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This tag is for questions about tag synonyms (how they work, who can create them, etc). Use [synonym-request] for tag synonym requests.

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Tag synonym request: type-coercion

I'm seeing a lot of questions along these lines: Converting String to int in Java? (Java) convert double to int (C#) Cast float to int in OCaml (OCaml) These all involve converting/coercing types, ...
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Merge [Covariant] into [Covariance]

I think covariant should be merged into covariance and be a tag synonym for it. Fact is that covariant doesn't have a wiki description and only 33 questions are tagged with it whereas covariance has ...
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Synonimize [circle] and [circles] or retag with [geometry] tag [duplicate]

Both tags circle and circles have same meaning. I'm not sure if tags like circle, square, rectangles, etc. shouldn't be synonimized even further, as geometry.
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Fixing the [onevent] and [event] tag catastrophe

Hello there fellow meta users. I have a little request. While browsing tags, I noticed there is quite a few that could be merged or even deleted as a whole... This happens to be with "event" tags. ...
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Query about the tag to use for Questions on SSIS Data Flow tasks

I was editing "SSIS - Can you use a parameterised query to populate a Lookup Transformation?", and wanted to add a tag to indicate that it's a question about an SSIS Data Flow. I didn't see one right ...
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Is the "sql" tag banned?

When I want to suggest new synonym for sql I receive following error: Failed to propose synonym The tag sql is banned This is how it looks: What does it mean? sql already has several synonyms. Why ...
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Retag ecmascript-harmony into ecmascript-6?

The tag ecmascript-harmony appears to be related to the fact that ecmascript-6 is labeled as ES6 Harmony in places or something or other. A quick perusal of the questions appears to show a bunch of ...
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Triggers synonym intermittently broken

For a long time, I've been using this link as a bookmark to new questions with any tag starting with sql-server:* Recently, a whole bunch of ...
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New Tags: octal-number, octal-system, binary-system and binary-number - who accepted these new tags?

I found that octal-number, octal-system, binary-system and binary-number are four new tags since yesterday. There is already an octal and a binary tag. octal-*:
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Merge [finagle] and [twitter-finagle]

These tags both refer to the Finagle library by Twitter so I think they should be merged to finagle. twitter-finagle
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Merging [case-sensitive] and [case-insensitive] tags

I found that there are two tags case-sensitive and case-insensitive I believe that questions regarding case sensitive and insensitive topics all fall under the same case-sensitivity topic. If I ask a ...
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I want to create a systemverilog tag

I want to create a systemverilog tag. There is already a system-verilog tag. however according to the IEEE 1800 standard, SystemVerilog is to be written as one word, not two.
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"whl" or "wheel" tag for Python package format?

There seems to be two separate tags, whl and wheel. Which is preferred? One of my Q's just got an edit where the only change was one tag swapped for the other, should I roll that back?
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DOM, Selectors API tags (querySelectorAll() et al)

If you're a Web developer, you may have heard of the querySelectorAll() DOM method, which accepts a selector list and returns matching elements where applicable. It's supported in IE8 and later, so it ...
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What happens to a tag synonym if it gets "burninated"?

I organized some votes to put data-encryption as a synonym of encryption. It only has 36 questions. Would the synonym actually vanish if all of the questions of data-encryption would actually be ...
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How do I remove a duplicate tag created by a question that has since been migrated?

I recently noticed the creation of the tag url on meta. This tag is a duplicate of the existing tag urls (a synonym of hyperlinks). The issue isn't that I can't edit the question that created it (...
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How do you actually get a synonym approved?

So, I proposed two synonyms about a year ago that I believe are extremely obvious, and they didn't get even a single vote: sync for synchronization: Synonyms page. asynchronous-processing for ...
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Synonymize [spa] with [single-page-application]

spa questions are all about single-page-application. The tag has currently 64 questions with the following excerpt: SPA is a short of Single Page Application. I would have suggested a tag synonym ...
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How to suggest a tag synonym

I just made a suggested Wiki entry for test-environments. I'd like to suggest renaming that tag to test-environment to be consistent with the related tag development-environment or create an alias, ...
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Is the [meta] tag a synonym of [meta-tags]?

meta's excerpt states: Meta elements are the HTML or XHTML element used to provide structured metadata about a Web page. meta-tags's: Meta tags are HTML elements used to provide structured ...
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What should we do with [data-encryption]?

This is rather strange since every data-encryption is encryption, but not according to related tags of data-encryption (35 Q). Also it doesn't have a tag wiki and no features to discern it from ...
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Separate the CSS2.1 tag from CSS

First off, I'm tagging this as a discussion to gather other people's views on the matter. I imagine this question will be highly down-voted by users who ignore to read past this first paragraph, but ...
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9 votes
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Reject "string-formatting" as suggested tag synonym for "string"

I recently suggested string-formatting as a synonym for string. This has caused a problem as indicated at Can't propose stringformat as a synonym for string-formatting. Would the community members ...
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Could not propose [stringformat] as a synonym for [string-formatting], due to proposed synonym on *third* tag

The stringformat tag only has 200 posts, and no tag wiki, and its questions are clearly string formatting questions. So I wanted to add it as a synonym to the string-formatting tag (1740 posts, has a ...
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How to handle synonymous tag groupings?

What should be done about synonymous or partially-synonymous combinations of tags, where the tags have distinct meanings when used individually? For example, right now: c-preprocessor has 574 ...
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What are the tags for terrible code?

