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What constitutes a day on Stack Overflow?

What constitutes a period that spans a day on Stack Overflow? I was awarded reputation points at ca. 21:00 last evening and then again this morning at ca. 10:00 and yet the "Recent Achievements" ...
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Stack overflow -question asked yesterday says asked Today!

Please find the screenshot for the details.Here i have asked a question yesterday(17-April-2014).When i reopen the question link today (18-Aril-2014)(How to Update and sync a Database tables at ...
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"Asked 4 minutes ago" on listing but question itself shows it was asked much earlier [duplicate]

When I'm on the question listing while filtering by a specific tag, I sometimes see questions that are supposed to have been asked a few minutes ago, as per the screenshot: But when I go onto the ...
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How important is response time of the questioner regarding clarifications in triage?

An okay question (I thought) from a 1-rep user was closed in maybe 1/2 an hour, give or take. I triggered a successful reopen of it. In later debate with one of the people who voted to close, he said ...
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How did I apply to a job 146 weeks ago which was posted 14 days ago?

This job was posted 14 days ago, but I applied 146 weeks ago.
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