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Questions about the Syntax section of Documentation topics, what goes there, and how it works.

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Is it legal/accepted to copy content for documentation? [closed]

How do I know if it is legal to copy content from a website to a documentation section or an answer? I am not a lawyer nor a native English speaker. As an concrete example: Is it OK to copy the ...
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Multi-line formatting in Syntax section of Documentation [closed]

I've started browsing the Documentation for some of my favourite tags and am looking to contribute. As a soft start to ease myself in, I came across the GROUP BY topic within the sql tag, which said ...
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Type shown on mouseover [closed]

Disclaimer: this is only appealing for dynamically typed languages. It would be cool to have the return and parameter types of the signatures in the syntax section appear when you mouse over the ...
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What should be placed into 'Syntax' and 'Parameters' tabs? [duplicate]

I have checked other question that looks similar (Guidance for using Syntax and Parameters in documentation, How to add Syntax and/or Parameters to an already created topic in Documentation?, What ...
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Guidance for using Syntax and Parameters in documentation [closed]

I would like to see some guidance on how to use the Syntax and Parameters sections in documentation. I was just now looking at a review that seemed to combine syntax and explanation. While I had the ...
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