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Tag watching (formerly known as Favorite tags) are a set of tags selected by a user on a Stack Exchange site. All questions marked as favorite are highlighted in the questions page. If a user is looking a specific tag search page that is marked as favorite, then the only questions highlighted will be those that have other favorite tags.

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1 answer

What do "watched tags" and "ignored tags" do?

What are watched tags and ignored tags? How do they work? What are tag subscriptions? What are interesting tags? On Stack Overflow, the content of the main page question list appears to be influenced ...
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Close Votes shortcut tags should be tailored per user

Looking at the review queue page, the Close Votes queue has various tag shortcuts to review items by a specific tag: 3 of the items in that list aren't in tags I'm interested in, the other 2 that ...
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24 votes
3 answers

How can I configure my Stack Overflow homepage to show recent questions that are only from my favorite tags list?

I have several favorite tags and I have a fairly narrow domain of interest and expertise. When I come to the Stack Overflow main home page, I would like the list of questions that I see there to be ...
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339 votes
8 answers

I hate these new yellow 'watch' labels [duplicate]

These new yellow 'Watched' labels - I assume that they mean 'These items contain tags that are a part of your watch list'. It's less jarring in light-theme, but still unpleasant: They're way too ...
162 votes
2 answers

Let me save the intersection of 2+ tags as a favorite

Suppose I'm a C# developer, but I only program in Windows Forms. I might add c# as a favorite tag, but then I get C# web questions too. I might put in windows-forms as a favorite, but then I get VB....
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38 votes
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Could a review items be filtered by favorite tags?

It would be nice to get items to review (first posts/late answers) based on favorite tags filter. It's hard to review and improve question, if it is from totally unknown area. If I'm interested in ...
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35 votes
0 answers

Darker color for favorite tags

On the Stack Overflow site, right now, the css used for favorite tags is this: .tagged-interesting { rgba(255,245,222,0.7) } I recommend a darker color or removing the opacity: .tagged-...
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17 votes
0 answers

Drag and drop feature for re-arranging favorite tags

I was adding some favorite tags, I noticed that while adding lengthy tags, the favorite tags section started getting significantly taller, which wouldn't happen if I utilize the empty space in it by ...
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25 votes
2 answers

See only posts with watched tags

I have a couple of watched tags on stack overflow, and I want to hide all answers that aren't tagged with my watched tags. Is this possible?
22 votes
1 answer

Observing new questions of combination of union and intersections of tags

How can I observe new question of foo tag only if they are also tagged with bar or baz? Real world example: how can I observe java questions which are also tagged with either regex or string Lets ...
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209 votes
2 answers

Please make "unwatch tag" and "ignore tag" less prominent

When I open a watched tag, I am mostly interested in seeing the tagged questions, not in unwatching or ignoring that tag. I presume most users think alike. Yet recent design change made those two ...
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76 votes
3 answers

Have "Favorite Tags" always been alphabetized?

Maybe I bumped my head and haven't noticed for the past few years but when did the Favorite Tags start sorting alphabetically? I am almost positive that I used to have php, jquery, and then regex. ...
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60 votes
0 answers

Allow me to reorder favorite tags [duplicate]

I use favorite tags for two goals: Highlighting interesting questions, and helping the system give me interesting questions. Convenient shortcuts to lists of questions, where I might be able to help ...
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22 votes
0 answers

I can have a tag both in "Favourite Tags" & in "Ignored Tags"

If you have a tag both in the "Favourite Tags" & in "Ignored Tags" it will be ignored anyway (as if it's in the ignored list); you get no warning about this when adding a tag to either list. This ...
12 votes
0 answers

How to favorite a Documentation tag? [closed]

Going to the Documentation section and finding your favorite tag is not that easy. One must use the search box to be able to find your favorite tag. Although bookmarking it in my browser will do it, ...
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12 votes
1 answer

Is it possible to watch for questions that match two tags?

It is possible to watch a tag, but there are a lot of false positives. Is it possible to watch two tags, such as "regex" and "java", which would return the intersection of those result sets?
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10 votes
3 answers

How can I search only in my favorite tags?

