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Tags are keywords or labels that categorize and group your question with other, similar questions.

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Is [bluemix-mobile-services] a dupe of [bluemix]?

Seems like a few questions already tagged as bluemix are also being tagged with a new tag bluemix-mobile-services. A stack of them came through the edit requests queue with just additional tag added ...
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Should the wavemaker tag description be changed?

I am since long looking for wavemaker (a java/web based rad ide) sources, since they claim it is open source, without success. It seems this is no more open source software, they only give you a free ...
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Split off the [string-split] tag

Someone can do many operations on a string, one of them is split. I don't understand why we should have the string-split tag. Having it would legitimate creating "count-string", "replace-string" and ...
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How can I find the number of points I have received in a particular tag?

I want to know the number of points that I have in a particular tag, say c, to monitor when I will cross the 400 point barrier and get the silver tag badge. I searched, but I wasn't able to find ...
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Clarify usage of the [robot] tag

We have the robot tag, which is intended to be used for "Questions related to physical robots". However, the tag is often used for questions about robots.txt awtrobot robotframework which have no ...
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Change [payu] to [payubiz]

According to this article, PayU India fully separated its PayU Enterprise and PayUmoney products earlier this year and renamed PayU Enterprise to PayUbiz. payu has 48 questions and a brief tag wiki, ...
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Improve edit for tag description

I just noticed that while questions/answers reviews have "Improve Edit" button, there is no such thing for tags excerpts. I faced pending edit with typos, but couldn't do anything about it, just "...
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typedef type-alias = typedef

So, the type-alias tag has been created. So far as I can tell, it only applies to Swift. There are only 63 questions. The ones I saw all apply to Swift, and roughly two-thirds of these tags are ...
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Ambiguous tags: how to proceed in general?

Consider - for example - the tag adhoc This tag currently has the following description: a solution designed for a specific problem or task, non-generalizable, and not intended to be able to be ...
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Is there any special reason to use "std-pair" instead of "stdpair"?

Today I want to ask question about std::pair, but cannot find stdpair, but find std-pair. But I find there are similar tags like "stdvector","stdmap","stdstring","std vector"... Is there any special ...
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Missing tags for libreoffice

Currently there is no tag for libreoffice-writer but there are tags for pretty much every thing else. I would like to propose that not only is a libreoffice-writer tag created but also the tag ...
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0 answers

Would it be possible to add the color formatting for omnet++ tag?

I have started being active in the StackOverflow omnet++ tag. What I have noticed is that, when some question is posted to the omnet++ tag also coupled with the c++ tag the code-snipped formatting in ...
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Please make libcrypto and libssl synonyms of openssl

There is a libcrypto tag, which is what a program links to when linking against OpenSSL. The same can be said for the libssl tag. OpenSSL is covered under openssl tag, so the libcrypto and libssl ...
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No tag for Amazon Machine Learning

I wanted to ask one question related to Amazon Machine Learning but when I tagged the question I found that there is no tag for it. How to create a tag for this? This is the question: Solution to ...
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Edit multi-language questions

I’ve recently seen multiple questions clearly tagged with either swift or Objective-C and answers being given in either, the “other” language or both languages. If a swift tagged question is answered ...
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Questions about databases are wrongly marked as db2

As a DB2 expert, and one of the top 5 answerers in StackOverFlow-db2, I have faced many question related to general 'SQL' and 'databases'. However, many users do not tagged them correctly, they do not ...
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Synonymize [taskscheduler] with [windows-task-scheduler]

There are two tags whose wiki/excerpt say they are about the Windows Task Scheduler OS-level utility, taskscheduler (currently some ~270 questions) and windows-task-scheduler (currently ~940 questions)...
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Can there be a [nim-prologue] tag or similar for nim-lang's prologue webframework?

Prologue is one of the web-frameworks of the Nim programming language. There are plenty of features and things one can ask questions about, such as this where I had a question about multi-threading, ...
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Rename [cuda-arrays] into [gpu-arrays]

The cuda-arrays tag kind of sprang up at some point, and gathered a few items. Then today I decided to tag some more relevant questions with it and write a brief tag description - but as I was doing ...
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Rename [azure-active-directory] to [azure-ad]

There are now a few Azure AD products: B2C, B2B, Graph-API. I think it would be beneficial if all the tags had a consistent prefix. I think Azure-AD would be the preferred prefix. Thoughts? ...
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Burninate [forced-unwrapping]

When I refreshed the front Stack Overflow page, the question at the top had forced-unwrapping tag. It looked a bit odd, so I did some digging. There are presently 64 questions tagged forced-unwrapping ...
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1 answer

Should we make [mysql-backup] tag a synonym of [mysql]?

mysql-backup has no guidance and is quite vague in my opinion. It only has 110 question at the time of writing this post. If the only purpose is to denote an action on MySQL DB this tag is not very ...
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Should parcelable and parcel tags be merged?

