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Questions tagged [tag-search]

For questions about the search box present on the /tags page.

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How to find a question by its old tag when that tag is synonymized with another

On Meta, chatgpt has been synonymized with ai-generated-content, but when I go to its tag page, there are only 7 questions listed when I know that there were way more questions with the chatgpt tag ...
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Long Search Strings

I am searching for [C++] questions. I do this based on tags. Furthermore, I do want to answer [C++] and C++ related questions with tags like vector, stack, string or other C++ language elements. I do ...
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1 answer

Tags behaving oddly this New Year's Day

Several times this morning I have clicked on a tag (python in my case) and received odd results -- a bunch of questions that do not have that tag, or no questions at all! Is something going on today?
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Incorrectly filtering of new questions when viewing questions tagged with multiple tags [duplicate]

Whenever picking a view with multiple tags, like in my case c++ and qa, SO search syntax [qa] [c++], new questions only tagged C++ keep popping up, even though they lack the qa tag in this case. I ...
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Share link to tags in LinkedIn messages [closed]

A few days ago I noticed a bug in the messages of Jobs when sharing the URL for searching by user tags. The same problem happens when sharing tag links in the chat of LinkedIn.
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7 votes
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Newest activity for 2 or more tags shows questions with new activity when the just the last tag does

Note This is NOT a duplicate of Has the behaviour of combined tags search changed? - the criteria for initial load of the page is all tags must be present, the criteria for new activity is the last ...
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Hiding questions because of your Ignored Tags preferences for tags:

I added ignored tags, so my timeline is not filled with them. In my timeline I want to only see questions I can answer. I'm trying to search for a specific tag and related questions to learn about it. ...
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Searching for a tag doesn't give the best options

I am asking a question for the first time on SE after a very long layoff, and I was unsure which site would be the best place for me to ask it. So, like a good citizen, I went to the main ...
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3 votes
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Searching with one of multiple tags [duplicate]

TL;DR Given multiple tags, how can I search with OR between them (and not AND)? Use case: I'd like to search for questions that are tagged in at least one tag out of a list of tags. Using multiple ...
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12 votes
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Sad issue with UI while searching for [foo*]

Sometimes when I search on Stack Overflow, I use the following technique: [swift*]. This allows me to filter questions whose tags begin with "swift". I like to think of it as an alias or ...
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Search by tags - different behavior for search and new activity (live-refresh) [duplicate]

I saw weird behavior - when I search for question by tags I gets only questions who has both of the tags (AND operator by default which makes sense). However, if I keep the page open, and after ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Generic or Specific Tagging?

In short, if a question for MariaDB 10.4 comes in, should I tag it as: As [mariadb-10.4] only, Or using the whole tree branch [sql] [mysql] [mariadb] [mariadb-10.4] ? So far I've used the first ...
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11 votes
1 answer

"or" keyword doesn't work in search

I used to use this link to access questions that I'm interested in for almost a year, but now it doesn't work; it shows me a 404 Not Found error. I got this link by searching for [tag1] or [tag2] or .....
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Feature Request: Search Lists For Suggested Edits

When suggested edits on your question or answer get lost in the unsearchable Recent Inbox Messages or (user?tab=inbox) section, how can you bring them up quickly? Is it possible for such pending edit ...
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3 votes
0 answers

Why do custom searches list posts with my ignored tags?

When I do not search (just list) or search for just tags (like [java]) the results filter out those posts which contain my ignored tags. And I happen have a lot of ignored tags. But when I search ...
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-10 votes
1 answer

Relevancy of links in "Sponsored links for this tag"

When I hit my bookmark to find new questions, there's always this Sponsored links for this tag (.everyoneloves__tag-sponsorship) box. and the usefulness of some of the links in that box are ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Is there a way to filter for just a specific set of tags and nothing else (exclude any other tag from appearing)?

I would like to exclude any other tag, and not just some specified tags. QUESTION: I would like to search for: [reactjs] or [javascript] exclusively and not include [any other tag] even if they ...
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Is there any way to ignore some other tag when you visit a particular tag? [duplicate]

I want to browser all the answer with tag1 such as but there are a list of question with tag1, tag2, tag3 I have not interesting with tag3 How to ignore ...
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1 answer

Search only shows 6 results, but no pagination

Note that I have the "Custom Question Lists" beta turned on in my SO preferences; people without this enabled might not see this bug. Steps to reproduce: Go to
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18 votes
2 answers

Pagination links when searching questions by tags don't honor your current tags

Currently if I search for questions by a tag, say javascript, the links at the bottom to the next pages of search results are pointing to the unfiltered list of results:
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1 vote
1 answer

How can I view only questions that have a SET of tags?

On Stack Overflow, you can see a list of questions for a tag by clicking on that tag, but how can you list questions that have a particular combination of tags?
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Why is this tag description repeated twice? [duplicate]

Searching for "answerable" regex questions, using this in the search bar: [regex] score:1 is:q answers:0 closed:no duplicate:no results in a strange display: I have no userstyle plugin enabled. ...
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53 votes
2 answers

Duplicate information on tag search page when user's id is used

I clicked on a tag on my activity tab of my profile page:[twitter-bootstrap] And I get the following: On this screenshot we can see the tag ...
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17 votes
2 answers

Requesting a "quick search" be added to watched tags

So, we have this lovely watched tags box on the main Stack Overflow home page Where you can click on the individual tags to do a quick search on a per-tag basis. I'd like to see an extra link added: ...
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1 answer

First few words of the [stack-overflow] tag wiki are cut off in /tags search results. Makes it seem like you're supposed to use it wrong

The tag description at says "TO REFER TO the Stack Overflow website." The REAL tag description says "DO NOT USE!" This is confusing and should be fixed.
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1 answer

Stack Overflow Search giving incorrect results!

