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This tag is for questions about tag synonyms (how they work, who can create them, etc). Use [synonym-request] for tag synonym requests.

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Mjolnir doesn't work on old synonyms (should it?)

One of the tags I participate in has 1 synonym that I proposed over 2 years ago. The language in question offers 2 distinct syntaxes where the original one has the same name as the language, but the ...
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Merge tags [flink] and [apache-flink]

These seem to be exact duplicates. The tag flink currently has 78 questions, and the tag apache-flink has 58 questions. I propose that both tags should be merged into flink. I don't have the points ...
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typedef type-alias = typedef

So, the type-alias tag has been created. So far as I can tell, it only applies to Swift. There are only 63 questions. The ones I saw all apply to Swift, and roughly two-thirds of these tags are ...
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Merge [facebook-page] & [facebook-fanpage]

The descriptions of facebook-page & facebook-fanpage are pretty much identical. Will you consider merging them?
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Proposing a tag-synonym fails with a confusing error-message

I tried to propose a synonym make <= makefile. That gave me the confusing error: Failed to propose synonym: Reverse synonym makefile already proposed on the tag makefiles. Which is a non-...
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Synonym request: [normalization] and [database-normalization] [closed]

normalization has been around 7 years and has 1713 questions. database-normalization has been around 5 years and has 526 questions. Both tags relate to the same thing and the tag wikis are almost ...
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Is there any need for both [finite-state-machine] and [state-machine]?

Both finite-state-machine and state-machine have their own synonyms, but aren't they also synonyms of each other? It's not like state-machine allows for infinite state-machines (it even explicitly ...
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2 answers

It's a bit confusing that we have both [bit] and [bits] as tags

I just came across a question tagged with both bit and bits. There isn't a lot to choose between them. bit has a wiki entry that says "A bit is a single binary digit." bits has a wiki entry that ...
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Framework specific tags

I noticed that there are a lot of framework specific tags for different MVC frameworks on stackoverflow. Some examples: symfony-routing yii-routing zend-framework-routing (also available are zend-...
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Let's handle the backlog of tag synonym suggestions

Problem As of the last Stack Exchange data dump, there were 750 pending tag synonym suggestions on Stack Overflow. Given that only 2,406 tag synonyms have been approved (see here for the breakdown at ...
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Why is Xamarin.* a synonym of mono* and not the other way round?

While I personally think Monotouch and Monodroid are cooler names, they are both the older names of Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android, respectively. Is there any specific reason for the tags to use the ...
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Should [cocos2d-x-3.0] be replaced as [cocos2d-x-3.x]?

Now what I found is it has [cocos2d-x-2.x] but it has no [cocos2d-x-3.x] tag, should [cocos2d-x-3.x] be use instead of [cocos2d-x-3.0]? Also what I was another concerning about is some bug of cocos2d-...
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Dispute tag synonym: [matlab-guide] -> [matlab]

Since March matlab-guide is a synonym for matlab, which does not make a lot of sense. However there are currently 752 questions tagged with matlab-guide and there was never a discussion here on Meta ...
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Request to merge tags [interpolation] and [interpolate]

Both have exactly equivalent tag info wiki and excerpt. They are obviously a typographical variants of each other. Since interpolation has 1539 questions and interpolate – 161, and also on basis ...
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User suggesting mass retags from one potential synonym to another

While reviewing suggested edits, I found a user whose last five or so suggestions consisted of retagging subdirectories to subdirectory and small improvements to the title (usually removing a tag from ...
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Is [ipod-touch] synonymous with [iphone]?

During my recent mini-campaign to fix some of the badly tagged iphone questions, I've read the tag wiki several times and one bit keeps catching my eye. DO NOT use this tag unless you are ...
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Why can't I suggest a synonym between [ios] and [iphone]?

I just spent some time marking a bunch of questions as duplicates of each other. Looking at the tags while doing so, I saw a bunch of iphone and a bunch of ios, and there didn't seem to be much ...
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Merge [computer-architecture] and [cpu-architecture] tags as [computer-architecture]

Summary The tags cpu-architecture and computer-architecture should be merged together under the computer-architecture tag. Details I follow the computer-architecture tag and also some related ones. ...
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19 votes
2 answers

Aligning [public-key] and [privatekey]

There's public-key, and privatekey, which are the opposite ends of the same concept. We should either consider merging both, as they're pretty much relevant together all the time, maybe even ...
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What to do with a question that's been asked in order to create a tag for a new synonym?

I follow the knockout.js tag, and noticed this new question that has been asked solely to create a new tag (ko) that the OP noticed wasn't present in the system, which they'd then like to make a ...
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I propose merging the [plunker] tag with the [plunkr] tag [duplicate]

How would I/we accomplish this? See this question [sic]. This question is not a duplicate because: This post is not a duplicate because the reference you point to is not an actual question. ...
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Confusion about reference question and tags for R questions on functions accessing/assigning to parent environment variables

We get a constant stream of R questions on errors inside functions trying to access/assign to variables which only exist in parent scope/'environment'. Invariably the title and tags are vague or ...
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Synonimize [git-index] and [git-stage]

I propose that we synonimize git-index and git-stage. The meaning is absolutely the same: The staging area is a file, generally contained in your Git directory, that stores information about what ...
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Synonymize tags that end in suffixes with ones that don't (there're exceptions, though) [duplicate]

Most tags ending in suffixes (such as "-ing" or a plural "-s") should be synonymized with the root word tag. There's a click tag for the topic of clicking your mouse in a UI. There's also a clicking ...
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Tags clash because of a tag synonym [duplicate]

edit: this question is different and not a duplicate of this, because I'm talking about language-agnostic distinction between data structure and function, in general. Which is of course self-evident, ...
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tag creation to distinguish between 2 kinds of virtual machines

As a programmer interested by some fundamental notions, I have subscribed to the virtual-machine tag to get the questions concerning the implementation of virtual machines (like the JVM, self-made VMs ...
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Is [map] synonym of [dictionary] really a good idea?

