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Apply to questions where the topic is the boxes and/or their brief contents that pop up when hovering over certain elements of a page. (Related: tag [popup].)

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People reached popup chopped off by top bar

This isn't major and is probably picky but I happened to notice and so thought it would make sense to report. See screenshot: I'm using Chrome Version 58.0.3029.110 (64-bit) and zoom is 100% ...
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Should tag wikis get more exposure?

Comments on this meta question made me realize there's a dedicated info/wiki page for each tag (e.g. the JavaScript tag wiki). I feel a little sheepish not knowing about it — I've been on SO for ...
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Can we edit/remove the arrows' tooltips on Meta?

I've read many times that voting on Meta is different; it should be reflected by the text shown by the tooltips that appear when you mouseover the upvote and downvote arrows. I'm not suggesting any ...
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25 votes
2 answers

Make the new popups when hovering over votes less intrusive

There are a couple of popups that show when hovering over different vote buttons: As it is right now, these appear on the right side of the buttons, hiding a significant part of the Q/A's content, as ...
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Raise / Remove reputation limit for showing "Do not upload code screenshots" message

As a result from the feature request Discourage screenshots of code and/or errors about 2.67 years ago, a message has been added to the image uploader warning users not to use them as a means to add ...
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Please make all of the link tooltips the same style as the "follow" tooltip

The tooltip on the "follow" link looks great. Can we have the same style tooltip on the other links, please? 😎 😞
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11 votes
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Change tooltip for up/down vote button on feature requests

This is a very minor issue (and only affects SO meta), but the feature-request tag reads: "On posts tagged feature-request, voting may indicate agreement or disagreement with the proposed change, ...
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Voting tooltip changes meaning of downvote

In the new voting tooltips, a crucial reason for downvoting was left out: This question does not show any research effort I suspect the UI designer(s) removed the bit out to save space, not ...
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23 votes
1 answer

Shouldn't the favorite button tooltip change based on whether it has been clicked or not?

The tooltip for the favorite star states: This is a favorite question (click again to undo) regardless of whether you have favorited the question or not. Shouldn't it say something like 'Click to ...
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Tooltips are persistently visible on Safari

Using Safari version 14.0.1 (16610., the tooltips on Stack Overflow are persistently visible (see attached screenshot) and cannot be dismissed.
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3 votes
1 answer

"Not reproducible" close vote shows different reason in tooltip

When I vote to close a question as "Not reproducible or was caused by a typo" and then mouse over the "Close(1)" link below the question the tooltip says You voted to close as '...
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48 votes
5 answers

Prompt users to post errors instead of "I get an error"

A pet peeve of mine on Stack Overflow and in real life is when someone seeking help says, "it's not working" or "I get an error." These are useless descriptions that always require a follow-up ...
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Add a delay on new style tooltips [duplicate]

The new custom tooltips have no delay like native tooltips in browsers, file explorers, etc. as a result when scrolling up and down a page, especially with the cursor near the voting buttons, you can ...
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35 votes
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Trying to edit a locked post results in an incorrect tooltip: "Suggested edit queue is full"

I have editing privileges, so I think the tooltip should say "Locked posts cannot be edited" or something like that.
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11 votes
1 answer

Teams popover/indicator/thing causing issues with up/down vote arrows [closed]

When viewing a question in Incognito mode I noticed the popover/indicator/thing had a design issue: OS: Windows 10 Browser: Version 75.0.3770.80 (Official Build) (64-bit)
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Developer Story tab tooltip behind top bar

I have just noticed that the tooltip on the Developer Story tab in my profile is behind the top bar. So you really can read only the half of the message. I tested Chrome and Firefox, which both have ...
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11 votes
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Unrelated Tags or Tags Not be Confused with? [duplicate]

I'm familiar with at least two sets of tags which often get confused with one another stackoverflow and phaser and phaser-framework unity and unity3d bootstrap and twitter-bootstrap ...
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Inconsistent formatting on company page's "industry" and "seniority" icons

In the jobs, for any company page there are two icons visible above the Job Description section. When hovering on the icons I see the titles like Seniority and (Industries). These titles are visible ...
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Why does the tag's tool tip remain open once the mouse has crossed over it?

Whenever my mouse moves over a tag its tool tip opens and doesn't close itself until I go over that tool tip again. Here is a screen shot of the tag information staying on the screen: . I'm using ...
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Allow users to add tool-tips to certain tags

For some tags like sql, there is a tool tip that shows up whenever you include the tag in your post. It would be helpful to have tag specific ones for some tags. It leads to posts like this where ...
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Company page icon tool tip is visible in Firefox only

In the jobs, for any company page's About us section (usually in the right hand side bar), there are three visible icons. In Firefox I can see the tooltip for two icons (Status and Founded), but in ...
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The 'thank you' tooltip after flagging a comment is badly positioned [duplicate]

When flagging a comment we see a "thank you" tooltip that gets activated via JavaScript for 5 seconds or so. The problem is this tooltip shows up in the top-right corner of the screen rather than ...
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