A bit strange to find, though on Stack Overflow, when I searched for the "Azure" keyword, it only yields one result - but when I searched again using "Windows Azure" (which also comprises "Azure" ...
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Searching question with only tags provided? [duplicate]

Sometimes we need to search a question with one or more than one particular tags. With only those tags. Like if I want to search question on java then there should be a functionality to search ...
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New tabs UI still shows questions when searching for non-existent tag

When you search for a non-existent tag in the new UI the page still displays all questions that were on the page before you searched until you change the sort order or if you navigate to the page ...
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3 votes
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Tag search with newest isn't showing latest

There's a problem with the newest tab with a tag. I see a question asked less than an hour ago, but with java and newest or with my tags I can't see the question, only questions before 3 hours (when ...
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0 answers

Search filters not showing the right results

I recently started to use the ability to create an advanced search and have added this search query to my bookmarks, which is translated to this: However, for some reason, I see mostly only django ...
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0 answers

Tag exclusion not returning any results

I am trying to set up a tab for questions tagged with java, but not android. If I type [java] -[android] into the search bar, I get the list I expect. but if I type java not android into the tag bar,...
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2 votes
1 answer

Can we search on Stack Overflow based on or condition over tags? [duplicate]

I can search through tags using [tag-name] and then add a search term that I want to search like. For multiple tags I can also search with [tag-name-1][tag-name-2][tag-name-3]. But it filters the ...
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How can I search for brackets? [duplicate]

I'm trying to search for ["content-available"] or [content-available]. But I don't want to search for them as a tag. They are exactly the string that I want to search for :D I'm hoping to find ...
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Circular reference in Related tags section [duplicate]

I've switched to new version of the navigation, and open questions related to python-2.7 In Related Tags section to the right I can see python-2.7 at the first place. Maybe some redundancy here?
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6 votes
1 answer

Searching by tags using the `or` operator requires a space char wrapping the `or`?

I was searching questions by tags (a set of related technology tags) and I realized that when using the or operator to agregate tags on my searching, it requires a space char wrapping each operators ...
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Bug in Unanswered Tag Search

Similar bugs are posted here in previous years But this one is different When search for [javascript] [jquery] -[nodejs] -[reactjs] => include JavaScript & jQuery , exclude nodejs and reactjs, it ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Un-Intelligent Ranking of Job Search Results

When I make this search, 50% of the first 4 search results are non-iOS jobs that happen to use the [ios] tag, but I can see where the problem is. Would it be possible to sort the search results by ...
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1 answer

Why can I only access certain language specfic tags via "Tags" page?

On certain language specific tags (I'm not exactly sure what there called), I can only search with them via the "Tags" page. I believe this is a bug, or perhaps a unknown feature of some kind? For ...
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3 votes
0 answers

How do you search questions by tag then sort by oldest?

You can search questions by tag and sort by newest with sort=newest. For example, you can search for Unity questions and sort by newest, but you can't search question by oldest by doing sort=oldest. ...
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19 votes
1 answer

Why does searching for more wildcard tags result in fewer search results?

A search for [amazon-*] hasaccepted:false results in 32,000 answers. However, a search for [amazon-*] [aws-*] hasaccepted:false results in only 11,000 answers, even though the displays shows both ...
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7 votes
0 answers

Overzealous stripping of tag excerpt in tag search

The tag excerpt for the stack-overflow tag is as follows: DO NOT USE THIS TAG TO REFER TO THE Stack Overflow website. If you have a question regarding the site, please go to http://meta....
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1 vote
1 answer

Is it possible to search questions in "AND" manner? [duplicate]

On Stack Overflow when we are searching for some questions that are related with some specific tags, we are only able search in a 1st-tag OR 2nd-tag manner (example: css OR html), which displays ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Search for tags by their popularity

When I'm deciding what framework/library to use, I give a lot of weight to how many questions have been posted under their Stack Overflow tag. If, say, someone was looking for a new JavaScript physics ...
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0 answers

The edit button is moving the footer in tag search

So I was browsing some unpopular tags when I noticed that the footer was moving. If I hover over some of the tags at the bottom of the page, an edit link appears. And the footer gets pushed down. ...
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1 answer

Can I filter all questions "except tag-X"? [duplicate]

How can I most easily use a specifc tag as exclusion criteria ? Say a site has the tags: foo-1 foo-2 foo-3 ... foo-n I can easily find all questions of foo-x by just clicking that tag or going to: ...
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Allow multiple tags to be chosen in "Tags"

This was partially addressed in this question, but I feel like it got lost amidst the user's more general question of how to filter by multiple tags in the first place. I'm aware that you can search ...
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-3 votes
1 answer

Filter by NO-TAG option [duplicate]

It would be nice to have an option to search not only for TAG but also for option DON'T HAVE SUCH TAG. For example I want to look for a tag angular but without angular-ui-bootstrap, so my request ...
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4 votes
0 answers

Click-and-drag tags to search bar

It appears that the new nav release candidate announcement question is no longer active and that feature requests are now being asked as new questions, so I am copying and pasting my feature request (...
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1 answer

Show top rated questions with given tag from selected period

as for top rated question with selected tag I can go to tag page and click tab votes and I get top rated questions, but I don't see an option to choose period from which those questions would be taken....
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Why can't I find the tag [sql-server-2014]?

In the tag search page, if you write SQL the tag sql-server-2014 doesn't show up. But if you search for 2014, it appears.
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