Is there a tag or set of tags that indicate that I have a problem with this ... { } ... terrible code/issue and I'm coming to SO for help ? I went through some of my older posts where I was ...
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tag synonyms - how to vote? why is there no change

A month ago I suggested a tag synonym, which to date has no votes or whatever. As you can see, there are tag synonyms that are used by multiple questions already, yet they are pending. The ...
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Can someone merge the Google Datastore tags

As I don't have necessary rep to do it, I am asking here. As far as I know these are one and the same: gae-datastore google-datastore google-cloud-datastore
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Merge [korma] and [sqlkorma] tags

The korma and sqlkorma tags are both about the same library. I think korma should be the main tag, and sqlkorma an alias. Korma has 3x the number of questions, and is the official name of the project.
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Should tags 'ssl' and 'tls' be separate since SSLv3 vulnerability discovery? Information about merged tags would be great too

As I noticed for now these tags are merged and merging these tags now seems like it was bad idea since it merged all tls/ssl related questions and there is problem to distinct one from the other, or ...
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"c-minus-minus" tag incorrectly named

I believe the tag c-minus-minus should be "c--". What appears to be the official website refers to it as "c--" (or sometimes "C–")
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The [fire-tv] tag was replaced by new [amazon-fire-tv] tag

I'm curious why fire-tv was replaced (broke my search) rather than renaming or creating a synonym for the tag. amazon-fire-tv tag has a much less accurate description, and there doesn't appear to be ...
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Merge jquery resizable with jquery-ui-resizable

Today I came across the tag jquery-resizable, Which doesn't even have a tag wiki. The question was clearly about jquery-ui-resizable and I can't find any other such plugin There are currently 40 ...
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Should the tags [sortable], [jquery-sortable] and [jquery-ui-sortable] be merged?

Should the tags sortable, jquery-sortable and jquery-ui-sortable be merged? Here are the descriptions for each: sortable 10 asked this week, 24 this month, 1329 total A jQuery UI framework plugin ...
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Merging tags (or setting up aliases)

How can I merge (or set one as alias to the other one) two tags, e.g. numeric and numerical? They even have pretty much the same Wiki text.
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Make [select2] a synonym of [jquery-select2]

I just noticed there are two tags marked select2 and jquery-select2, which appear to be the same thing. The description on the info page for both tags is identical: Select2 is a jQuery based ...
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Tag UITableViewCell automatically deleted when posting question

Now I tried to post a new SO question. Another time the tag uitableviewcell was removed when I posted the question. Do you also have the problem?
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Merge tags: [pkcs11] and [pkcs#11]

I suggest the tags pkcs#11 and pkcs11 be merged, the wiki shows that they are talking about the same thing. I believe that pkcs#11 is the most correct writing and would also be the one that breaks ...
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Should the c++1y tag refer to c++17?

Now that C++ 14 is official, shouldn't the c++1y tag be changed to refer to what will likely be C++17?
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How can I restrict my search for a tag that has been made a synonym [duplicate]

Android is a big and popular topic, so there are now a large number of tags that deal with specific smaller parts of the subject. A number of these are currently (probably incorrectly) marked as ...
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Merge [magic-quotes-gpc] into [magic-quotes]

magic-quotes-gpc magic-quotes They are the same thing.
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Is there a shortcut for tag synonymity when a software project has been renamed?

OpenERP has been renamed to Odoo. I started adding odoo to openerp questions, but then I got the suggestion that it would be better to create tag synonymity. This has been suggested here. But given ...
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Can we make [filter-branch] a synonym for [git-filter-branch] please?

There are currently 163 questions tagged with git-filter-branch 15 questions tagged with filter-branch There actually used to be about 26 questions tagged with this, but I started removing them, but ...
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10 votes
2 answers

Tags "jsr310" and "java-time"

Now that Java 8 has been released with the java.time package, which is the recommended way of working with date and time in Java 8, should some cleanup be done on questions with the jsr310 tag? JSR-...
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24 votes
1 answer

Please undo all of the current [git] tag synonyms (and reject [github] synonyms)

Git Synonyms There are currently 8 tag synonyms for the Git tag, along with a 9th suggested synonym. These synonyms should never have been created. They all represent different, individual, and ...
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82 votes
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Allow for Tag Antonyms

This is a fairly young idea, but I'd love to see some way of implementing "tag antonyms" in addition to synonyms. They wouldn't be strictly enforced, but for instance, if a user typed both mysql and ...
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How to change the primary tag/synonym

There is a tag (team-foundation-service) that has a synonym (visual-studio-online). I'd like to change the relationship around, so instead of VSO being a synonym for TFS, TFS is a synonym for VSO. ...
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Create Licode tag suggestion

According to Question:I can't add a tag because I have less than 1500 reputation points. I want to suggest adding a Licode tag on Stack Overflow. I asked this question and I can't create tags. ...
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Should Stack Overflow tag [jq] continue to alias to [jquery]?

A command line tool I've been using a while now is called jq. I'd like to ask some questions / help people with the kung-fu that is sometimes required. They may not even be suited to Stack Overflow ...
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Delphi XE6, VCL, Firemonkey, Appmethod

Embarcadero recently launched Appmethod, a kind of pay as you go IDE for mobile development based on Delphi XE5 IDE and Firemonkey framework. When asking a question about Appmethod what tag should I ...
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