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A request to add one tag as the synonym of another tag. Please be specific about which tag should be a synonym of which. Bidirectional synonyms and cycles are implicitly disallowed, so suggest wisely.

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Should the tag [mllp] be a synonym of [hl7-v3]?

The mllp tag has no wiki and only three questions. From the page HL7 Version 3 Standard: Transport Specifications - MLLP DESCRIPTION The purpose of the MLLP Protocol (Minimum Lower Layer Protocol) is ...
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Tag merge request: [chaining] & [method-chaining] [duplicate]

chaining is described: Chaining is an object-oriented programming technique where methods return the object on which they were called so that another method may be called on the same object, thus ...
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tags uint32 and uint32-t are synonymous

While editing the tag wiki, I noticed that there is a tag uint32 and a uint32-t, and there is even a question that asks about the difference in C++ between the two types. Is the difference (one being ...
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Merge [box] and [box-api]

Related: Merge [onedrive-api] into [onedrive] I propose we merge box into box-api to avoid ambiguity of box.
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Merge/Synonym [toast] and [android-toast]

I was reviewing some posts tonight when I noticed that the tags toast and android-toast. I initially thought that toast notifications only referred to the android variant but while looking at some of ...
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Merge / synonymize [principles] and [design-principles] with [patterns]

Should we merge or synonymize principles, design-principles, and patterns? principles only has 61 questions and lacks a tag wiki: Use for questions related to programming principles; Principles ...
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Merge [fhir] and [hl7-fhir]

HL7 is simply the organisation responsible for the FHIR spec. As such, there's no difference in meaning between hl7-fhir and fhir and the two should be merged. My first instinct was to keep fhir, ...
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Synonymize [pom] and [pom.xml] to [maven]

The concept of a POM (Project Object Model), or the pom.xml file itself, only exists in Maven. Most questions that include the pom.xml tag also include maven. It makes little sense to keep these ...
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Duplicate TAG related to the Android component "BroadcastReceiver"

I found three tags that refer to the same concept. It the Android component: BroadcastReceiver, and the tags are: android-broadcast broadcastreceiver android-broadcastreceiver Probably should be ...
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Should [emr] be a synonym for [amazon-emr]? [duplicate]

I don't have the points in either tag to suggest an alias. But I'm pretty sure they're the same thing. What about other [amazon-*] tags?
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Make [glossary] a synonym of [terminology]

Tl;Dr glossary is being used on questions about terms. We already have terminology for those questions. glossary Tag excerpt: list of terms and definitions used in a larger document It has 96 ...
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Merge tags: [geospatial], [spatial], [gis]

I can't see any reason to keep these tags separate. geospatial geography spatial gis geographical-information On DBA.SE, they're all mapped to [spatial]. That would be my suggestion here. But, if ...
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Make [mongocsharpdriver] a synonym for [mongodb-csharp] [duplicate]

Both mongocsharpdriver and mongodb-csharp refer to the same C# driver for MongoDB. I have suggested a synonym, but I don't know how long it will take to be approved.
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Tag synonyms jdt and eclipse-jdt [duplicate]

I lack the privilege to suggest an tag synonym, so I'm posting this question instead. The tags jdt and eclipse-jdt refer to the exact same piece of software, they even have nearly identical ...
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Merge [package] and [packages] [duplicate]

Merge package and packages There doesn't really seem to be a need for these two to be separate tags, for the same reason that it would be silly to have [database] and [databases] be separate tags.
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Merge [firefox-addon-webextensions] into [firefox-addon]

firefox-addon already includes extensions and themes, etc. Nowadays most people only write WebExtensions for Firefox and not legacy extensions. So I think it's worthwhile to merge the tag firefox-...
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Tag synonym request: [open-closed-principle] → [ocp]

Please add open-closed-principle as a synonym of ocp. Both refer to the second of Robert Martin's SOLID principles.
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Can we make [cardview] a synonym of [android-cardview]?

Currently the below two tags are used for Android CardView. android-cardview CardView is a widget used to show complex lists and cards in your app, and it has material design style by default. ...
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Merge [uistoryboard] into [xcode-storyboard]

These two tags refer to exactly the same thing. In fact, they refer to exactly the same thing. In all cases you could just use xcode-storyboard (or more logically, just apple-storyboard). It seems ...
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What to do with [worksheet-function] vs [excel-formula] tags?

Today I stumbled upon a question that was tagged with both excel-formula and worksheet-function. Reading the tag excerpts: excel-formula: This tag is for Microsoft Excel questions where the ...
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Merge tags: [ipad-pro] and [ipadpro] [duplicate]

The tag ipadpro should be renamed in ipad-pro and used as synonym.
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1 answer

Merge [serial-voting] with [tactical-downvoting]

Should we merge serial-voting with tactical-downvoting? Serial voting has the following excerpt: Serial voting is the act of serially (repeatedly) up or downvoting another user's posts over a (...
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Synonymize [tkinter] with [tk]

tkinter is Python bindings to tk. Since: a question about it will have to include python, it will probably also include tk to cover more audience since anything Tkinter has a direct equivalent in ...
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