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The Overflow tag is used for posts about the newsletter announced on the blog 1 October 2019 in "Introducing The Overflow and Cassidy Williams".

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There's no escape from HTML entities on the Blog

In the issue #129 of the Overflow, descriptions of "Interesting Questions" (as well as "Links from around the web") contain ' (likely not limited to in the general case) ...
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Make The Overflow newsletter dark mode friendly

Is there a way The Overflow can be made to be dark mode friendly? Every time I open it at night the bright white and gray background blinds me. I've received other HTML emails where email clients are ...
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Was a duplicate of the Overflow #93 (from September 30th) sent on October 7th to all subscribers?

I just received Issue #93 of The Overflow (Stack Overflow's newsletter). This is the same issue I received 7 days ago. (my timezone is CEST = GMT+2) Did this affect (all) other subscribers? Will ...
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Why is The Overflow promoting Universal Basic Income? [closed]

The Overflow #56: An engineering argument includes a link to a blog post which advocates for Universal Basic Income. I and many other developers read this newsletter to learn about tech trends and ...
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I received The Overflow #51 twice, instead of #52

I just wanted to report that I received last week's edition of The Overflow (#51) again today. I guess that you meant to send out edition #52 today. Sorry for the short Q, but there's really nothing ...
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Re-email the lost issues of 'The Overflow'

I look forward to my weekly dose of 'The Overflow' which I get via email because I subscribed a while back. However, for the last two weeks I did not get the newsletter email. It seems my email ...
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How are the "interesting questions" selected for The Overflow?

In The Overflow #25, a question from Software Engineering Stack Exchange was selected as an "interesting question". Although it's definitely an interesting question, it's not the best ...
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The unsubscribe page for "The Overflow" is broken

I clicked the "Unsubscribe from emails like this" link at the bottom of this month's The Overflow email. It took me to an email settings page with a bunch of toggles. The toggle for The Overflow had ...
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Can't unsubscribe from The Overflow

I've set The Overflow to Off in my settings yet I am still getting them sent to me. Here is a brief account of the attempts to stop it so far: I received the first one, went to settings and turned it ...
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News letter as a web page?

Is the 'The Overflow' newsletter available as web-page so that I can bookmark it and access later?
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Missing hyperlink in The Overflow issue #2

The Overflow is Stack Overflow's new newsletter. This post is feedback. This morning's (Oct 17, 2019) distribution included an abstract and title regarding a news story about a blind man who sued ...
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Where to send questions or concerns about the Overflow?

I am asking which (if any) of the many Stack Overflow sites (domains/sub-domains/whatever you call them) is appropriate to post questions or concerns about "the Overflow", Stack Overflow's newsletter. ...
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I'm receiving "The Overflow" newsletter but I have never subscribed [duplicate]

Recently I've received the first installment of "The Overflow" newsletter. The email claims that I'd be receiving this because I have subscribed. I did no such thing. The number of email newsletters ...
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Is it intended for The Overflow newsletter to be auto opt-in?

There's been a notice on Stack Overflow that The Overflow has been launched today, after reading the associated blog post, and specifically the following part: If you want to subscribe to The ...
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