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Questions tagged [tag-blocklist]

Per-site lists of tags that cannot be created. To suggest a tag be added to the blocklist, use [blocklist-request] instead.

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405 votes
5 answers

Should we burninate [godaddy]?

The outcome of this process hasn't been a complete burnination but instead a tag warning has been implemented by Shog9. That is final In Kill the [godaddy] tag with fire, we clearly agreed, that ...
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77 votes
1 answer

Why is Sony a good tag when Apple and Google aren't? [duplicate]

google is blacklisted on Stack Overflow. apple's got a big "DO NOT USE THIS TAG" message on the wiki summary (which, of course, is completely ignored by the people who keep adding it to questions...). ...
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17 votes
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Collectives articles can be tagged with blocklisted tags

Collectives™ Articles™ can have tags, but aren't subject to the usual restrictions: they can have any number of tags, and can bypass the tag blocklist. As such, it's possible to stop tags with no ...
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