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Questions tagged [syntax-highlighting]

For questions about the syntax highlighting performed inside code blocks on Stack Exchange sites.

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4 votes
1 answer

Customizable syntax highlighting

I noticed that the syntax highlighting theme has been changed recently, while I don't particularly the new theme I was wondering what about having the possibility to customize the syntax highlight ...
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1 answer

Elm syntax highlighting does not render comments properly

See this example: test = 1 + 1 -- This test = 1 + 1 expression defines... As a result, some people have been using Haskell syntax highlighting instead: test = 1 + 1 -- This test = 1 + 1 expression ...
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1 answer

Visual C++ should default to lang-cpp

The default syntax highlighting (prettify) is now listed at the bottom of the tag wiki. I noticed that visual-c++ (go to the tag info) is probably wrong. It is set to use lang-c instead of lang-cpp. ...
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Syntax highlighting: default to JavaScript highlighting for questions tagged [javascript-automation] / [jxa]

JXA (JavaScript for Automation), as the name implies, is based on a single language, JavaScript, so it makes sense to apply JavaScript highlighting to code blocks by default. P.S.: Perhaps ...
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1 answer

set the color coding for a codeblock [duplicate]

Most of the time all codeblocks you post are colored in the right way automatically. But not always. Is there a way to tell the interpreter here that a block is javaScript for example annd then it is ...
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Should we have syntax highlighting for AutoHotkey questions?

This question with AutoHotkey (AHK) code has no code highlighting: Why does command not run after SetTimer? We can set some highlighting by using the Racket syntax highlighting, which is also not ...
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Regex should use lang-regex

Similar to my query about Visual C++, regex should default to lang-regex instead of lang-default.
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