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A "tag wiki" is an editable page that briefly summarizes the topic of the tag and that may provide links to existing questions that are often useful to many people.

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Allow gold language tag-badge holders to close too broad or otherwise off-topic questions, but are covered in the language tag wiki, single handedly

The Problem In highly active language tags we recurringly see questions from newcomers to the language (not necessarily beginners in programming), which are covered in basic tutorials, textbooks or ...
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Why do I see this message when I try to edit a tag wiki?

I occasionally go and add descriptions to tag wikis and earn a little rep along the way. But oftentimes I see this message instead of an edit field where I can just update the tag description: ...
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Remove dead CSS frameworks from [css] tag wiki

I was looking at the CSS info page and noticed in the frameworks section that a few of them have been dead for a long time. For example, the Gumby framework has been dead for three years and there ...
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Removing documentation links from the tags [closed]

I've noticed that there are tags (like javascript, java and many more) that still have links to SO's documentation. I suggest that the moderators (or anyone who can do it) will create some script to ...
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"No improvement whatsoever" for tag wikis nobody uses?

The description for "no improvement whatsoever" reads like this: no improvement whatsoever This edit fails to make the post even a little bit easier to read, easier to find, more accurate or more ...
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2 answers

Why aren't some tags' wiki shared between Code Review and Stack Overflow?

Stack Overflow and Code Review have some common tags for instance ones related to programming languages. I don't understand why these two websites would not share the same info pages for these tags. ...
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What do I do if the information on the main website isn't true?

I noticed that the tag description for Python is not completely accurate; it claims Python is strongly typed. Python is very much not strongly typed! Anyhow, I am not necessarily a high rep user, ...
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Where do I get the list of tags on Stack Overflow? [closed]

How do I get the list of tags with description in Stack Overflow? The description provided there is great, but right now I am allowed to ask questions only once in a week, so I can't go through the ...
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Why am I suspended from the review queues?

I came to META to ask about my suspension and already the 2nd question here is about the exact same topic and obviously the same moderator who after the review got approved rejected it and rolled it ...
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2 answers

Please rename "wiki"

The term wiki has a reasonably well-understood definition. To help newcomers to Stack Overflow find their way around the site, we should avoid using this term inappropriately. Hence, I propose ...
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Rejected tag wiki edit [duplicate]

I recently suggested edits to some tag wikis, and I tried to edit again, and suddenly I got this message: I didn't see any notifications about rejected tag wiki edits. I didn't see any reasons for ...
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3 answers

Are the tag wiki guidelines working?

I think we should change the guidance on how to write the tag wiki entries (and the excepts). I think we should stop telling people to give guidance on how to use the tag and just allow them to be ...
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3 answers

I created a new tag for [arduino-c++] (this is igniting as opposed to burnination)

I created a new tag arduino-c++ recently. I've noticed that a significant number of questions tagged with the standard c++ is tagged in combination with arduino and the answers from the realm of ...
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Requesting review of rejected tag wiki edit

I made a tag wiki edit for the tag slideshow, which had no excerpt or wiki. The edit was rejected for the following reasons: The edit does ...
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Edit was rejected even though it doesn't copy from an external source

I saw this edit which I suggested to the tag tkinter-button. A bit of context: this tag refers to the tkinter.Button class and can be used to add a button to a parent widget. I've been using tkinter ...
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