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This tag is for questions about tag synonyms (how they work, who can create them, etc). Use [synonym-request] for tag synonym requests.

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Synonym wrecks badge progress

My profile page on Stack Overflow suggests I am close to being awarded a bronze badge in the tag make. However, there is no way I can achieve this goal, because the tag is (now) a synonym for ...
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Allow for Tag Antonyms

This is a fairly young idea, but I'd love to see some way of implementing "tag antonyms" in addition to synonyms. They wouldn't be strictly enforced, but for instance, if a user typed both mysql and ...
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Improve the synonym feature to upvote a request based on the reputation score on both tags

This post follows an issue I had about two tags that need to be synonyms : Merge hybris into sap-commerce-cloud, based on product's new name To summarize : A user U1 answered a lot of questions ...
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Demanding a recount on [vote]

There seems to be a redundant and meaningless tag vote I don't see why we need this, should we burninate/Mjölnir/spoil our votes... or vote none of the above Thanks to @psubsee we also have the tag ...
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I stepped on another [lego]. Let's clean these up

We have three tags here lego mindstorms nxt They're currently in a bizarre love-triangle thing where they're being mixed up all over the place. Lego Mindstorms NXT was a thing, but not anymore. ...
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Drop [tortoise] synonym of [tortoisesvn]

Right now tortoise is a synonym of tortoisesvn. However, there are several Tortoise* clients nowadays such as tortoisecvs, tortoisegit, tortoisehg and TortoiseSVN and, therefore, I think that tortoise ...
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Make tag synonym replacement obvious when it happens

I recently asked an SO:M question, about an SO question, where I had tags "disappear" upon posting. I was vaguely aware of tag synonyms so I checked the tag info page, but there was no indication ...
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Undo the [android-wear] -> [android] tag synonym again

I think this happened before and now it happened again. When I click my saved android-wear it takes me to android questions. Could we revert this once again? The rationale is that I am comfortable ...
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Make [bootstrap-4] a synonym of [twitter-bootstrap-4] (Or burninate it)?

I do not have the rep to suggest a synonym, but should we not make bootstrap-4 a synonym on twitter-bootstrap-4, or even burninate it? Edit: It seems there is already some discussion on the ambiguity ...
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Should the tags rdbms and relational-database be merged?

The abbreviation rdbms is short for "relational database management system" which seems to be mean exactly the same thing as relational-database. There are 1,658 questions tagged rdbms; there are 4,...
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How to remove an approved synonym?

I have a been reading for a while to find out how I can remove an approved synonym to a tag. For a long time, it looked like I needed to "down vote" it. But apparently, you can only vote for synonyms ...
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Saved tab including synonym + master shows zero results

I have saved a tab containing a search query which includes jenkins-pipeline and jenkins-workflow (with any option set). Since the synonym request for jenkins-workflow → jenkins-pipeline was recently ...
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Close vote tag filter should include synonym

Recently postfix got redirected to postfix-mta which means that now, if you visit the close vote queue looking for remaining postfix questions with pending close votes, you see ... nothing. I know ...
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Merging [case-sensitive] and [case-insensitive] tags

I found that there are two tags case-sensitive and case-insensitive I believe that questions regarding case sensitive and insensitive topics all fall under the same case-sensitivity topic. If I ask a ...
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Merge [finagle] and [twitter-finagle]

These tags both refer to the Finagle library by Twitter so I think they should be merged to finagle. twitter-finagle
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Renaming Corvid and WixCode to Velo after company rebrand?

We recently rebranded Wix's JavaScript Development Platform from Corvid (sound a little like a global pandemic?) to Velo for stated-pandemic reasons. We also have an older name for this product from ...
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Rules for getting a tag synonym added seem too strict

The current rules seem very restrictive: Users with more than 2500 reputation and a total answer score of 5 or more on the tag, can suggest tag synonyms. Users with a total answer score (total ...
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Remove the tag synonym of [future] -> [promise]

Recently1, future has been made into an automatically-renamed alias of promise. Promises are not futures (in general, in Java, in Scala), so this alias is incorrect. Rust uses the term future to ...
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Can we process the tag synonym requests?

It’s a known issue that the current tag synonym process doesn’t seem to be working effectively. In the meantime, we have several synonym-request on meta. Unfortunately, posting to meta doesn’t seem ...
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Reverse the [google-closure-compiler] tag synonym which points to [google-closure]

On Oct 5, the google-closure-compiler tag was made a synonym of google-closure. That's extremely confusing and I'd like to just burninate the google-closure tag entirely. As an active member of the ...
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C++17 tag behaves oddly after synonym change

Once upon a time, there was the c++1z tag, which had a synonym c++17. Eventually, this was flipped to C++17 being the primary tag, with C++1z as the synonym. The problem is that this flip didn't seem ...
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Which tag(s) to use for Python typing questions?

Python added type annotations, and since they're very new, there are a large number of questions about how to use them. People use different tags to mark these questions: python and type-hinting (140 ...
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Fixing the [onevent] and [event] tag catastrophe

Hello there fellow meta users. I have a little request. While browsing tags, I noticed there is quite a few that could be merged or even deleted as a whole... This happens to be with "event" tags. ...
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Google Analytics 4 tag confusion

A new version of Google Analytics was released Google Analytics GA4 in the last few weeks we have had three new tags appear. I would like to suggest a synonym clean up of them now rather than wait. ...
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Make [vs2019] a synonym for [visual-studio-2019]

Pretty straight-forward and obvious request. Today, I stumbled on vs2019 in the new tags tool. I quickly retagged the single question with visual-studio-2019. I now see that a new question already ...
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Duplicates spawn when trying to watch python-3... tags

Updating my watched tags, I wanted to watch python-3.6 tag, and I was already watching python and python-3.x tags. However when I add the tag, I see it added and then it quickly switches to python-3....
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Is the [meta] tag a synonym of [meta-tags]?

meta's excerpt states: Meta elements are the HTML or XHTML element used to provide structured metadata about a Web page. meta-tags's: Meta tags are HTML elements used to provide structured ...
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Should [ios-widget] be merged into [widgetkit]?

