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How important is response time of the questioner regarding clarifications in triage?

An okay question (I thought) from a 1-rep user was closed in maybe 1/2 an hour, give or take. I triggered a successful reopen of it. In later debate with one of the people who voted to close, he said ...
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Request to add the timestamp on every message in chat

I am frequently active in the SOBotics chat room, and I see that sometimes we get the time when a message is posted: But sometimes we don't get the time of postings as shown in this image: Though I ...
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What constitutes a day on Stack Overflow?

What constitutes a period that spans a day on Stack Overflow? I was awarded reputation points at ca. 21:00 last evening and then again this morning at ca. 10:00 and yet the "Recent Achievements" ...
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How to deal with a question whose answer changed through time? [duplicate]

Some time ago, I answered this question : Java 8 options for AIX At that time (sept. 2014) there was no official release of Java SDK 8 for AIX. But now there is (since march 2015). I already did a '...
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How did I apply to a job 146 weeks ago which was posted 14 days ago?

This job was posted 14 days ago, but I applied 146 weeks ago.
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Rounding for months elapsed isn't consistent between creation and migration

Look at the following question's timeline: asked 2019-09-11 23:40:37Z migrated 2019-09-12 06:04:11Z Yet, at of today November 30th 2019, I can see: asked 2 months ago migrated 3 months ago So the ...
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Careers always reports "Last seen on Stack Overflow yesterday" in the US evenings

It would appear that in the US evening time, the careers web-site always reports that a person was last seen yesterday (Last seen on Stack Overflow yesterday), even if the Stack Overflow profile ...
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Number of answers per question depending on hour of week

I'm trying to find out how the average number of answers per question and the average number of accepted answers per question depend on the time (in GMT) and day of the week of when a question is ...
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Possible British Summertime bug?

I'm wondering can anyone reproduce this error. If I visit SO after 12 midnight the calendar on my user profile doesn't show I have visited that new day. Even though the last seen field reports ...
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Stack overflow -question asked yesterday says asked Today!

Please find the screenshot for the details.Here i have asked a question yesterday(17-April-2014).When i reopen the question link today (18-Aril-2014)(How to Update and sync a Database tables at ...
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Top x% this {time period}. How is the time period chosen?

On my profile I usually have a mention of the type Top x% this {time period}. where x is a number between 1 and 99 (supposidely) and {time period} is something like month or year or maybe even ...
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"Asked 4 minutes ago" on listing but question itself shows it was asked much earlier [duplicate]

When I'm on the question listing while filtering by a specific tag, I sometimes see questions that are supposed to have been asked a few minutes ago, as per the screenshot: But when I go onto the ...
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My question was asked yesterday, the system says today [duplicate]

See this question. I asked it yesterday. But asked:today viewed:956 times active:today
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Can a moderator change the correct answer to an old question? [duplicate]

I've seen an answer of mine be considered "not the answer" (another answer was checked). About one day later, my answer was considered the one instead. Now, 3 days later, my answer was changed again ...
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