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For questions about ambiguous tags that might need to be expanded into multiple tags. Use with the [tags] tag

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Should the [resource] tag be split

[resources] has this info: Assets (like memory, disk space, CPU power or alike) necessary for effective operation or physical files (like images, configuration files or other) to provide some ...
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Rename [coded-ui-tests] so it refers specifically to Visual Studio UI tests

Now and than, I come across questions about UI automation using the coded-ui-tests tag along with selenium, appium, ... tags. This makes perfectly sense, since UI automation deals with coding UI tests....
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Disambiguate [python-tesseract] and [pytesser]

PyTesser is an old project hosted on Google Code: And here's a very old PyPI package, last updated in 2007: (And an ...
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What on earth is [step] tag, it's not synonymous with [increment], should it be redefined?

This question is what to do with the current incarnation of the tag step, see below. First off, the tag increment is good and useful, and it has 2.7K hits. (In some of those 'increment' is used as a ...
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The [builder] needs to construct two tags

The tag builder refers to at least two concepts: The builder pattern. Example: Spring: Using builder pattern to create a bean A Ruby library called "builder". Example: Why does Ruby Builder::...
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Create a tag [json-p] for Java EE specification of the JSON Processing API

I tried to create the new tag json-p but SO prevents this because of an existing jsonp tag that is about something else: You are attempting to create the tag json-p; however the tag jsonp already ...
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What do to with the [apm] tag?

The tag wiki of the APM tag currently reads: APM generally refers to Application Performance Management. The best in class tools provide real-time access to detailed information about the ...
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Replace [social-networking] tag with two separate and specific tags

There are two broad groups of questions using the social-networking tag, with also substantial confusion between how the tag is being used and the official description of the tag. The first group ...
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A tag keyword has taken on a new meaning: [deep-linking]

A new user just asked a question about deep-linking (the process of redirecting a link to an app rather than a browser), but the tag seems to be describing something completely different. Currently, ...
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Ambiguous tags: how to proceed in general?

Consider - for example - the tag adhoc This tag currently has the following description: a solution designed for a specific problem or task, non-generalizable, and not intended to be able to be ...
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