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Questions tagged [tactical-downvoting]

Tactical downvoting is downvoting a competing answer, in the hope of giving one's own answer more exposure.

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12 votes
0 answers

Serial downvoting under the radar?

I have a whopping six (6) questions on Stack Overflow. For a long time, nobody seemed to look at them at all, but now over the last week, five of them have received a downvote. I flagged one of them ...
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7 votes
1 answer

Downvoting all other answers to have your favorite one rise up

I believe downvoting is a personal preference and it should be used as one prefers. Anyway I'm not sure if it's the intended usage for downvotes if, in the situation where a user has a personal ...
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28 votes
1 answer

Raise flag for obvious revenge downvotes

I noticed a pattern where after I downvote an answer and leave a comment I get 2-3 downvotes in a row - for example: These two are completely unrelated to anything I've done recently, they're ...
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17 votes
4 answers

What to do when a correct answer is strategically downvoted?

It was a little while ago now, and I can't find the example. But what do you recommend when you answer someone's best practice question (a question that didn't have any votes or much attention ...
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2 answers

Is it okay to tactically downvote (downvoting competing answers)?

When you downvote an answer, you lose 1 reputation. According to this post, this is to discourage tactical/strategic downvoting, where you downvote other competing answers to a question to bring you ...
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-54 votes
2 answers

Prevent voting on answers by users who have answers

Here are the requirements of this feature: If a user has already voted on an answer, after making her own answer, her vote on that answer no longer counts. If a user has already has his own answer, ...
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-19 votes
1 answer

Prevent tactical downvoting at the end of the bounty auto-award period?

Example of bounty on question: Example Question: This is my problem? (has bounty of +250) Answer: 4 answers (no any answer accepted) 3 Votes - (first answer by date) (answered by me) 3 Votes - (...
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