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For questions about ambiguous tags that might need to be expanded into multiple tags. Use with the [tags] tag

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Replace [social-networking] tag with two separate and specific tags

There are two broad groups of questions using the social-networking tag, with also substantial confusion between how the tag is being used and the official description of the tag. The first group ...
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A tag keyword has taken on a new meaning: [deep-linking]

A new user just asked a question about deep-linking (the process of redirecting a link to an app rather than a browser), but the tag seems to be describing something completely different. Currently, ...
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What would be the right way to describe or wiki the [isnullorempty] tag?

I found the isnullorempty tag and I'm not sure what to do with it. Is it a good tag? I'd like to write a wiki for it, but I'm not sure if it would be good to focus on a specific language perspective ...
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Can we reuse tag [mint] that is now being redirected to [linux-mint]?

I recently read the article Mint: A new language designed for building single page applications and decided to try it. Today I tried to search for questions about this Mint programming language on ...
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What is the difference between the regression and linear regression tags?

Quick Summary I was looking at some of my badge progress tags and noticed two peculiar tags. One is regression and the other is linear-regression. I didn't find anything immediately on their ...
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Remove the p4 tag synonym for perforce and add it as a tag for the P4 programming language

While P4 might be a common acronym for Perforce, there also exists a P4 programming language. From the Wikipedia page about the language: P4 is a programming language designed to allow programming ...
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Disambiguating "in-place", "mutate", the [in-place], [mutate] tags and the R verb dplyr::mutate

Several questions about disambiguation, tag and term definition, in a language-agnostic way: Are the terms "in-place" and "mutate" strongly related, or totally synonymous? "in-place" is preferred 8:...
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The [angularjs] and [angular] tags are constantly misused. How can it be improved? [duplicate]

AngularJS and Angular are two completely different JavaScript frameworks. Their names are similar enough that they are constantly being misused. The tag descriptions already encourage proper use, but ...
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Ambiguous tags: how to proceed in general?

Consider - for example - the tag adhoc This tag currently has the following description: a solution designed for a specific problem or task, non-generalizable, and not intended to be able to be ...
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Ambiguity with [kconfig] and [kbuild]

There are two tags kbuild and kconfig. The wiki entry for kconfig says that it is for a KDE configuration. However, only a few question seems to deal with KDE. The others are all to do with the ...
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tag creation to distinguish between 2 kinds of virtual machines

As a programmer interested by some fundamental notions, I have subscribed to the virtual-machine tag to get the questions concerning the implementation of virtual machines (like the JVM, self-made VMs ...
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disambiguate [dataprovider] for testng

There have already been several disambig's on dataprovider. I'm proposing another one. The new tag is probably best called testng-dataprovider. This will refer to @DataProvider, a TestNG annotation ...
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Splitting the tag [firebase-cloud-firestore] from [google-cloud-firestore]

I realised there isn't a tag for Firebase Cloud Firestore which most of the questions related are under the tag of google-cloud-firestore. Although Firebase Cloud Firestore is under Firebase which is ...
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Should the tag [tdd] be renamed to [test-driven-development]?

Should the tag [tdd] be renamed to [test-driven-development]? Tag tdd is used for Test Driven Development. Tag with name "test-driven-development" does not exists. I generally see tag names on SO ...
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How to disambiguate the tag [gmt]

The current definition of the tag gmt refers to time zones only. There is the Generic Mapping Tools, also sharing this abbreviation. May somebody please be so kind and add the tag Generic Mapping ...
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Can we repurpose the [jade] tag for the JADE community?

I recently registered on Stack Overflow in an effort to try and facilitate better discussion between developers in the JADE community. To clarify (as I know there's been confusion before), I'm ...
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Adding Embedded Code Block Tag, for ASP.NET Web Forms

I don't have the minimal reputation to add a tag, so I would like to request embedded-code-block be added as a tag (after discussion and review). Other current considerations include: embedded-code ...
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Edited Questions Queue Link [duplicate]

Recently I went through a bunch of questions which were missing our open-source project tag and 'suggested an edit'. It looks like I have reached a limit on those as I get a message my queue is full. ...
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Is [postfix-mta] on topic? Should it be narrowed down?

Related to Let's clean up [postfix-mta] . After looking through a few dozen questions in the course of the cleanup effort, I've had yet to see a single on-topic one, including new questions. As ...
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Wrongly used tag: [windows-scheduler]

windows-scheduler tag wiki At first glance, it refers to Windows Task Scheduler, with a blatantly wrong tag wiki. I was going to edit the wiki to reflect the "correct meaning". Then I ...
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Is it appropriate to create a new tag for a Ruby standard library? [duplicate]

There are 185,778 questions tagged ruby. It reads: The [ruby] tag is for questions related to the Ruby language, including its syntax and its libraries. But it seems that some of those libraries ...
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We need [less] no more

Right now the less is (mis)used for three different things: The all popular CSS preprocessor LESS. The opposite of more and command line tool less A gem called less-rails. This should not be ...
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stack vs Stacks tag

I suggest that there should be a distinct stacks tag to represent the Stacks blockchain. At the moment, if you attempt to put in a tag call stacks it automatically shortens to stack. How would one ...
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Which [LINQ]?​​​​​​

I feel like linq is a pretty bad tag to have around and should be deprecated (remain on older posts only) with linq to xxx being the only alternative. A lot of questions on LINQ, especially begginer ...
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Disambiguation of the [python] tag

This is a major pet peeve of mine. Somebody posts a question for Python 3.x, but doesn't state that they're running 3.x. There's very few context clues at all, in fact. I, with my knowledge of Python ...
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Disambiguate all ms-access questions

Microsoft access is a mixed bag of topics, which most have tags for them, but MS access (the program without database capabilities) isn't software development without these topics. So I propose moving ...
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Should tag "Linux" be renamed to "GNU/Linux" otherwise created or added to synonym?

Questions using Linux tag may deal with the operating system and not only the Linux kernel. The Free Software Foundation uses the name GNU/Linux to refer to the operating system family, as well ...
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