Questions tagged [tag-creation-request]

A request to create a new tag on the site. Include the proposed tag name, an explanation for why the tag is needed, and some existing questions that would benefit from the tag. If possible, also include an initial tag excerpt and wiki. Questions with [tag-creation-request] should also be tagged with [tags] and [discussion].

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10 votes
1 answer

Creating a [qtcore] tag

I have been considering for a while to create a qtcore tag on Stack Overflow. My main objective was twofold: Consistency: this would be in line with the existing Qt Project module tags, such as: ...
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9 votes
1 answer

Should we create [docx4js] tag?

This is docx4j (which already exists), which is for Java: This is docx4js, which is for JavaScript: I see the following error when ...
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7 votes
1 answer

Should we create a tag for "Mapsui"?

Can someone please create a tag for Mapsui? It's a really useful and fairly new control for mapping (as a fork from SharpMap). My recent Mapsui related question question available here could use this ...
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