Should parcel and parcelable be merged? I can't really think of a question which would be reasonable to tag with one and not the other.
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-3 votes
1 answer

I would like to have Cerberus tag

Can someone please create cerberus on Stack Overflow? I would like to add it to this question, because the question is about Python-Eve schema definiton, which relies on Cerberus for schema ...
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1 answer

Tag suggestion: Wiremod and/or E2 (revised)

This was inspired by reviewing this question. The revised question after the initial question was closed for the lack of details and clarity. Tag name e2 (with expression2 and expression-2 mapping to ...
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2 answers

Should JavaScript library questions have the JavaScript tag?

Before I get to the gist of the question, here are some short statistics: Questions tagged with angularjs and with javascript: 110,394 Questions tagged with angularjs and without javascript: 132,035 ...
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2 answers

Usefulness of the [Python-3.x] tag

As the use of Python3 becomes more widespread and Python2 approaches its EOL, I find the use of the python-3.x tag being less and less relevant and more synonymous with the python tag. I wonder if ...
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2 answers

Creating a distinction between language specific questions that mention external libraries and those that don't

I haven't done a research on this but the majority of the questions are about how to do this in this library and that in that library. Since there are thousands of libraries for each language out ...
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-5 votes
1 answer

Shall we create a new npm-semver tag (or to use the loosely related semver tag)?

I have a question about semver range syntax which was initially tagged with semver. As someone has pointed out in the comment, the semantic-versioning specs -, does not include any range ...
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1 answer

Should we burninate the sqlmigrations?

There is a small tag sqlmigrations that has had some activity on it, with one question asked in May at the latest. Its summary suggests that it should be merged into the ef-migrations tag, but looking ...
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-8 votes
1 answer

Proposed Tag for configuration files which override or merge

I've come up with a tag (per-directory-settings) for questions about configuration files that override or merge over one another based on an answer to this question if you think the name of it sucks, ...
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-9 votes
1 answer

Reduce tags usage with low follower / question ratio (widget names and ubiquitous CS words)

Tags have the purpose of channelling questions to experts able and willing to answer them. In the most used tags, you can find these statistics: [function] 885 followers, 62k questions [class] ...
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-9 votes
1 answer

I want to create the tag gsl-owner

The C++ core guidelines support library (a.k.a. GSL) has a template names owner<> for indicating pointer ownership. I want to create the tag gsl-owner (as opposed to just owner). However, there ...
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1 answer

Angular tag confusion and discussion?

angular5 tag should be merged with angular tag. angular5 tag is having approx 3k question associated with it.
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-10 votes
1 answer

Let's increase the rep needed to create new tags

create tags Privilege type: Creation privilege Awarded at: 1,500 reputation Can we please change this to create tags Privilege type: Creation privilege Awarded at: high reputation ...
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-11 votes
1 answer

Tag for redundant/useless code/definitions?

Is there some tag, that I'm not finding for talking about case where you find code you think is redundant or useless and want to discuss it / question whether it is actually useful or not? If not - ...
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-11 votes
1 answer

This tag is an [undefined-variable]

Should we burninate the undefined-variable tag? There are only 16 questions using it Questions that could make use of this tag are generally closed as a dupe of one of the FAQs or general help ...
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-12 votes
1 answer

Rename the [web-component] tag to [web-components]

The tag web-component is wrong. It should be web-components.
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-13 votes
1 answer

Change tag 'tanstackreact-table' to 'tanstack-react-table'

The former one is generated from @tanstack/react-table, and is not very good
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-17 votes
1 answer

What areas of Stack Overflow need answering help?

I have been using Stack Overflow for at least two years, and I feel like there is not a lot of work left to do in the R and Python tags (what I know best.) Are there any tags that need more love? Or ...
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-19 votes
1 answer

Stack Overflow vs Super User?

What is the difference between Stack Overflow and Super User? Like how come when I just asked a question on what I thought was Stack Overflow it posted it on Super User? Does it just randomly get ...
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