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What is allowable or desirable in question titles.

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"Title cannot contain" oddities: Why is the term "Android app" not allowed in a title? [duplicate]

I came across a question with the title "Connecting Android Studio to Spotify API", which is total nonsense, as you don't connect Android Studio to Spotify API, but the Android app you ...
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1 answer

What words are banned in titles?

I was doing an edit for a question and was about to save when I got the error Title cannot contain 'xxx' I tried to find an official list, and came across a couple of meta questions, but none of ...
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Can Stack Overflow have ChatGPT automatically generate the question titles (at least for lower-ranked members)? [duplicate]

People asking questions are frequently terrible at choosing a title for their question. I think it might be an improvement to have members below a certain reputation required to use a ChatGPT-...
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7 votes
4 answers

Does this edit change the meaning of the question?

This question originally had the title: Keyboard shortcut suggestions in VScode User @starball posted an answer, then changed the title to: I want to learn VS Code keyboard shortcuts. How can I get ...
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Can we remove the "temporary" classification from the Generative AI ban post?

Regarding, Temporary policy: Generative AI (e.g., ChatGPT) is banned, is there really a future where we will be okay with ChatGPT or any other AI answers? If we reach a point where AI answers are so ...
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6 answers

Conclusions from title-drafting and question-content assistance experiments conducted by Stack Exchange

We’d like to share some results from our experimentation with two earlier releases: the first, a tool to generate titles for your post, and the second, a tool to help users format their questions’ ...
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3 answers

How should I handle a question with a non-English title?

There's the following flag: Not written in English Use this close reason if the question is not written in English. Do not use this close reason for questions that are primarily written in English ...
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16 answers

Stack Overflow will be testing a title-drafting assistant, and we’d like your involvement

June 7th 2023 -- The experiment has now concluded, and the title drafting assistant is no longer enabled on Stack Overflow. We will update you soon with the results of the experiment. Thanks all for ...
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4 answers

Please float some less broken canonical titles for this post

There was an established canonical that deals with floating point arithmetic with the catchy title "Is floating point math broken?". The "was" used because now the title is "...
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Why does the URL for questions on Teams not include the title slug? [closed]

I just noticed that the URL for questions on Teams doesn't include the title slug, unlike on the public Q&A platform, e.g.:{TEAM_SLUG}/questions/{QUESTION_ID}. I ...
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120 votes
7 answers

Should the string 'noob' be added to the blacklist for question titles?

Problem There appear to be quite some not descriptive question titles that boil down to [program language]-noob here..., noob-question why does y do y? (See for yourself.) The actual questions might ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Unable to edit question without also editing the question title

When I attempt to edit the body of this question of another user in order to fix the formatting, I get the following error message: Title cannot contain "troubleshoot in implement tokens in my C&...
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30 votes
0 answers

I found some newly posted questions with duplicate titles. Is this a bug?

I just saw at least two new posts with a title that matches two existing canonical duplicates: What is a NullPointerException, and how do I fix it? (duplicating What is a NullPointerException, and ...
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1 answer

Why is there a limit to the number of characters in the title of a question?

Sometimes, I want to post a question on Stack Overflow and the error message will be the title of the question, but the error message is too long, more than 150 characters. Why is there a limit to the ...
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2 answers

Is it good to add/keep words like "Error", "Uncaught TypeError", etc. in the title of the question?

A Stack Exchange rule is explicitly telling: Avoid inserting tags into titles in any of the following formats: [tag]: [question title] But there are lots of questions which are using this pattern ...
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Should we drastically change titles on highly viewed/voted questions?

This was the original title of a certain Q&A (link at bottom): Seaborn Barplot - Displaying Values Now that's not a great title per MSO standards, but the question has been very discoverable ...
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5 answers

How should I handle questions which show the desired output in code, but not in writing?

I was watching python and saw this post (revision referenced in this meta post), titled "Complex dictionary construction" (there are many similarly structured questions about regex and list ...
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Word breaking in question titles of question list is too aggressive

Recently a change was made that resulted in question titles in the question list having word breaks, presumably to resolve issues with question titles with an incredibly long "word" in them. ...
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-17 votes
1 answer

Count Unicode characters as single characters in question titles

While asking a question, I just noticed that when using non-ASCII characters it a post title each character is counted as multiple characters, rather than a single one, towards the post title limit. ...
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3 answers

Why are vague pleas for help still allowed in the question title?

Take a look at the heading of this question (screenshot for the < 10K and the full revision history and timeline). The heading includes phrases like: 'Please someone help me;' 'Please help me' How ...
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Very long question titles don't wrap [duplicate]

A picture is worth a thousand words (Sorry for my bad coloring skills): I think these very long question titles should wrap. I have found this bug while exploring a question in Stack Overflow. I am ...
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35 votes
1 answer

Exempt edits from "Title cannot contain" for high-rep users

Could we please lift this restriction from edits by users with a significant amount of reputation? Ref: What triggers my title rejection? In other words, I am proposing a new privilege "use ...
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1 answer

How is 'Please help me' acceptable in a question and 'I need help' refused

The question has the following title which is considered acceptable I have to map a collection Map<String,List> type .Please help me with the annotations When I tried to rename it to I have ...
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Trying to ask a question about running C/C++ code from CosmosOS but it thinks that I want to run C from C# [duplicate]

I'm am developing a basic OS using CosmosOS devkit, and I have a question: Title: CosmosOS - Run C/C++ code from kernel Tags: c# cosmos c c++ ============================================ Hello, I am ...
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16 votes
1 answer

Unhelpful-Title Warning for Question Writers

There are several questions that have meaningless titles, such as this one: They commonly originate from users with very low reputation (often as a first post), and are downvoted. I think it would ...
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Error when trying to save edit - Title cannot contain X [duplicate]

I tried to edit this post. The title is "Automation Error in VBA." I did not modify the title at all but when I try to save the edit, I get the following error: Title cannot contain "...
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7 votes
1 answer

How come these two questions have the same title?

