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This tag is for questions about tag synonyms (how they work, who can create them, etc). Use [synonym-request] for tag synonym requests.

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Should the Appcelerator and Titanium tags be synonyms?

On StackOverflow there are 2 tags, appcelerator and titanium. Both are more or less the same and are about the same platform. In my opinion the Titanium tag should be a synonym of Appcelerator. The ...
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Proposing a Documentation tag for a synonym leads to a 404 page [closed]

Steps to reproduce: Go to documentation. Click "Propose a New Tag" (the blue button along the right side of the page near the top). In the "Tag" text box, type msil. Note that two choices appear, ...
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The tags "dragon-naturallyspeaking" and "naturallyspeaking" look synonymous

The tags "dragon-naturallyspeaking" and "naturallyspeaking" look synonymous, but I don't have enough score to make a synonym suggestion.
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Allowing master tag instead of the synonym tag in the jobs creation

Today I see a job post in the side bar with the ms-sql-server tag. Actually ms-sql-server is remapped to sql-server and every where in Stack Overflow it is referred as sql-server only. But ...
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Clarification: Score required to suggest or vote for tag synonyms

The Create Tag Synonyms Privilege page explains how voting for tag synonyms works: Users with this privilege and a total answer score (total upvotes minus total downvotes) of 5 or more on the tag, ...
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Help clean up jquery-ui-* tags [duplicate]

This is a follow up to Should the tags [sortable], [jquery-sortable] and [jquery-ui-sortable] be merged? 1 I need help of moderators and members with the voting power to clean this up. If you have ...
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Can we please remove the [asp] to [asp-classic] tag synonym?

It's gotten to where 80% of the new questions that come up for asp-classic have nothing on God's green earth to do with classic ASP. It's obvious that the OP simply typed "asp" (instead of "") ...
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Why is [itextsharp] mapped to [itext]?

I tried to add itextsharp as a tag to my question, but unfortunately only the itext tag got added. Why is itextsharp mapped to itext?
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Can we please remove [imageio] as a synonym of [javax.imageio]?

I was trying to tag a question (Getting Memory Leakage - NSData conversion) for the Image I/O framework used in Cocoa and Cocoa Touch. That is the framework employed by the code in that question. When ...
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Synonym wrecks badge progress

My profile page on Stack Overflow suggests I am close to being awarded a bronze badge in the tag make. However, there is no way I can achieve this goal, because the tag is (now) a synonym for ...
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Created new tag and started tagging, found existing tag, now what?

Triggered by this question asking for a tag for Bash running natively under Windows 10, I tried finding such a tag, didn't find one, went ahead and created windows-bash. I suggested a short wiki with ...
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I've Made a Tagable Mistake [duplicate]

So I felt like I needed this tag in half the questions that I was asking, and I went to all the trouble of defining it. But I've learned that I cannot spell. That should have been "zero-...
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Incorrect tag association for [winbatch]

There is a tag called winbatch -- but clicking it brings up questions tagged batch-file. The two are not remotely the same. WinBatch is an unfortunately-named high level language (similar to AHK) ...
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Tag "swift3.0" should be removed

swift3.0 is redundant to swift3. A synonym wouldn't be useful until Swift 3.1, I suggest it just be deleted.
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Merge the [gestures] into [gesture]? [duplicate]

gesture has about 5 times the number of questions that gestures has. The tag descriptions don't suggest any real distinction between the two. Here are the excerpts: gesture A gesture is a specific ...
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Change [scheme] tag to [scheme-lisp]

It seems that every day or two someone marks a questions with the tag scheme, when what they really mean is url-scheme or schema. It may help people self correct more if the official tag were scheme-...
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Merge [buffered], [buffering]

I suggest merging buffered x 64 and buffering x 385 as they refer to the same thing. [buffered] has no usage guidance but appears to be used as a synonim for [buffering].
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Revoke "subprocesses" tag synonym

I just noticed that subprocesses is a synonym of subprocess, where the latter refers specifically to the Python module subprocess. A case could probably be made for subprocess being unfairly coupled ...
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merge tag-based results?

I get reputation from python and python-2.7 as 2 different technologies - shouldn't that be just one tag and sum up to a "python reputation" regardless of version?
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Unable to add springjunit4classrunner as tag synonym for spring-test

I am the maintainer of the spring-test tag; however, I cannot suggest the springjunit4classrunner tag as a synonym for spring-test. Whenever I attempt to do so, the system says, "Version specific ...
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Tag synonym [generic] clashes with use in C

Currently the tag [generic] resolves to [generics] on Stack Overflow, which is probably the right thing for object-oriented languages. But since C11, C has a feature _Generic which doesn't fit ...
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Magento : merging tag synonyms

I came across this question while reviewing edits which had the magento2 and magento-2.0 tags (question is now edited). It seems clear to me magento2 should be merged into magento-2.0. The ...
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Are tags: [mutability] and [immutability] the same?

(Edits at the bottom.) The Question I was tagging a question with mutability and I noticed that there was a tag mutability and another one called immutability. The mutability tag has no wiki-...
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2 answers

Make [bootstrap-4] a synonym of [twitter-bootstrap-4] (Or burninate it)?

I do not have the rep to suggest a synonym, but should we not make bootstrap-4 a synonym on twitter-bootstrap-4, or even burninate it? Edit: It seems there is already some discussion on the ambiguity ...
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Make [watchos] primary tag, with [watch-os] and [watch-os-2] merged into it

Currently, there are two tags and a synonym directly related to the watchOS operating system, watch-os, watch-os-2, and the watchos tag which is currently a synonym. In addition, there are watchkit ...
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Should I ask reviewers to upvote a synonym my edit summary?

