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This tag is for questions about tag synonyms (how they work, who can create them, etc). Use [synonym-request] for tag synonym requests.

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Clean up of run-together/hyphenated and singular/plural tags

The Stack Exchange user interface now prevents creating tags that differ only in hyphenation or pluralization. This hasn't always been so, however, and there are currently many such tag pairs, like ...
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What to do about Angular 2?

As noted here and discussed here, Google has decided to drop the "2" from angular2 and refer to it simply as Angular instead, for the (very good) reason that "Angular 2" will be Angular 4 by January ...
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How to gather support for tag synonyms?

I proposed a tag synonym a few days ago. Out of curiosity I looked at the tag synonym page and found out that no one as voted. I later found out that there are suggestions pending approval from Mar ...
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A list of tag synonyms which are not proposed in Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is a big community with users from different backgrounds. In Stack Overflow, tens of thousands of tags are proposed by different users to annotate questions. However, due to the ...
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Let's handle the backlog of tag synonym suggestions

Problem As of the last Stack Exchange data dump, there were 750 pending tag synonym suggestions on Stack Overflow. Given that only 2,406 tag synonyms have been approved (see here for the breakdown at ...
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Allow for Tag Antonyms

This is a fairly young idea, but I'd love to see some way of implementing "tag antonyms" in addition to synonyms. They wouldn't be strictly enforced, but for instance, if a user typed both mysql and ...
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30 votes
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How can I dispute a tag synonym?

I have just started to notice that many of what I think of as good, specific tags are listed as synonyms for broader categories. For example, php-sessions and php-frameworks are synonyms for php. This ...
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Rename [carbon] to [macos-carbon] and synonym

Related to Disambiguate the [carbon] tag There is a continuing problem with people using this tag to refer to any project with "carbon" in its name. I cleaned it up a while back (the most common ...
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synonym request: deleting in SQL

There are two tags that refer to deleting rows in SQL: sql-delete, described as: The DELETE statement removes one or more records from a table. A subset may be defined for deletion using a ...
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html5-canvas tag should be a synonym of the canvas tag

I have really enjoyed being part of the StackOverflow community for canvas for some time now. In fact I've answered more than 10% of all canvas questions ever asked on SO. One thing I noticed during ...
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4 answers

Do we really need a tag synonym to cover a typo?

Looking at the tag-info synonyms for sql-server, there is a synonym for sql-srever. Seeing as it's a typo, what value does it have other than auto-redirecting a few folks who might mistype it? I've ...
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1 answer

Does Android really sponsor [listview]?

The listview tag seems to have an android logo on it: That seems like a bug, as it shouldn't be possible for a company to sponsor a generic tag like this: "Generic tag names that do not ...
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How to suggest a tag synonym

I just made a suggested Wiki entry for test-environments. I'd like to suggest renaming that tag to test-environment to be consistent with the related tag development-environment or create an alias, ...
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4 answers

Is [map] synonym of [dictionary] really a good idea?

I guess (correct me if I'm wrong), map is made a synonym of dictionary because both of them can be used to refer to the language-agnostic abstract data type. However, in the real world, most questions ...
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Can moderators preemptively add tag synonyms?

The tag synonym suggestion system open to regular users only allows suggesting as synonyms tags that are already being used. Broadly speaking, that looks like a reasonable restriction, as it makes it ...
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Should my reputation for a tag include reputation for synonyms of that tag?

I have gathered reputation by answering questions tagged with storm (27 rep) and apache-storm (25 rep). I have no doubt that there is some overlap, but shouldn't there be a way to see/display the rep ...
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JavaScript version tags cleanup proposal

The JavaScript/ ECMAScript version tags could use a little tidying. It's a large family of tags, and there are a few stragglers that should be made to be synonyms to other existing tags, if not dealt ...
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Retag ecmascript-harmony into ecmascript-6?

