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3 votes
0 answers

Unable to delete older filters

Answering possible questions, yes I read the question How can I delete my custom search filter? and no, it DOES NOT WORK for me. When I try to delete my own filters from here created long ago, they ...
115 votes
4 answers

Where can I find some interesting JavaScript questions to answer?

I have a lot experience in JavaScript, although now I can hardly keep up with its fast progress, but I do not find many questions that are interesting or worthwhile to answer. The most common ...
14 votes
1 answer

What broke tag filtering?

All questions appearing here are tagged Python, not C#. On the first refresh, I got R questions, and on the second I got Python questions, but it seems to have resolved itself now. I'd be curious to ...
0 votes
2 answers

Why does my tag filter on "lotus*" show questions on Hanami?

I have a tag filter set up on "lotus*", in order to see all questions related to HCL or Lotus Notes. I indeed get questions with the word Lotus, but I also receive Hanami questions. Why is ...
5 votes
1 answer

Custom questions filter with multiple AND, OR and NOT is broken

I want to create a custom filter that matches my interests. But I can't seem to get it to work properly. I only want to see questions that: (java OR spring-boot OR spring-data) and NOT android and NOT ...
5 votes
0 answers

Update Custom Filter gives ambiguous error message

Using a custom filter, I clicked the Edit button, made a change, clicked Update Filter. The dialog responded with the following: I get that this probably means my filter named "Java" ...
5 votes
1 answer

Custom Filters matching questions from any of the named tags

Currently saved custom filters (in the right panel) composed with a set of tags are getting applied on strict AND rule (all or nothing). A more expected and preferred behavior of such filter is ...
2 votes
0 answers

Can we get a 2nd favorite tags filter for our areas of expertise?

Can we get a 2nd favorite tags filter for our areas of expertise? I want to put these as my favorite tags - javascript, html, css - but I don't want the entire question list to highlight in light ...
10 votes
0 answers

Subscriptions / Filters based on searches

I would like to set up a subscription / filter that sends me an email whenever a new post matches that search. I can do this with searches that use tags, but not with searches that are based on the ...
12 votes
1 answer

Filter combination sometimes fail with new navigation - "That's a miss"

Related question : Website New navigation "That's a miss" error on initial "question" navigation But I don't think my question is duplicate of that question as that topic ...