I guess (correct me if I'm wrong), map is made a synonym of dictionary because both of them can be used to refer to the language-agnostic abstract data type. However, in the real world, most questions ...
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Refactoring the signature tags

I'm doing the rounds around signature again and I find as usual that only one in twenty questions tagged signature is actually on topic. The signature tag has been defined to mean method signatures. ...
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The tag [gmock] is frequently misused for [googlemock] / [c++] related questions?

When searching for c++ and gmock I currently get 107 hits. gmock's tag wiki info states (emphasis mine): Gmock (Groovy mocking framework) for the Groovy programming language "is all about simple ...
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The mouse-pointer, mouse-position, mouse-cursor and cursor-position tags have 32, 102, 137 and 226 questions respectively. They seem to be used occasionally in combination with other mouse-event ...
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​​[advertisement] [ads] nothing [duplicate]

advertisement needs to be merged into ads. It's redundant.
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8 votes
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Synonymize or merge [draw] and [drawing]

The tags draw (2k questions) and drawing (4k) seem to mean the same thing, and I think plural versions of tags are useless. The tag excerpt for drawing says: Issues around forms and graphics being ...
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Combine [fuseesb] and [jbossfuse]

The tags jbossfuse and fuseesb link to the same thing, so shouldn't they be combined? There is a synonym suggestion already in place, but no votes for it. Suggestion: keep jbossfuse as the main tag ...
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18 votes
1 answer

Why can you suggest an edit that just changes a tag to one of its synonyms?

While working through the suggested edit review queue, I noticed an editor who's been submitting a mass quantity of tag-only edits, removing tags that say "don't use me" from very, very old questions. ...
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Is the use of [private], [protected] and [public] encouraged or discouraged?

Do the tags: private protected public even make sense? According to the tag wikis, they're supposed to be used in context of OOP. Private is a way of encapsulation in object-oriented ...
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Rename the [Plimus] tag into [BlueSnap]

Stackoverflow has a tag called plimus for the e-commerce service. BlueSnap bought plimus more than 4 years ago. Please rename the tag accordingly.
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Add "Create Tag Synonyms" to the creation tab in privileges

I was going through the privileges page and noticed that Create Tag Synonyms is not a member of the creation page. Is there a reason that it would not be consider a creation privilege? Would we be ...
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synonym request: deleting in SQL

There are two tags that refer to deleting rows in SQL: sql-delete, described as: The DELETE statement removes one or more records from a table. A subset may be defined for deletion using a ...
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Merge candidates [vault] and [sourcegear-vault]

While editing a question tagged with only java tag, I thought that there might be a special tag called vault, which would better fit in this question While performing the required edit, I came across ...
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Merge/synonym-ise centura and guptateamdeveloper tags?

I just had a centura tag wiki edit come up while going through the suggested edits queue. The pending edit says that centura is the old name for something called Team Developer, which has it's own tag:...
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Merge/synonymize [vscode] to [visual-studio-code]

Currently vscode has 53 questions, while visual-studio-code has 18 questions. Both of them refer to the new Visual Studio Code editor by Microsoft. I suggest keeping visual-studio-code.
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When I add the [map] tag, it is replaced by the [dictionary] tag

I was trying to re-tag this question by adding the tag map. Populating nested C++ map gives incorrect results But whenever I Edit it, in the Edit page, the tag map is shown But after I hit the save ...
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Merge Candidates: [apex] and [apex-code] [duplicate]

These tags are possibly the same thing. Tag wiki for apex-code. Tag wiki for apex.
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7 votes
1 answer

Tag synonym [iAd] and [iAds]

Can someone with the correct privileges create a tag synonym for the tags iad and iads. They refer to the same topic and have nearly exact wiki definitions. iad Excerpt from wiki: iAd is a mobile ...
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Clean up tools' tags: [name] & [platform-name]

There are numerous tools for different platforms which have distinguishable proper names (logcat, uiautomator, adb and etc.) and exist only on that one platform. Do we really need to have both tags: ...
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Remove [arc] as synonym of [automatic-ref-counting] (now ambiguous)

Google recently introduced ARC (App Runtime for Chrome) and actually points to SO as its primary support channel. While links that are on Google pages link directly to google-chrome-arc, there is a ...
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How should zend-route and zend-router tag be handled

I was checking out zend-router tag for edit wiki. Then i found another tag zend-route which is extensively used for zend routing related questions. Now I am confused if they are synonyms tag. When I ...
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34 votes
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Do we really need a tag synonym to cover a typo?

Looking at the tag-info synonyms for sql-server, there is a synonym for sql-srever. Seeing as it's a typo, what value does it have other than auto-redirecting a few folks who might mistype it? I've ...
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Undo the [android-wear] -> [android] tag synonym again

I think this happened before and now it happened again. When I click my saved android-wear it takes me to android questions. Could we revert this once again? The rationale is that I am comfortable ...
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"sql-insert" and "sql-update" were recently made synonyms of "sql" I think this is wrong and should be reverted. I have been using these tags to both tag and search in the past and would like to keep using them. IMO, sql-...
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