I have several favorite tags and I want to view relevant questions. How can I search only in my favorite tags?
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4 votes
1 answer

Careers internal ad is cross user for favorite tags

For a while now, the internal Careers advertisement is highlighting favorite tags, which is nice. However, today I noticed it's "cross user", let me explain. In my main account (this one), I have c# ...
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0 answers

All Questions of all favourite tags [duplicate]

I have been answering question that has the c tag from a long time. Recently I started learning scheme and thought to go through some incoming questions which has the scheme tag. But then I realized I ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Unanswered Questions no longer adhering to favorite tags?

The question color for favorite tags seems to have disappeared when viewing Unanswered Questions. This morning at work it was showing gold and at some point in the day, they were all white; still are ...
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33 votes
1 answer

How can I watch [java*] tags without [javascript*]?

I realized that my java tag wasn't catching java-8, so I changed it to [java*] (like I saw somewhere here on Meta). Then I realized that I was getting javascript in my results too. I don't want to ...
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25 votes
1 answer

New tag popup is hidden behind edit review popup

The new tag popup appears behind edit review popup windows (so it can't be seen). To reproduce: Internet Explorer 11 (I cannot test other browsers from work [he says, crying in the corner]) Edit: ...
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23 votes
0 answers

Switching from "Unanswered" to "All Questions" leaves incorrect tag filter in search box

I recently noticed a weird behavior if I follow the steps on the Stack Overflow home page - Click "Questions" Click "Unanswered button" Make sure "My tags" is selected Click on "All Questions" again....
22 votes
0 answers

Did a change stop .tagged-interesting from working on Firefox?

Today, it looks like something changed that stopped custom colors for my watched tags from working in the Stack Overflow question list. I use Firefox and for the past few years I have used: @-moz-...
15 votes
0 answers

Favorites filter highlights all the questions in the unanswered queue

My favorite tags are html and sql-server. If I go to the Unanswered questions and filter by the html tag, all of the questions are highlighted. I don't like this because I already know that all of the ...
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14 votes
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Favorite tags on mobile site

When browsing questions on the website you see your favorite tags on the right hand side of the screen. A really convenient way to quickly filter questions on a tag that I am interested in. However ...
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14 votes
1 answer

Why did the newest visual tag get so many watchers?

I got to the newest tags first page and looked at the newest tag, visual. But when I hovered on it, I got this: How this could happen? There is only one question (actually zero, but not updated), and ...
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12 votes
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Watched/Ignored tags bug: hint for tags don't disappear

I'm talking about Watched Tags and Ignored Tags windows on the middle right of StackOverflow's home page. When you want to add another tag to your Watched/Ignored Tags you press Edit and start typing ...
11 votes
1 answer

Support favourite tag combinations [duplicate]

Favourite tags are cool, but there are cases, where I'm interested in a tag, but only when it's paired with a specific other tag, for example I'd like to have a favourite query for tags [realm][...
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Suggestions appearing only once for the same text in watched tags

So, first search for the text angular in the tags bar, like I have shown below in the image. Now, select angular from the list and click on Add. Now the textbox will be cleared. Search for the same ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Could we get a better way to see my favorite tags?

When I go to Stack Overflow, there are a few tags that I want to focus on. Right now, they're shown on the right side in a column and underneath some other content. This makes them hard to find. I ...
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Show [Watched Tags] and/or [Custom Filters] boxes on Question Pages

If you're like me, you sometimes come here to check through questions and give back to the community. So I click on one of my Watched Tags on the side bar, say VBA and I select a question I wish to ...
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UX of editing / adding Favorite tags at least in Teams

I'm a member of the Charcoal Channel Team. I don't have any Charcoal Favorite tags yet. This is what I see, an edit link and an Add a favorite tag link: Clicking Add a favorite tag brings me here: ...
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What's the deal with "Public Q&A Favorite Tags"? [duplicate]

I noticed recently that the "Favorite Tags" section on the side of the questions pages of the site has had its header changed to "Public Q&A Favorite Tags". I'm not sure this is a good idea, and I'...
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