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A "tag wiki" is an editable page that briefly summarizes the topic of the tag and that may provide links to existing questions that are often useful to many people.

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Let’s have a [word] about this tag again

Problem The tag appears to be quite a mess. Its actual purpose is related to the unit "word" used in the context of processors/computer architecture. However, it is used as you would imagine ...
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Is Stack Overflow tag-wiki also open?

I am developing a tagging system and wanted to seed the tags list from Stack Overflow. Thank you Stack Exchange for opening up this data to the public:
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Why am I suspended from the review queues?

I came to META to ask about my suspension and already the 2nd question here is about the exact same topic and obviously the same moderator who after the review got approved rejected it and rolled it ...
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No attribution for tags in teams copied from public Q&A

Stack Overflow for Teams will automatically use the tag excerpt and tag wiki from the public site if there isn't a team-specific tag excerpt/wiki created. For example, here's what rust looks like ...
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How can I propose a new tag wiki? [duplicate]

I've created a new tag, discosweb, which is for questions revolving around ESA's DISCOSweb API. I want to create a tag wiki for it, but I can't see any such option. What am I missing?
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Should the “approve tag wiki edits” privilege be granted at fewer than 5,000 rep?

Seemingly, there are not enough users who have been granted the privilege (and are interested in exercising it) because I have had a tag wiki edit awaiting peer review for over 10 days.
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2 answers

Should we approve a tag wiki suggestion which only consists of a name and a link?

Yesterday, when reviewing suggested edits, I encountered this tag wiki proposal: It creates a tag wiki for a new tag opensees, which at this ...
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If a tag wiki excerpt is quoted from another source, is it acceptable to provide attribution in the tag's wiki content?

When editing tag wikis, the excerpt is limited when compared to the tag's wiki in that: Markdown formatting does not occur, as a result links are not formatted as links, as an example We are limited ...
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I created a tag, but there is no link to edit its tag wiki [duplicate]

I created a new tag when asking a question and wanted to provide guidance on its usage to prevent infrastructure-related questions under it, but there is no Edit Tag Wiki button. I thought maybe it's ...
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New tag [knowledge-article]

I have seen the tag knowledge-article that has about 33 questions and I reviewed some of them. They were notes on programming, related to frameworks by Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Intel OpenVINO. ...
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Should text in tag info/ excerpt repeated in the tag wiki be removed?

When editing tag wikis should you remove duplicate information that is simply repeated verbatim from the tag info/ excerpt? Or would that make the tag wiki "more confusing" and "less ...
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Requesting review of rejected tag wiki edit

I made a tag wiki edit for the tag slideshow, which had no excerpt or wiki. The edit was rejected for the following reasons: The edit does ...
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What should be done with the [helper] tag? [duplicate]

I recently came across this tag. It seems to have many questions asked about it, from Problem with importing helper. Any advice? to Configuration 'Run Script: android' is missing in '...
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Is the current way of creating a new tag wiki intended?

I wanted to add a description to a tag and searched for a way to do it. I found a description of the content of a tag wiki, e.g. What is a tag wiki? How do I write a good one?, and also an explanation ...
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Improve Tag Info button does not indicate you have too many pending edits

I tried to edit a tag wiki to get my Tag Editor badge, but upon clicking the "Improve Tag Info" button I was taken to the tag wiki info page which is identical to simply clicking the "...
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Should tags for a deprecated library reference the deprecation?

From ⚠️ Vue Native has been deprecated and is no longer maintained. Should the vue-native tag description mention this?
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Is blockchain "efficient", or should we drop that from the tag description?

I happened to look at blockchain and it says (quoting from somewhere): record transactions between two parties efficiently The chains for Bitcoin and Ethereum are anything but efficient in terms of ...
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Should we accept tag wiki excerpts with co-tagging guidelines?

I just approved a tag wiki excerpt addition which, in addition to describing some library, also said: "Apply this tag together with the framework in which whatever-lib is used". ... but then ...
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Why can't some tag wikis be edited? [duplicate]

I've edited a few tag wikis before, but wanted to make an edit to the swift tag. However, when I click 'Improve tag info' I don't have the option to edit the tag. The text box to edit, which comes up ...
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Tag Wikis: Guidelines for Resource Relevance?

I recently made some updates to the c# tag wiki, and discovered that a lot of the resources are stale, if not out-of-date. For example, Sean Sexton's 2,000 Things You Should Know About C# blog hasn't ...
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How to edit "Tag Info"

I want to edit a "Tag Info" ( but I can't find an "edit" button/link. How can I edit it? Unfortunately the Help center search wasn't ...
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Unable to edit wiki tag [duplicate]

Currently I'm trying to edit a wiki tag [docc] for a recently released framework of Xcode: However, I do not see an edit button(Improve tag info) on the ...
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Unclear failure mode for tag wiki edit attempts when you have too many pending edits

When you have low rep and are attempting to build reputation by submitting suggested edits, you see a rejection notice when you have too many pending edits (currently 5 on Stack Overflow, it seems): ...
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Cleanup needed of array method tags

Here's a project for anyone who likes editing tag wikis. PHP and JavaScript have a lot of the same standard methods for dealing with arrays such as map, filter, reduce, splice, etc. In PHP they are ...
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Figma tag says it's OK to ask graphic design questions here

The figma tag says: Ask anything related to designing graphics and interfaces with Figma. Since it's an "interface design tool", it's not programming related and it should be clarified so ...
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3 answers

Are the tag wiki guidelines working?

