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Rendered view requires blank line before (and after) tables, but preview works regardless

I saw a wrong table layout where the poster did the following and it looked wrong: Table x | Name | Category | | ---- | -------- | | A | High | | b | Medium | | c | Low | ...
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A Markdown table is detected incorrectly as a badly formatted code block

I tried to post this on the new tables feature thread on Meta Stack Exchange but I don't have enough reputation to post an answer or even a comment on the question. It might only be a Stack Overflow ...
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Different table formatting in editor and outside [duplicate]

I came across this badly formatted answer and wanted to edit it to correct the formatting. The table formatting is messed as can be seen: However when I click edit, formatting is OK: Is there ...
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When to use code-formatted tables or Markdown-formatted tables

Given a code-formatted table: +------+------+ | id | name | +------+------+ | 1 | Paul | | 2 | Nash | | 3 | Anne | | 4 | Lily | +------+------+ and its corresponding Markdown-formatted ...
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Should we disapprove of uploading images of tables when asking a question?

Since the introduction of the table markdown should people still be using images of tables instead of the markdown? Or should we be enforcing the use of the new markdown? If we find a question that ...
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34 votes
8 answers

Discouraging questioners from posting data in table form for questions on R/SQL

Questions based on R are much easier to answer if the questioner posts a small example of their data using a function such as dput, so that the answerer can paste the data quickly into their own ...
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How is table with code formatted incorrectly? [duplicate]

Why is this table not formatted correctly? Base (base) Exponent (exp) Math.pow(base, exp) numeral(n).format('0[.]00e+0') logFormatter(n, base) 10 -5 0.000009999999999999999 10e-6 1 x 10⁻⁵ 10 -2.445 ...
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"Code not properly formatted as code" when attempting to blockquote a table

In a recent answer, I was attempting to cite a specific line in a table from the official documentation. Due to its formatting, I thought it would be better to format the quoted section as a table. ...
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Preview of tables doesn't match the live view [duplicate]

I went to edit this question to improve the formatting of the tables, since it looked broken: But when I went to edit it, the preview showed it to be correctly formatted: This seems to be ...
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