I've been pushing to get this synonym suggestion approved for months now, ever since I opened this question in September. For whatever reason, it seems like my suggestion hasn't caught on or gotten ...
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Can the tag wiki hover text show synonyms?

I was looking for tag wikis to edit (on meta), so I went to the last page, where I'll often tags without any description. I see the ux tag, which people may not realize means user experience. I click ...
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Create synonym "kx" for tag "kdb"

End 2015, in an effort to gain traction outside of finance, Kx Systems has started to market its database kdb as kx. As both names are used interchangeably, would it be possible to create the tag-...
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Suggest tag synonyms when tags end up with identical descriptions

I just stumbled across the tags post and http-post. They have the same description, but are not marked as synonyms. It seems that detection of such pairs could be automated, perhaps when creating a ...
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How to deal with tag synonyms for generic tags like [scope]?

I came across the tag scoping (over 200 questions), and would like to suggest it as a synonym for scope. However, I don't (and may never) have 5 points in the scope tag. My question is, how should we ...
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Tags `hashmap` and `dictionary` seems to be the same

Tags hashmap and dictionary seems to be the same. Please make one alias to the other.
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When should Angular become a tag synonym for Angular 2?

While Angular 2 is still in beta, it stands to reason that eventually Angular 2 could surpass the popularity of Angular 1. Additionally, the Angular team refers to Angular 2 as simply Angular, while 1 ...
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Should my reputation for a tag include reputation for synonyms of that tag?

I have gathered reputation by answering questions tagged with storm (27 rep) and apache-storm (25 rep). I have no doubt that there is some overlap, but shouldn't there be a way to see/display the rep ...
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Merge tag [atlassian-sourcetree] into [sourcetree] [duplicate]

EDIT: Volunteer needed to create synonyms for sourcetree and atlassian-sourcetree, with atlassian-sourcetree as the primary tag. Both tags are referring to the same Mercurial and Git client. I think ...
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Tag name proposal [closed]

I've recently started the new tag non-instantiated-argument, for questions about Prolog's "ERROR: Arguments are not sufficiently instantiated", and there are plenty o' those already. They are coming ...
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The AngularJS-2.0 Tag [duplicate]

The angularjs-2.0 tag will quickly get out of date once the first update of Angular 2 is released (e.g. AngularJS 2.1.x.x). I propose that the tag be renamed to angularjs-2, dropping the minor ...
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Droning on and on

Should drone and both exist? They appear to be describing exactly the same thing...
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Remove tag appcelerator-mobile on Stack Overflow [duplicate]

From today the Appcelerator team decided to use Stack Overflow as a support platform (with the appcelerator tag). On Stack Overflow there are two main tag related to Appcelerator: appcelerator ...
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Making [visual-studio-online] a synonym of [vs-team-services] fails as it's already suggested for [tfs-service]

I tried proposing visual-studio-online to be a synonym for vs-team-services to go through the proper channels to get Rename [visual-studio-online] tag to [vs-team-services] based on product rename ...
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Deciding between [retag-request] and [synonym-request]

I was about to request the addition of angular2 and angular-2 as a synonym of angularjs-2.0 here on meta, when I found a question asking almost the same thing, but instead of requesting a synonym, it ...
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2 answers

Scores in parent tags

I'm trying to achieve my first bronze tag badge, but I'm realizing that this is very difficult, especially because of the version tags. I mean, for example, I have some score on the python-2.7 tag, ...
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Synonymize [iso-639-2] and [iso-639]

There are several standards in ISO 639 family, but they all are pretty much about the same and are rather rare a topic. So I don't think each one warrants a separate tag. The specific incentive was ...
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How to gather support for tag synonyms?

I proposed a tag synonym a few days ago. Out of curiosity I looked at the tag synonym page and found out that no one as voted. I later found out that there are suggestions pending approval from Mar ...
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How should I [coerce] the [type-coercion] [coercion]?

With type-conversion, data-type-conversion, and type-converting, I'm just having trouble coerceing the type-coercion coercion. What should I do about that? Should I be casting lots? Subtlety: there ...
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Rules for connected tags or tags with prefix

I just stumbled over the following question: Tag synonyms: android-avd and avd Question: I would be interested in: what should be preferably used in general and are there some rules regarding tag ...
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How can you update a tag synonym description?

The map tag is a synonym of dictionary. This means map will be swapped for dictionary automatically. The problem is that the description displayed for the map tag is currently: a data structure ...
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Can we undo suggestion to make [tr] be a synonym of [html-table]?

I am one of those who from time to time enters into the Tag Synonyms page : ) It normally takes, literally, years to have one accepted. Now I saw there is one suggestion that is a bit ...
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Revert tag synonym voting on UWP

As we can't start a discussion on synonym proposals on the tag itself (I think), I thought to do it here on meta. The tag win-universal-app has its origins when Microsoft announced the possibility to ...
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Synonymize [ecmascript-6] and [ecmascript-2015]

Let's synonymize ecmascript-6 and ecmascript-2015. I'm not talking about renaming one of them, a lot of people (and the spec) call it ECMAScript 2015, a lot of other people call it ECMAScript 6 (and ...
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How can I suggest a tag synonym without 5 rep in the tag? [duplicate]

Whist reviewing an edit a user had edited the atlassian-stash tag to contain information stating that this product was now known as bitbucket server, but that he couldn't create the tag. I created ...
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