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Stack Overflow will not allow me to post this table (code not formatted as code error) [duplicate]

When I post the following table into an answer on Stack Overflow, it gives me the "Your post appears to contain code that is not properly formatted as code. " error. I was able to circumvent ...
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1 answer

Add Table Generator link as part of the help for writing question/answer for creating tables using markdown

I found Table Generator a very helpful tool for generating tables in markdown format. Stack Overflow Help for tables provides some links, but none of them help the user for generating the table. Doing ...
8 votes
0 answers

Table rendering currently broken in Stack Overflow previews

Currently, when I add a table to a question or answer in Stack Overflow, it is not being rendered properly in previews. It appears to currently work on other sites in the Stack Exchange network, as ...
42 votes
7 answers

When to use code-formatted tables or Markdown-formatted tables

Given a code-formatted table: +------+------+ | id | name | +------+------+ | 1 | Paul | | 2 | Nash | | 3 | Anne | | 4 | Lily | +------+------+ and its corresponding Markdown-formatted ...
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0 answers

Table shows well on editing window but turns into text when posted [duplicate]

I just wrote a post over here about SQL (yes, it is a basic question - I know very little about SQL). And while the preview/editing screen correctly shows the table, it disappears when actually ...
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Table formatted correctly in preview, but not when question is posted [duplicate]

There appears to be a slight inconsistency in the rendering of tables in Markdown. If a table isn't preceded by an empty line, then the table is rendered properly in the draft editor, but not when the ...
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0 answers

Embedded table is not showing correctly in question [duplicate]

I am trying to added a couple of embedded tables in this question using Stack Overflow's suggested format. When I or another user open the edit window, the table presents correctly in the question ...
36 votes
0 answers

Rendered view requires blank line before (and after) tables, but preview accepts both

I saw a wrong table layout, the poster did do this, and it looked wrong: Table x | Name | Category | | ---- | -------- | | A | High | | b | Medium | | c | Low | Changing this (...
3 votes
0 answers

Table formatting: fit-to-content option?

Would it be possible to have tables which are sized to fit the contents, rather than using the full width available? Something like this, but with the last column hidden. Id Name Quest Favourite ...
3 votes
0 answers

Is there an easier way to generate tables in posts?

I have seen a post on how to use table formatting inside Stack Overflow question posts. However, it seems to be really overwhelming to insert all the formatting for tables on your own by hand: once ...
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0 answers

Table not being rendered correctly in final post [duplicate]

I included a markdown table in my post (How to use scoped APIs with (GSI) Google Identity Services) This is what my table looks like in the editor: This is the edit preview: But in the final post it ...
2 votes
0 answers

Preview of tables doesn't match the live view [duplicate]

I went to edit this question to improve the formatting of the tables, since it looked broken: But when I went to edit it, the preview showed it to be correctly formatted: This seems to be ...
34 votes
8 answers

Discouraging questioners from posting data in table form for questions on R/SQL

Questions based on R are much easier to answer if the questioner posts a small example of their data using a function such as dput, so that the answerer can paste the data quickly into their own ...
10 votes
1 answer

Table disappears after switching between Markdown and Rendered output views

The rendered markdown table disappears after switching back and forth between Markdown view and Rendered output view. I can reproduce it with Firefox 84.0.1 and disabled uBlock Origin on this ...
2 votes
0 answers

Table rendering in editor, but not in question [duplicate]

I found this question. Their Markdown table does not render as a table on the question. I went to edit it, but in the editor, it renders fine! (While writing this post, the author commented, reporting ...
3 votes
1 answer

Why does a table on Stack Overflow have a difference in the table's perspective when editing/asking question and in an actual question? [duplicate]

I have been trying to create a table in a Stack Overflow question and am struggling to get my table right. Here's the perspective in the Edit view, However, when I hit Post Question, the table is ...
9 votes
2 answers

How do I paste an Excel sheet to the questions? [duplicate]

How do I paste an Excel sheet to the questions? I am trying to make it a nice format, so it can be easily answered, but I'm having trouble with it.
5 votes
0 answers

How is table with code formatted illegally? [duplicate]

Could someone please for the love of G tell me why this table is not formatted correctly?!!!! Base (base) Exponent (exp) Math.pow(base, exp) numeral(n).format('0[.]00e+0') logFormatter(n, base) 10 -...
29 votes
1 answer

A Markdown table is detected incorrectly as a badly formatted code block

I tried to post this on the new tables feature thread on Meta Stack Exchange but I don't have enough reputation to post an answer or even a comment on the question. It might only be a Stack Overflow ...
38 votes
4 answers

Should we disapprove of uploading images of tables when asking a question?

Since the introduction of the table markdown should people still be using images of tables instead of the markdown? Or should we be enforcing the use of the new markdown? If we find a question that ...
10 votes
1 answer

Different table formatting in editor and outside

I came across this badly formatted answer and wanted to edit it to correct the formatting. The table formatting is messed as can be seen: However when I click edit, formatting is OK: Is there ...