The tag ecmascript-harmony appears to be related to the fact that ecmascript-6 is labeled as ES6 Harmony in places or something or other. A quick perusal of the questions appears to show a bunch of ...
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Dissolve unity's union: [unity3d] and [unity5]

unity3d refers to the game engine, while unity5 refers, if anything, to version 5 of that engine. I see no reason for these to be synonyms, specially with Unity 2017 being so different to Unity 5. ...
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9 votes
2 answers

Should the tags [sortable], [jquery-sortable] and [jquery-ui-sortable] be merged?

Should the tags sortable, jquery-sortable and jquery-ui-sortable be merged? Here are the descriptions for each: sortable 10 asked this week, 24 this month, 1329 total A jQuery UI framework plugin ...
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1 answer

Remove aliases between [symfony2] and [symfony3]

Recently I noticed that symfony3 is defined as an alias of symfony2. IMHO they are not the same: Symfony 3 is the evolution of the Symfony 2 framework and is good to have different tags for ...
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Velocity tag wrong synonym to appfabric-cache

The velocity tag is actually apache-velocity because its name is mistaken by the dictionary velocity and also by JavaScript's [velocity.js]. I created apache-velocity and wanted to connect them, but ...
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2 answers

Usefulness of the [Python-3.x] tag

As the use of Python3 becomes more widespread and Python2 approaches its EOL, I find the use of the python-3.x tag being less and less relevant and more synonymous with the python tag. I wonder if ...
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54 votes
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How much gadgetry does SO need in its tags?

I was reviewing (and rejecting) a proposed change to the question What's the "gadget vulnerability"? which added the tag windows-gadgets to the existing duo of windows-desktop-gadgets and gadget, and ...
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51 votes
3 answers

Rename [java-ee] to [jakarta-ee]

Java EE has been renamed to Jakarta EE. It is probably a good idea to rename java-ee to jakarta-ee as well and then have a synonym called java-ee pointing to the new jakarta-ee to allow people that ...
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46 votes
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Should the jsx tag stop being a synonym to reactjs?

I realise that most people are asking about reactjs when asking about JSX but JSX itself is not a strictly a reactJS topic. In fact Vue.js also allows using JSX and there is a babel jsx plugin for ...
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Why can neither mods nor CMs forcibly create synonyms from a big tag to a small tag?

While trying to synonymize hapijs (originally around 1.2k prior to a merge) into hapi.js (originally 53), all synonym tools failed with this error message: Can't create synonym; the 'hapijs' tag ...
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Separate the CSS2.1 tag from CSS

First off, I'm tagging this as a discussion to gather other people's views on the matter. I imagine this question will be highly down-voted by users who ignore to read past this first paragraph, but ...
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38 votes
2 answers

Make [bootstrap-4] a synonym of [twitter-bootstrap-4] (Or burninate it)?

I do not have the rep to suggest a synonym, but should we not make bootstrap-4 a synonym on twitter-bootstrap-4, or even burninate it? Edit: It seems there is already some discussion on the ambiguity ...
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1 answer

PCRE tag merged?

Today I tried to see recent questions under pcre tag, I saw a redirection to regex tag page. I wasn't aware about merged tags but when read about it wondered if this is a case for merging these two ...
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Merging [case-sensitive] and [case-insensitive] tags

I found that there are two tags case-sensitive and case-insensitive I believe that questions regarding case sensitive and insensitive topics all fall under the same case-sensitivity topic. If I ask a ...
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24 votes
1 answer

Please undo all of the current [git] tag synonyms (and reject [github] synonyms)

Git Synonyms There are currently 8 tag synonyms for the Git tag, along with a 9th suggested synonym. These synonyms should never have been created. They all represent different, individual, and ...
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18 votes
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Fixing the [onevent] and [event] tag catastrophe

Hello there fellow meta users. I have a little request. While browsing tags, I noticed there is quite a few that could be merged or even deleted as a whole... This happens to be with "event" tags. ...
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Help clean up jquery-ui-* tags [duplicate]

This is a follow up to Should the tags [sortable], [jquery-sortable] and [jquery-ui-sortable] be merged? 1 I need help of moderators and members with the voting power to clean this up. If you have ...
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16 votes
2 answers

What should be done to the [spm] tag?

