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For questions about the badges awarded for specific tags.

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Synonym wrecks badge progress

My profile page on Stack Overflow suggests I am close to being awarded a bronze badge in the tag make. However, there is no way I can achieve this goal, because the tag is (now) a synonym for ...
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Award tag badges multiple times?

One of my favorite badges on this site are the tag badges - getting a gold tag badge is a pretty meaningful accomplishment! 200+ answers with a score of 1000+ indicates a lot of contributions that are ...
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Can I haz stinkin' silver tag badge, plz?

Yup, the tag scoring script is struggling to keep up with Stack Overflow's dataset. But when it does successfully run and you reached the threshold for a tag badge, you are at least awarded your ...
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Thanks for 1000 tag score on [windbg]

I was just awarded the golden windbg badge for 1000 score. I'm the first user to get this badge and it's my first golden tag badge. Being the top user on this tag has been very helpful for me and my ...
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Why is the tag badge count not being recalculated?

I've noticed a few days ago that I was awarded a silver tag badge twice: I don't have any problem with that notification. It seems like a kind of race condition, explained here. The issue is that the ...
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Tag badges have an ugly black rectangle in dark mode

I noticed today that tag badges looked different than before in dark mode, in two places: In the "Top tags" section on the user profile page, there's a black rectangle surrounding the badge ...
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Recent change to tag badges display on profile page harms accessibility

Recently the display of tag badges on profile page was changed from this to this As one can see the size of the badge circle is smaller now. From 13 pixels diameter it became 10 pixels (in the ...
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Tag badges "showing top 100 of 201 available badges..." when fewer badges shown

"Select your next badge" screen shows a message showing top 100 of 201 available badges; please use the search box to find a specific badge when there aren't that many badges shown on the screen (...
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How can we prevent "close/opening wars" between gold tag badge holders around possible duplicates with only-code-no-explanation answers?

I have seen many cases of questions closed as duplicate by a gold tag badge holder that later are reopened by other tag badge holders that have answered those questions with code-only-no-explanation-...
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Tag Badge Progress doesn't add up after Accounts Merge

I recently merged 2 accounts. In the email sent to me before the merge, it said: Your badges will also reset after a merge, but will be automatically re-awarded over the next 24 hours. I presumed ...
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Searching for a badge to track progress on results in dozens of the same badge

Steps to replicate Navigate to your profile Click on the "Choose which tag badge to track" gear icon Search for a tag name Expected results The tag badges for the matching tag will be displayed (...
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Could tag badges be made trackable in the badges tab at profile page?

Can we add the tag badges, eg to our "track the next badge as well"? I know it's technically possible to track it, if you choose not to track your next privillege: but it would be nice, if we could ...
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Gold tag badge not awarded, despite congratulations banner

I get this on my user page: Why do I get shown this, when I don't actually own the badge? When I click "track the next one", it shows my progress towards python again: Surely it's a bug to, within ...
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Tag point counter not working?

I got my gold tag badge recently, but it seems like it is some kind of bug with the counter. When I look at my profile and hover with the mouse over the "1k" text to the left of the gold badge, it ...
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Tag badges display badge instead of tag on the earned badges tab

If I go to Badges then select the earned tab then scroll down to tag badges, I see I have earned a silver badge in the silver badge tag : Looks like the tag badges are displayed as aggregates too, ...
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Put the badges in the tags shown in Developer Story

In the developer story we can see top 5% tag. Can we have the badges won for this tag shown as well?
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Strange line break in "Track next privilege/tag badge" popup

As shown in the image below, the popup seems to be too small for the text. I encountered this same issue on Opera, Edge and Chrome browsers.
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The tag badge I just received still appears in the recommended badges to track

I just earned a bronze tag badge for file: Naturally, I proceeded to click "Track the next one", which suggested that I pursue the "file" tag, and try to get a bronze badge for it... I presume it's ...
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Would it be a good idea to be able to display Tag Badges on Your CV

On the Jobs page you can select which tags are displayed against you when you are in the top n%. I think it would be a good idea to be able to pick tag badges as well. Some of these (particularly ...
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Tag badge progress bar not filled in properly

The green bar demonstrating the progress toward a tag badge appears to be not filled in properly. It is definitely there on the answer bar, but the score bar is not perfect either. Reproduced on ...
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Select your next tag badge to track showing first 100 out of x available tags empty

In the select next tag badge to track popup, if I don't have any silver or gold badges available, I still see a message that says: "Showing first 100 of x available tags" with x being my available ...
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Could we display tag badges against users answers if they have any?

As a bit of extra information for people asking questions and future viewers, could we show any tag badges (question specific) that answering users may have against their answers? I'm aware ...
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How select next tag badge view is sorted

When I select the next tag badge to track I see the following window: So each tag badge has four numbers: s: earned score S: required score a: posted answers A: required answers I'm curious how ...
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How can I find the number of points I have received in a particular tag?

I want to know the number of points that I have in a particular tag, say c, to monitor when I will cross the 400 point barrier and get the silver tag badge. I searched, but I wasn't able to find ...
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