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For questions about the badges awarded for specific tags.

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Tag badge not awarded due to merged answer?

On July 27th I answered the question Is unit testing alone ever a good reason to expose private instance variables via getters? that was tagged with java and unit-testing, and received quite a few ...
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Can I opt out of single-handedly closing questions via the gold badge privilege? [duplicate]

Sometimes, I run into questions where I think it's a duplicate, but I'm not sure. In those cases, I'd like to suggest the duplicate, but I don't want to close the new question all by myself. I've done ...
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Tag Badge Privileges [duplicate]

What privileges come with bronze, silver, and gold tag badges? I've looked in a few places and couldn't seem to find it.
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Tag badge color [duplicate]

While looking at my recent badges, I discovered that when you put your cursor over a badge tag, the text become invisible. A little research inside the all.css file confirmed the issue : .badge-tag:...
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How can I find the number of points I have received in a particular tag?

I want to know the number of points that I have in a particular tag, say c, to monitor when I will cross the 400 point barrier and get the silver tag badge. I searched, but I wasn't able to find ...
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Is there a daily limit for tag scores

For reputation points there is a daily limit of 200, which mean when one got 20 upvotes, times 10 equal 200, one can't gain more rep. points that same day. At the same time those 20 upvotes adds to ...
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Dupe-hammered questions show the wrong badge [duplicate]

I came across this question which was dupe hammered by Jon Skeet: The choice to display the eclipse gold badge is surprising, considering that the question also has the higher-priority java tag, and ...
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Scheduled job to update tag score and number of answers is not being run [duplicate]

It has been several days since the Scheduled job is run to update my tag info. Here is my link to my profile and below is a snapshot of the tag info. From the above total score is 22 and the number ...
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Next tag badge: What do "score" and "answers" mean? Like x/yyy

I see the below in my profile: Next tag badge python 2/100 score 4/20 answers What does it mean by 2/100 and 4/20? Does it mean I have 2 and need 100 scores to get the Python badge? Or I have ...
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Gold badge superpowers inappropriate for language tags?

I only recently found out I had certain super-powers thanks to my c# language tag gold badge. Apparently this is because the system thinks that I am an expert on questions with this tag, and therefore ...
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Allow gold language tag-badge holders to close too broad or otherwise off-topic questions, but are covered in the language tag wiki, single handedly

The Problem In highly active language tags we recurringly see questions from newcomers to the language (not necessarily beginners in programming), which are covered in basic tutorials, textbooks or ...
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I have answered 20 questions and have 111 points, but still no badge for [design-patterns]. Why? [duplicate]

I have answered 20 questions on the design-patterns tag and have 111 points as of now. But still have not received the bronze badge. Can you please have a look?
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How are tag badge points earned? [duplicate]

To be specific the users which have bronze, silver, golden tags on specific tag/subject, how they earn points? Like per accepted answer = 1 point? Per upvoted answer = 1 point? Per 10/15 rep on ...
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iOS silver badge [duplicate]

Why does it say that I have a score of 237 from 400 necessary for the iOS silver badge, when for my best answer alone I have 39 upvotes = 390 score (and it has the ios tag)?
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What does it mean to have negative score?

My super inability is to walk passing things without seeing them. But today, I suddenly realised that I have a score of -11/100 on my stackoverflow meta profile! 'Is it normal?' I asked myself. ...
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Allow multiple gold badges for the same tag [duplicate]

Why not reward ⁄ incentivise high quality answer providers on a tag, with multiple gold tag badges in that tag, if they've earned it? Simply go in multiples of the requirements, so a score of ...
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Can I achieve language-based badges?

If I want to achieve language-based badges then what should I do? I am new to Stack Overflow and I don't know much about badges, but I saw some people with language based badges like mysql, php and ...
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Language tag badges should be awarded for curation activities

With the increasing number of garbage questions on the site, it's becoming more and more difficult to find good questions to answer. And with the increasing number of users who don't bother accepting ...
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Why are "Cast Close/Re-open Votes" privilege based on Overall reputations?

Here is a question i asked recently. After few minutes, i got a down vote. Also after some time, it was closed stating that "the question was too broad" (The question is now reopened. You might look ...
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Help Center for Badges > Tags shows incorrect info

Help Center for Badges > Tags shows incorrect info. Help Center > Badges > Tags for selenium-webdriver shows gold awarded 2 times. Where as Top users for selenium-webdriver shows 4 users with votes ...
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The logic for awarding tag badges

I noticed that Mysticial is yet to be awarded the silver tag badge for the tag performance despite being responsible for the legendary answer on performance. Here's an image of what I see of their ...
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