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A request to create a new tag on the site. Include the proposed tag name, an explanation for why the tag is needed, and some existing questions that would benefit from the tag. If possible, also include an initial tag excerpt and wiki. Questions with [tag-creation-request] should also be tagged with [tags] and [discussion].

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Should we create [log4js] tag?

I would like to create a new tag for log4js. There's already a tag for log4javascript, which is also a logger for JavaScript inspired by log4j, but log4js is a different module and deserves a ...
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Create new tag [netflix-conductor]

I would like to create a new tag netflix-conductor for questions regarding the Netflix Conductor project. According to its documentation, Netflix Conductor is: An orchestration engine that runs in ...
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A similar tag to [opengi] already exists

Regarding this question. The OP was asking about OpenGI, a similarly named C library, but tagged it opengl. I'm now aware that OpenGI actually integrates with OpenGL, so that tag is still appropriate, ...
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Can't create the [jsts] tag as the [jst] tag exists

I was tagging this question which is about the jsts geometry library. I wasn't allowed to use the jsts tag because the jst tag exists. The jst tag doesn't have a description but the questions tagged ...
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Mark [] as a synonym of [] and create a new tag [ v0.x]

When tags and were created, the version given by pip was version 0.x and there was a branch in development called "rewrite". But now, the rewrite branch has ...
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Should we create [postman-chaining] tag?

This is a formal request to create the new tag postman-chaining, using the procedure described as "you can request the creation of a tag by starting a new meta discussion" . Read on to get ...
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Is it possible to add [koalas] tag?

When posting my question, I'd like to add koalas tag onto the question but the create-tag suggestion was rejected by SO with this error: The tag [koalas] is too similar to [koala] Since Koalas is a ...
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Should we create [cloudsponge] tag?

My reputation is not high enough yet;strong text can someone please help me by creating the cloudsponge tag? Disclaimer: I work for CloudSponge. There are some existing questions on SO that people ...
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Create the [got-npm] tag

I'd like to request a tag for the HTTP request library got. The got tag is already in use, so I'd propose [got-npm] but happy to hear better suggestions. I don't have enough reputation to create this ...
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Add the [django-translated-fields] tag

I tried to add the tag django-translated-fields, but I didn't have enough reputation to add a new tag myself. This tag belongs to all the questions containing the string "django-translated-fields&...
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Create tag [nginx-plus]

Can someone create the nginx-plus tag? For those unfamiliar with nginx, nginx is a web server that's used as a reverse proxy, load balancer, and many other uses. Although nginx is free software, there'...
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Should we create [rasa-core] tag?

There is already a label for "Rasa-NLU", but they have extended their support with artificial intelligence and also created the "Rasa Core" project. I think it would be very ...
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Create a tag for PDFKit on iOS 11

I didn't find a PDFKit tag for iOS. There is a pdfkit tag, but its description says it's "A Ruby gem for creating PDFs using plain old HTML+CSS". Can someone create a tag for it?
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Should we create [payara] and [payara-micro] tags?

Payara is a "supported build of GlassFish". There are already tags for glassfish, glassfish-3, glassfish-4, glassfish-4.1 etc., but no "payara" tag yet, despite some questions which I think need a ...
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Create [bimserver] tag

Can someone please create a tag bimserver for the Opensource BIMserver? The project has grown a community of users for about a decade, is built for software developers and there are already 36 ...
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Should we create [nativescript-vue] tag?

Can you help me create a tag for nativescript-vue? I've seen some questions about nativescript-vue, but there doesn't exist a tag for it. For example: NativeScript-Vue Failed to find module ...
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Should we create [haskell-program-coverage] tag?

HPC is a utility for generating coverage reports of Haskell programs. The source code is here: The tag hpc ...
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Create the [image-js] tag (can't add it as it is similar to the [imagej] tag)

Clearly, image-js is different from imagej and should have its own new tag — image-js. Question example: How do you normalize an image (histogram stretching) using image-js and JavaScript?
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New tag request for [griddb]

Overview GridDB is an open source time series database for IoT and big data. At the time of this writing there are 29 results related to GridDB and recently there was a request to create a GridDB ...
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Create [react-jss] tag

react-jss is the implementation of jss for use in React. There is currently a jss tag and a reactjs tag - which Stack Overflow thinks react-jss is too similar to and told me to request here. For ...
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Create the [fstar] tag

It seems, F* (Microsoft research public domain language addressing specification and verification aspects) is right on the main stream of current programming language evolution/science. I tried ...
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Create the [apache-traffic-server] tag

The other day, I noticed a question dealing with Apache Traffic Server. Yet it was tagged as apache and traffic, which obviously does not fit. In the absence of a better match, I would suggest ...
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Should we create the [pypsa] tag?

I am one of the maintainers in the "pypsa-universe". We host, among others, one of the most popular open source energy system optimization frameworks called PyPSA with 822 GitHub stars. ...
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Create a tag [json-p] for Java EE specification of the JSON Processing API

I tried to create the new tag json-p but SO prevents this because of an existing jsonp tag that is about something else: You are attempting to create the tag json-p; however the tag jsonp already ...
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Should the [dm-script] tag be created?

This is a follow up to the this initial question on introducing a new tag. I have been following the advise/suggestions given in the according answers. Within the last 2 months, the 'sub-group' I'm ...
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