I think we should change the guidance on how to write the tag wiki entries (and the excepts). I think we should stop telling people to give guidance on how to use the tag and just allow them to be ...
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1 answer

When can meta tag wiki be updated, how often, why should changes be reverted?

I spent a few days exploring the content of meta and discovered that the tag wiki is sorely lacking content. So as a part of exploring the content of meta, I began to update selected topics in the tag ...
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Edit was rejected even though it doesn't copy from an external source

I saw this edit which I suggested to the tag tkinter-button. A bit of context: this tag refers to the tkinter.Button class and can be used to add a button to a parent widget. I've been using tkinter ...
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Allow gold language tag-badge holders to close too broad or otherwise off-topic questions, but are covered in the language tag wiki, single handedly

The Problem In highly active language tags we recurringly see questions from newcomers to the language (not necessarily beginners in programming), which are covered in basic tutorials, textbooks or ...
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Rejected tag wiki edit [duplicate]

I recently suggested edits to some tag wikis, and I tried to edit again, and suddenly I got this message: I didn't see any notifications about rejected tag wiki edits. I didn't see any reasons for ...
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My tag wiki edit suggestion has been stuck without reviews for over a month

I find tag wikis extremely useful for quickly obtaining information on the thousands of r packages out there. About a month ago, I suggested an edit for the r-markdown tag. However, no one has ...
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How to search tag wikis or tag excerpts

It looks like the tag search only searches for matching tag names. Is there a way to search tag wikis or even tag excerpts?
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Can someone help me to edit a tag wiki?

I have created a new tag in this question, but I am unable to provide the details on what it means in the tag wiki. It won't let me add it to the edit queue either; I keep getting told the edit queue ...
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What to do with the [term] tag? [duplicate]

The term tag excerpt/wiki were extracted from the Wikipedia disambiguation article for "term" which make this tag to look like a meta-tag. It has 335 questions and 19 watchers. The All time ...
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What is [winapp]?

What is winapp? If it's a thing, can someone add tag info, please? Any hints of what should happen? Shall I edit wiki myself (never did it)? Should it stay like it is? Should it be burninated? Did I ...
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Minor tag wiki edit rejected

My suggested edit of the Python tag wiki was rejected for the following generic reason: This edit does not make the post even a little bit easier to read, easier to find, more accurate or more ...
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Improving Google Apps Script: tags, tag wikis, excerpts and refs

Preface This project has sprung up from the larger discussion as a standalone effort to make Google Apps Script tags, their excerpts, and wikis more fine-grained, detailed, and resource-full for them ...
8 votes
2 answers

What is [sql-match-all]?

I am looking for some guidance on how to use sql-match-all tag and what is its purpose. There is no tag wiki or excerpt. What is the purpose of this tag? The only helpful information I found is in an ...
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I cannot retract my suggested edit to a tag

Can a moderator reject my edit to a tag? I edit it and I found I cannot withdraw my operation.
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Is the process of making two tags synonyms reversible?

In the past, the tag wikis of memory-model and memory-order didn't explain when to use each tag. About a year ago, I changed the tag wikis to give a clear and different purpose for each of these ...
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Tag excerpt for [google-apps-script] is messed up [duplicate]

Tag's excerpt for google-apps-script contains non-plaintext parts: For reference: Tell people that tag excerpts do not support formatting
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Excerpt taken from a language's homepage is "promoting a product" or "deliberately destructive" when used in usage guidelines?

I thought I'd try learning the new language Beef, and that it would be a good opportunity to write some posts about what I've learned and what I can't learn on my own. So, I created a tag for it, ...
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Why do I see this message when I try to edit a tag wiki?

I occasionally go and add descriptions to tag wikis and earn a little rep along the way. But oftentimes I see this message instead of an edit field where I can just update the tag description: ...
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1 answer

Why was I asked to Review an edit by a user with higher rep than I have?

I was recently presented with this review in the Suggested Edits queue. I'm not here asking about what the 'right answer' is/was (the edit was a simple 'correction' from a "\" to a "/") - more curious ...
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1 answer

Neutrality of tag wikis

I recently came across the tag guacamole, whose tag wiki sounds somewhat promotional. Is there a general policy of neutrality in tag wikis, and if so, should this tag's wiki be rewritten?
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1 answer

Why can't I "improve" a tag wiki edit?

I just did an edit review for a tag wiki edit: I rejected the edit, because I understood that the tag wiki should describe the project, not ...
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Should the wiki for the [data-protection] tag be reviewed?

Please note that I don't think I can contribute any useful improvement to this, I just wanted to draw some attention to this. The wiki for data-protection currently reads as follow: Excerpt: Tag for ...
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1 answer

I created a tag, edited a basic description, appears it was approved, but the description doesn't appear yet

I created a bch-code tag, since there was a question specific to bch-codes. I edited it to include a basic description. Then in a second edit, I added a wikipedia link about bch codes, so it could be ...
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Help new users by making tagging smarter

Stack Overflow tagging is... well, it works. Kind of. Sometimes, it just plain sucks. There's a few problems I've noticed, and I think there's low hanging fruit to helping new users (since that's now ...
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"The spreadsheet tag should only be used if a more specific tag does not apply"

The spreadsheet tag has a curious instruction in its usage guidance (emphasis mine): Use this tag for questions about spreadsheet apps, plug-ins, libraries, etc., where no more specific tag exists. ...
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