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This tag is for questions about tag synonyms (how they work, who can create them, etc). Use [synonym-request] for tag synonym requests.

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Synonymize Angular1.x tag [duplicate]

Can we get the angular1.x synonymized into the angularjs one? It seems to have originated with this question and has been used a few dozen times since. This has been requested a few times already ...
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Strange user behaviour with regards to tag synonyms

I noticed recently that a user has edited a bunch of questions to create a new tag, only to then file a tag synonym request for that tag. Aside from being a waste of time, is there anything wrong with ...
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How to remove an approved synonym?

I have a been reading for a while to find out how I can remove an approved synonym to a tag. For a long time, it looked like I needed to "down vote" it. But apparently, you can only vote for synonyms ...
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Which tag(s) to use for Python typing questions?

Python added type annotations, and since they're very new, there are a large number of questions about how to use them. People use different tags to mark these questions: python and type-hinting (140 ...
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How much gadgetry does SO need in its tags?

I was reviewing (and rejecting) a proposed change to the question What's the "gadget vulnerability"? which added the tag windows-gadgets to the existing duo of windows-desktop-gadgets and gadget, and ...
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Does a subset of a tag count as a synonym?

When suggesting tag synonyms, I understand similar words that means the same thing would be a suitable candidate. For example: java and oracle-java. However, I noticed quite a few synonyms ...
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Merge [setjmp] into [longjmp]?

These tags describe a complementary pair of C functions, and most questions tagged with one are also tagged with the other. longjmp is the more popular, at 96 questions tagged vs 69, and has the more ...
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Tag synonym creation rejected even though it has no approved synonyms

I wanted to make web-console a tag synonym of firefox-developer-tools, but it was rejected saying that the synonym already exists. The message looked like this: Failed to propose synonym: A ...
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11 votes
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make [visjs] a synonym of [vis.js]

Following the deletion of vis as discussed here, it was mentioned: You'll probably find [vis] gets created again. Tags with a . don't show up in the suggestions until after you've typed the ...
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Tag-synonym assistance for AWS-related tags

There are a few AWS-related Stack Overflow tag synonym requests that are pending votes. Can I please invite assistance from people who know AWS in deciding a few of these tag synonyms, so they can be ...
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Demanding a recount on [vote]

There seems to be a redundant and meaningless tag vote I don't see why we need this, should we burninate/Mjölnir/spoil our votes... or vote none of the above Thanks to @psubsee we also have the tag ...
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Should the tags rdbms and relational-database be merged?

The abbreviation rdbms is short for "relational database management system" which seems to be mean exactly the same thing as relational-database. There are 1,658 questions tagged rdbms; there are 4,...
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Saved tab including synonym + master shows zero results

I have saved a tab containing a search query which includes jenkins-pipeline and jenkins-workflow (with any option set). Since the synonym request for jenkins-workflow → jenkins-pipeline was recently ...
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Sourcetree is Atlassian Sourcetree

Last year I proposed sourcetree as a synonym for atlassian-sourcetree. It hasn't been accepted, but I think it's a good proposal. I recently learned that I could open a discussion here for tag ...
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Symfony2 and Symfony3 [duplicate]

While Symfony2 and Symfony3 are very similar, Symfony is a complete different (legacy) framework. There is no need to have Symfony2 and Symfony3 as two different tags. Everyone agrees: Alias tag ...
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Is [azure-mcd] the same as [azure-germany]?

Currently there are two tags: azure-mcd and azure-germany. Since "mcd" seems to be "Microsoft Cloud Deutschland" (aka: Microsoft Cloud Germany) and the description of azure-germany states For ...
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Why is [mvp] a master tag and [mvc] only a synonym?

Why are mvp and mvvm master tags while mvc is only a synonym tag to the master tag model-view-controller? Is there a good explanation for this that I'm missing? Wouldn't it make more sense that mvc ...
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Tag synonyms for [virtual-keyboard]

It seems like the only way to expedite getting tag-synonym approval is to ask a question... I would like to create these synonyms (already requested) for virtual-keyboard (x276): android-virtual-...
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Need a tag for vsts

Microsoft's Visual Studio Team Services currently has tag of vs-team-services. The norm is to call it VSTS. When I tried to create tag "vsts", validation error indicating that tag "vst" already exists....
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A list of tag synonyms which are not proposed in Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is a big community with users from different backgrounds. In Stack Overflow, tens of thousands of tags are proposed by different users to annotate questions. However, due to the ...
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A list of tag synonyms not proposed in Stack Overflow [duplicate]

Stack Exchange is a big community with users from different backgrounds. In its each sub-site, tens of thousands of tags are proposed by different users to annotate questions. However, due to the ...
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Are some coupling tags synonyms?

There are the tags coupling, decoupling, tightly-coupled-code, decouple and loose-coupling where two or more might preferably be merged. I was going to tag a question about coupling but I don't know ...
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Make [mongocsharpdriver] a synonym for [mongodb-csharp] [duplicate]

Both mongocsharpdriver and mongodb-csharp refer to the same C# driver for MongoDB. I have suggested a synonym, but I don't know how long it will take to be approved.
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8 votes
1 answer

Merge [plottable.js] into [plottable]

Could we merge plottable.js into plottable? The two tags are both used to refer to the Plottable.js charting library. Both tags are used about the same amount - keeping plottable is preferred by the ...
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[python-pika][pika] chu?

