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Questions tagged [system-message]

Messages that are displayed within each page near the top which cannot be dismissed and are usually in regards to planned downtime.

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15 votes
1 answer

How long will the ChatGPT-ban banner (2022-12-08) be visible?

A big thank you to the SO staff for the big honking banner (and linked-to Help Center page) we now (2022-12-08) have that says: We do not currently allow content pasted from ChatGPT on Stack Overflow;...
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74 votes
0 answers

Can we opt out of the banner announcing Stack Overflow Podcasts?

Every once in a while, we get a banner on top that announces Stack Overflow podcasts: We should be able to opt out of seeing it. If that's not possible, it should at least go away automatically.
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94 votes
0 answers

Please improve the criteria for the "Welcome back" message

The message to a user to remember to vote on questions and answers is a good thing, for those users that do not know to do so. It is very annoying to many users, as evidenced by Disable "don'...
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34 votes
1 answer

"Ten million questions" announcement breaks the navigation tabs in mobile view

See the picture below: The issue seems to be: .nav li.current a { color: #fffdff; font-weight: bold; }
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20 votes
1 answer

The system message theme is...jarring

Here's what I mean. Take this vanilla screenshot: That beige bar is stretching across the entire site. Not a fan. Now, 99 times out of 100, that banner is there to tell me that SO is in read-only ...
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