In iOS 14 Apple introduced Widgets which can be implemented with SwiftUI and WidgetKit. For the last couple of months I was answering questions tagged widgetkit. However, I've recently realised there ...
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Confusion about reference question and tags for R questions on functions accessing/assigning to parent environment variables

We get a constant stream of R questions on errors inside functions trying to access/assign to variables which only exist in parent scope/'environment'. Invariably the title and tags are vague or ...
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Triggers synonym intermittently broken

For a long time, I've been using this link as a bookmark to new questions with any tag starting with sql-server:* Recently, a whole bunch of ...
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Merge “modal” and “modal-dialog” tags

Per the instructions in How to suggest tags to be merged? can someone please merge modal and modal-dialog? I'd start re-tagging them myself, but this would take more time than I have. modal ×5968 ...
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Please make [botframework] a synonym of [microsoft-bot-framework]

botframework is an official Microsoft tag monitored by the Bot Framework support team, and it has 7763 questions. Despite the generic-sounding name, it refers to one specific Microsoft framework and ...
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Tag "swift3.0" should be removed

swift3.0 is redundant to swift3. A synonym wouldn't be useful until Swift 3.1, I suggest it just be deleted.
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Should Tags [react-router-dom] and [react-router] be combined?

react-router and react-router-dom are two separate npm packages where one extends the other. react-router contains the base logic while react-router-dom bind this logic to the web and is the package ...
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Regex tag synonyms

Recently, I proposed the synonym pcre for regex. This synonym was eventually voted in and pcre questions became regex questions. The problem is that not everyone thought this was a great idea, and ...
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I suggested a tag synonym, but now I'd like to remove it

I suggested an existing less used tag synonym for a more used tag, but upon further reflection, I shouldn't have. Is there anyway to remove it?
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Please remove suggested synonym [] to [asp-net-core-mvc-2.0]

Please remove the suggested synonym for the tag from the asp-net-core-mvc-2.0 tag as shown here so that the correct suggestion can be made. It was done in the incorrect direction ...
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Inform user when a tag is removed because it is a synonym

I got confused by synonymous tag removal when attempting to add the listview tag to this question, which had the "android-listview" tag. I didn't know what was going on until I found a meta post on ...
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Rename [tkmessagebox] → [tkinter-messagebox]

When Python 3 was released in 2008, the tkmessagebox module was renamed to tkinter.messagebox (See Which tkinter modules were renamed in Python 3?) I would like to propose renaming the tkmessagebox ...
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View vote on tags synonyms

Since we hit 1,000 rep, we become the Established user and one of the feaures we can use is the view vote to see the ratio of down-votes and up-votes. Unlike the case of voting on suggested synonyms, ...
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How can you update a tag synonym description?

The map tag is a synonym of dictionary. This means map will be swapped for dictionary automatically. The problem is that the description displayed for the map tag is currently: a data structure ...
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Synonymize [bad-request] to [http-status-code-400]

Both bad-request (x598) and http-status-code-400 (x732) refer to the same issue and is better synonymized. I believe they're better left as synonyms without being merged, as bad-request is the ...
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Synonymize [asn.1] and [asn1] tags?

The tags asn.1 and asn1 both refer to Abstract Syntax Notation One (ASN.1): asn.1 has currently 616 questions and the wiki excerpt reads ASN.1 stands for Abstract Syntax Notation One. It is a data ...
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Retag [spread-operator] to [spread-syntax] and create tag-wikis

In the spirit of promoting technically accurate language, could we retag spread-operator to spread-syntax (except for the two cases mentioned below)? The spread syntax refers to the JavaScript ES6 ...
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Dissolve unity's union: [unity3d] and [unity5]

unity3d refers to the game engine, while unity5 refers, if anything, to version 5 of that engine. I see no reason for these to be synonyms, specially with Unity 2017 being so different to Unity 5. ...
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Should we merge arbitrary-precision arithmetic related tags?

Currently we have several tags regarding arbitrary precision numbers: a bignum tag with very simple wiki Common computer-jargon term to refer to arbitrary-precision math and data-types. The term &...
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Automatically merge, synonymize, etc. all amazon-* and aws-* tags to a consistent master tag name

There are various synonymous tags for AWS services such as: amazon-sts is remapped to aws-sts aws-ses is remapped to amazon-ses amazon-kms is remapped to aws-kms aws-s3 is remapped to amazon-s3 and ...
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Converted tag synonym don't allow to filtering on converted tagged threads

Very recently the tag products (plural) has been converted to a synonym product (singular). It is is not a real problem even if I was using it a lot more than the product (singular). But the problem ...
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[pixijs], [pixi.js] and [pixi]

There are currently 3 tags for Pixi.js, pixi, which is marked as synonym, pixi.js, which has 276 questions, and pixijs which has 12. Do we really need all of these? Shouldn't they get merged?
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Tag merge and alias request: [zend-framework3] and [zf3]

There are two different tags exists on Stack Overflow for the new Zend Framework 3 version: zf3 - 67 questions zend-framework3 - 112 questions IMHO, since the previous version has a well-known zend-...
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