Suggested synonyms: python-pika and pika. I would suggest it myself, but I don't have a score of 5 in any tag. They have identical description.
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[pixijs], [pixi.js] and [pixi]

There are currently 3 tags for Pixi.js, pixi, which is marked as synonym, pixi.js, which has 276 questions, and pixijs which has 12. Do we really need all of these? Shouldn't they get merged?
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What to do about Angular 2?

As noted here and discussed here, Google has decided to drop the "2" from angular2 and refer to it simply as Angular instead, for the (very good) reason that "Angular 2" will be Angular 4 by January ...
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Synonym proposal [zookeeper] -> [apache-zookeeper]

They have exactly the same description in the wiki and refer to the same project homepage. My proposal is to make zookeeper synonym of apache-zookeeper. Similarly kafka is synonym of apache-kafka, so ...
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Map the versioned [automapper-x] tags to [automapper]

Just by looking at the number of questions about AutoMapper we can say that it is somewhat popular. I'm asking for community consensus whether we should set up tag synonyms from the versioned tags to ...
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2 answers

Tag confusion - [datatable] vs [datatables]

So jQuery has a plugin called Datatables. People are tagging questions related to that with datatable. The wiki even says not to The term "datatable" is ambiguous. In .NET, it's a class that ...
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Tag [android-listview] using [listview]

I recently asked a question and set the tag android-listview, but the tag listview appeared instead. On the other hand, I also set the tag android-view, and this one appeared correctly. Is this a ...
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A CMS has been renamed - should I create a new tag, or alias the old tag?

A CMS - Composite C1, has been renamed to Orckestra CMS after a buyout. Should I create a new tag, or alias the old tag? If so how do I create an alias? (I have found the official repository but not ...
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OrientDb tags synonyms

Is it possible to make synonyms for orientdb tag: orientdb-2.1 orientdb2.2 The questions made with these tags are all related to orientdb.
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23 votes
1 answer

Inappropriate tag alias created

I recently noticed that the cran tag (for the Comprehensive R Archive Network) was made a synonym of the general R language tag, r. I'm not sure who requested this (and there seems to have been no ...
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Should [facebook-yarn] and [yarnpkg] be synonyms?

Both of these tags seem to refer to the newly released Yarn package manager, and most questions seem to use both tags interchangeably. There are 10 questions in facebook-yarn and 16 questions in ...
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Remove aliases between [symfony2] and [symfony3]

Recently I noticed that symfony3 is defined as an alias of symfony2. IMHO they are not the same: Symfony 3 is the evolution of the Symfony 2 framework and is good to have different tags for ...
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Make [phonegap-plugins] a synonym of [cordova-plugins]

Reasons to make phonegap-plugins a synonym of cordova-plugins: The phonegap tab already redirects to cordova as a synonym. The phonegap-plugins tag description is a copy of the cordova-plugins tag ...
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How to handle tags which have changed meaning?

I was wondering how to handle tags which have accidentally changed meaning. For example graphdb refers to a vendor specific implementation of a graph database. However, when investigating its uses I ...
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43 votes
2 answers

"breadth-first-search" and "bfs" tags should be merged?

It seems to me that breadth-first-search with 636 questions and bfs with 252 questions should be merged into breadth-first-search. There is a synonym request, but it doesn't have enough votes.
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2 answers

Swap TLS and SSL tags?

The TLS tag is a synonym for the SSL tag. When people tag with tls they get ssl. It's 2016 and SSL has been mostly beaten to death. I don't think the horse has any life left in it. I think it would ...
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Repurpose the S3 tag synonym

s3 is currently a synomym for amazon-s3 which seems weirdly overreaching and wasteful — especially considering that “S3” is the name of an (extremely well established) object system for the R ...
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Create a tag for output validation?

The validation tag seems to only apply to input validation: Data validation is the process of ensuring that a program operates on clean, correct and useful data. One of its synonyms is input-...
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Why do I get "Creating a tag synonym requires 5 score in this tag"?

I am trying to suggest that tez should be a synonym of apache-tez. How to do this? Here is what I am trying: I wonder why..
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View vote on tags synonyms

Since we hit 1,000 rep, we become the Established user and one of the feaures we can use is the view vote to see the ratio of down-votes and up-votes. Unlike the case of voting on suggested synonyms, ...
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Tag Synonym [amazon-ses] and [aws-ses]

I found two tags amazon-ses and aws-ses currently being used for Amazon-Simple Email Service and none of them is synonym of the other. It looks like earlier the same issue was with ses (now: Simple ...
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Make 'visual-studio-15' a synonym of 'visual-studio-2015'

The visual-studio-15 tag is synonymous with the visual-studio-2015 tag. The former has 21 questions and 5 followers while the latter has 11,879 questions and 1.2k followers. I suggest that we retag ...
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Tag merge and alias request: [zend-framework3] and [zf3]

There are two different tags exists on Stack Overflow for the new Zend Framework 3 version: zf3 - 67 questions zend-framework3 - 112 questions IMHO, since the previous version has a well-known zend-...
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Synonym [postfix] -> [postfix-mta] seems to have been reverted

The status-completed rename and synonym mapping requested in Fix [postfix] mail server tag; disambiguate vs [infix] seems to have been reverted. Starting July 10th, questions have been pouring into ...
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processingjs == processing.js

I'll just cut to the chase: The processingjs tag should be deleted, and the 3 questions in it should be retagged with the processing.js tag. I can just manually edit the tags to remove them, but then ...
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Mass-edits adding tag-synonym candidate [duplicate]

During edit-reviewing I noticed that currently a user is mass-editing posts tagged [bluetooth-lowenergy] by adding the [ble]-tag which is proposed as a synonym but not yet accepted. Does double-...
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