the same style as the "follow" tooltip

The tooltip on the "follow" link looks great. Can we have the same style tooltip on the other links, please? 😎 😞
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Tag hint-box hidden behind the main review edit dialog

When reviewing an edit on the post's page, when you hover any tag, the Hint-box (i.e. an absolutely positioned element containing <div id="tag-menu">...</div>) hides behind the main ...
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Flagging comments for "serious" problems

When a user currently wants to flag a comment, there is this tooltip: The use of the word "serious" makes the process of flagging comments sounds like something really terrible has happened and it ...
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Add the name of the list to the tooltip when hovering over the unsave button

I noticed that when I hover over the "Unsave" button a tooltip appears that currently just says: "Unsave this question." I want that the tooltip should also mention the name of the ...
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Change tooltip for up/down vote button on feature requests

This is a very minor issue (and only affects SO meta), but the feature-request tag reads: "On posts tagged feature-request, voting may indicate agreement or disagreement with the proposed change, ...
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Developer Story tab tooltip behind top bar

I have just noticed that the tooltip on the Developer Story tab in my profile is behind the top bar. So you really can read only the half of the message. I tested Chrome and Firefox, which both have ...
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10 votes
0 answers

Bug with text of upvote/downvote reputation popup

I was looking at upvote and down vote requirements. I saw this. When I upvote: When I downvote: It should specify that upvote has one requirement(15) and downvote has another(125). Right now the ...
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Why does the tag's tool tip remain open once the mouse has crossed over it?

Whenever my mouse moves over a tag its tool tip opens and doesn't close itself until I go over that tool tip again. Here is a screen shot of the tag information staying on the screen: . I'm using ...
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4 votes
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Allow users to add tool-tips to certain tags

For some tags like sql, there is a tool tip that shows up whenever you include the tag in your post. It would be helpful to have tag specific ones for some tags. It leads to posts like this where ...
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1 answer

Tag tooltips in the staging ground get clipped

Steps to Reproduce: Open the Staging Ground Hover over any of the first tags or scroll such that only the top / bottom of the table that lists posts is visible and then hover on a tag. Expected ...
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Apply the pop over tooltip to the Profile tab's people reached section

As I know, there is an alignment issue reported for the people reached tootip. Once the issue is fixed, my feature-request is to apply the new tooltip to the Profile tab's people reached too. When we ...
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Inconsistency with letter case in tooltip

I noticed that most tooltip's text starts with a lowercase letter: But for full edit queue text begins with an uppercase letter: It should be fixed for consistency.
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3 votes
0 answers

Tooltip for tag seems irrelevant

I asked a question about c# and regex not so long ago, and I saw this tooltip: While I understand the need it fills, I find it a bit irrelevant since: It already include a specific tag (c#) I'm not ...
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Tooltip Hidden in Code section of Ask Question page

In chrome version:62.0.3202.62, zoom is 100%, Tooltip in code section of ask question page is hidden behind the content area. Here is the screenshot for your reference, how to fix this issue??
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Tooltip doesn't show some characters when hovering over a link to a question

That's what I see: But the real content is: What is the benefit of using $() instead of backticks in shell scripts? The $() didn't show up.
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