Recently, I stumbled upon a question tagged with swift-package-manager and spm. Tag descriptions: swift-package-manager (461 questions) Swift Package Manager is a build tool and dependency manager ...
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Merge all generic menu-related tags

Tag Questions menu ‌15044 menu-items ‌   94 menuitem ‌ 2384 submenu ‌ 1349 Trying to sort out if a submenu is a menuitem or if menu-items constitute a menu, etc. can be complicated, and efforts ...
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Proposing a tag-synonym fails with a confusing error-message

I tried to propose a synonym make <= makefile. That gave me the confusing error: Failed to propose synonym: Reverse synonym makefile already proposed on the tag makefiles. Which is a non-...
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Merge/synonymize [vscode] to [visual-studio-code]

Currently vscode has 53 questions, while visual-studio-code has 18 questions. Both of them refer to the new Visual Studio Code editor by Microsoft. I suggest keeping visual-studio-code.
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Tag Synonym [amazon-ses] and [aws-ses]

I found two tags amazon-ses and aws-ses currently being used for Amazon-Simple Email Service and none of them is synonym of the other. It looks like earlier the same issue was with ses (now: Simple ...
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Synonym [postfix] -> [postfix-mta] seems to have been reverted

The status-completed rename and synonym mapping requested in Fix [postfix] mail server tag; disambiguate vs [infix] seems to have been reverted. Starting July 10th, questions have been pouring into ...
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The AKS tags need some attention

Just came across the AKS tag(s) and they look a bit all over the place. The most popular tag is azure-aks which doesn't make much sense, since AKS stands for Azure Kubernetes Service, so that's Azure ...
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Sourcetree is Atlassian Sourcetree

Last year I proposed sourcetree as a synonym for atlassian-sourcetree. It hasn't been accepted, but I think it's a good proposal. I recently learned that I could open a discussion here for tag ...
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Revoke tag synonym suggestion

Some time ago I suggested gawk as a synonym of awk. Now I notice there is no point in going ahead with the "synonymization". Since I don't see an option to revoke the request, could you kindly ...
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Should [cabal] and [cabal-install] be synonymous, or: When is disambiguation futile?

The broader question in the subtitle is illustrated by cabal and cabal-install, two closely related tags about Haskell packages. Their current tag wiki excerpts are accurate: cabal (56 followers, ...
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Tag-synonym assistance for AWS-related tags

There are a few AWS-related Stack Overflow tag synonym requests that are pending votes. Can I please invite assistance from people who know AWS in deciding a few of these tag synonyms, so they can be ...
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What happens to a tag synonym if it gets "burninated"?

I organized some votes to put data-encryption as a synonym of encryption. It only has 36 questions. Would the synonym actually vanish if all of the questions of data-encryption would actually be ...
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Tag synonyms are popping into suggestion window

When I was posting a question with visual-studio-mac I noticed that visual-studio-for-mac was a suggestion. Being diligent to clean the only question tagged with visual-studio-for-mac question up, the ...
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Tag synonyms for [virtual-keyboard]

It seems like the only way to expedite getting tag-synonym approval is to ask a question... I would like to create these synonyms (already requested) for virtual-keyboard (x276): android-virtual-...
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3 answers

Would a tagging "metonym" feature be overkill?

There seems to be a fair number of tags which despite being quashed often re-appear on the "new" tags screen as if waiting for the day someone tags a post in which the context give's it's existence ...
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How to add a nonexistent tag synonym

I was at a talk yesterday where the speaker said: "Use the [h2o] tag on Stack Overflow. Be careful, we've had people use h20 (h-two-zero) by mistake and not find anything." So, I thought I'd add ...
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