These questions were asked by the same user: 1 2. They have identical titles. I remember that the system has a check for exactly this. How did it fail in this case? Something like this happened before ...
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2 answers

"closed" does not show up in the edit review of a closed question if the title itself was edited

After recently complaining that edit reviews of closed question should have an indication that the question is closed, I found out that there actually is a small indication that the question is closed ...
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Cannot edit C preprocessor question due to blocked keyword "error" in title [duplicate]

I just tried to edit this question, to remove some redundancy and fix grammar: #error directive in C? Unfortunately, I cannot submit my edit, because the title contains the word "error" (...
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2 answers

Should my reaction be any different when title=post content?

I've seen this. Here, the post content is letter-for-letter identical to the title (except one space), which is not even that long - 118 characters. Normally, I'd just flag a post with such content (...
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Confusing error message about title [duplicate]

I just tried asking a good question by providing a title that summarizes my question, but it wouldn't let me. The error says nothing, either. How can I make this work? Just rephrase the title till it ...
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Better error messaging when rejecting unedited titles

This is not a duplicate of Can't edit question - title already exists because that is not the error I am getting, nor is that the issue. This is not a duplicate of How to force SO to accept a bad ...
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4 answers

Feature request: Closed at the beginning of the title

Feature request: [Closed] at the beginning of the title. I click on a link only to find the question is closed, duplicate, .... I don't read right to left. [Closed] should be put at the beginning of ...
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13 votes
2 answers

Is "get rid of" regarded as a bad phrase?

If I have a question with the title "Get rid of override reason for TFS", I get the message "Many similarly phrased questions have received feedback like downvotes or requests for improvements." ...
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0 answers

Should language/frameworks be omitted or even removed from question titles? [duplicate]

In a question like "How do I do X in C#?" where C# is a clear tag, is it considered good or bad to duplicate it in the title? I seem to recall in the early days it was certainly frowned upon but on ...
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1 answer

Meta-SEO: how to choose Google-friendly question titles?

Is there a best practice in choosing the title of a question so that it will be easier to find it from a search engine? This can be useful for People asking their own questions People editing ...
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15 votes
0 answers

Make it clearer what is going on with the "This content is not allowed" functionality

In reference to this question, I tried to edit the title to this: Kotlin Error Reading Phone Contacts and got the above mentioned error. There's no clear indication of what the problem is, and ...
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27 votes
1 answer

Put a hardstop or a counter for the 150 character limit on post title

When I tried to enter a question, it said my title was over 150 characters. I started removing characters and there was no visual indicator for how many characters my title was at. So I just removed ...
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1 answer

Why are titles suddenly so hard to write? [duplicate]

I just tried to post a question, and there's suddenly something that is checking titles for "quality". It took me three tries to get past it, and there was precious little information about what was ...
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0 answers

Why is my title for the question not good enough? [duplicate]

I asked a question on Stack Overflow and wanted to title it as 'Why "try" does not cause error?', but Stack Overflow automagic says: Title cannot contain "Why "try" does not cause error?"....
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0 answers

Should I edit a question title to add an error message fragment?

I sometimes see posts with question titles along the lines of "such and such won't work", without an indication of what the error message is. Often the error message is in the body of the question. ...
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50 votes
1 answer

Why do tags like <input> function as an HTML tag in the title of a question on Stack Overflow? Will this cause security issues?

My friend and I were writing a question title on this site, We wanted to use an HTML tag, but we saw to our surprise that the title of the question had interpreted our HTML Tag. I was wondering if ...
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-3 votes
1 answer

What are the conventions for class- or method names in titles?

This might be (or seem to be) a minor question. But it might also have a considerable impact on searchability. Is there any consensus about how class- or method names should be written in the title ...
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6 votes
1 answer

Why was my proposed title rejected? [duplicate]

I came across a post while reviewing edits where the post could use a lot of cleanup. So I did, including modifying the title to read: How do I debounce clicks on my marker? When I tried to save ...
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What is the etiquette on question titles once a burnination is completed

Today I came across this edit: which had as edit description: Repunnified title It changed the title from: "Should we burninate the [Apple] ...
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Question with general title and specific body attracted general answers, should it be dupe-target for questions which don't match body?

For this question, while it has the title of "Delete column from pandas DataFrame", the body of the question is more specifically asking about why a particular syntax for deleting a column doesn't ...
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Why does Stack Overflow think this question title isn't valid? [duplicate]

I wanted to edit this question title to make it more generic and got this confusing error message: Title cannot contain "Object.keys doesn't work with DOM nodes". However the following title is ...
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217 votes
1 answer

Why are so many recent question titles starting with "Say..."?

I recently noticed rather unusual pattern in some question titles: these start with word "say", followed by what I would call a real title, in quotation marks. After noticing pair of such questions I ...
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No browser title for the Developer Survey Results 2019 page

There is no browser title set for the Developer Survey Results 2019 page. When I clicked the developer survey Google Ad from the side bar, in the opened window's browser title I can see the Google Ad ...
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18 votes
3 answers

Should my question remain newb friendly, or be more generic?

Check if an ArrayList contains every element from another ArrayList I asked this question when I was learning about ArrayLists. I remember it very well. At the time, I did not know what a list was. ...
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