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A request to add one tag as the synonym of another tag. Please be specific about which tag should be a synonym of which. Bidirectional synonyms and cycles are implicitly disallowed, so suggest wisely.

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Make [japanese], [korean] and [chinese] synonyms of [cjk]

Yesterday, I attempted to create the tag korean to match the tag japanese, but the tag edit process (in review queue because I have less than 20,000 reputation) was invalidated following Filnor meta ...
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Merge tags [.net-4.8] and [.net-framework-4.8]?

For .NET Framework 4.8 there appear to be two redundant tags each with similar #s of questions (~100): .net-framework-4.8 .net-4.8 I can't see how they would be different... I think they should be ...
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38 votes
2 answers

Make [bootstrap-4] a synonym of [twitter-bootstrap-4] (Or burninate it)?

I do not have the rep to suggest a synonym, but should we not make bootstrap-4 a synonym on twitter-bootstrap-4, or even burninate it? Edit: It seems there is already some discussion on the ambiguity ...
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38 votes
7 answers

Making [iphone], [ipod-touch] and [ipad] tags synonyms of the inclusive [ios]?

What do you think about making the iphone, ipod-touch and ipad tags synonyms of ios? I feel these are no longer necessary, and I see people removing them from questions all the time lately. My ...
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It doesn't take an AI to realise [] should flow into [dialogflow]

The wiki excerpt for Dialogflow provides developers with the power to add conversation to devices and applications through the Dialogflow platform. The wiki excerpt for dialogflow: ...
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33 votes
2 answers

What have we [deleted]?

The deleted tag has a total of 117 posts (a new post every ~6 days), of that: 59% have a score of 0 or less, 9% are closed, there are only 3 followers and the tag's excerpt and wiki are both empty. ...
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These two tags are [LinkedIn]

The tag-excerpt of linkedin says: A tool used for finding business/networking connections, such as for suggesting job candidates. Used for questions regarding LinkedIn's APIs. Do not ask questions ...
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2 answers

What's the difference between a [cstring], a [c-string], [c-strings] and a const char*?

Simple, the first three are 0-terminated strings common in C (and C++), as well as in designs inspired by them, the last might point to one (in either language). Still, for some absurd reason they ...
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30 votes
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Let's recycle [recyclerview]

While answering questions I came across two tags which both refer to the RecyclerView UI element in Android. The tags in question are: recyclerview: 993 Questions android-recyclerview: 205 Questions ...
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28 votes
1 answer

Willl someone please synonymize [uitableviewcelll] with [uitableviewcell]?

Thee tagg uitableviewcelll hass ann incorrectlyy repeatedd letterr att thee endd. The class the tag describes is UITableViewCell: note the presence of only two terminal 'l's. Presumably it was ...
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28 votes
1 answer

The tag [adf] is ambiguous and is asking to be Burninated/Synonymized

While looking through the Suggested Edits queue, I stumbled upon the tag adf whose tag wiki begins: DO NOT USE THIS TAG! Use oracle-adf instead Questions appear to be divided between describing 2 ...
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25 votes
2 answers

Microsoft Office Programs Tag Prefix

The main tag for each Microsoft Office program is not consistent on its usage of the ms- prefix. For example: excel - Synonyms Link ms-excel is synonym-tag ms-word - Synonyms Link word is a ...
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24 votes
2 answers

Rename [windows-azure-*] to just [azure-*]

Due to the renaming Windows Azure to just Azure please rename all tags [windows-azure-*] to just [azure-*], such as: windows-azure-storage 1599 windows-azure-queues 93 windows-azure-diagnostics 74 ...
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24 votes
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Please undo all of the current [git] tag synonyms (and reject [github] synonyms)

Git Synonyms There are currently 8 tag synonyms for the Git tag, along with a 9th suggested synonym. These synonyms should never have been created. They all represent different, individual, and ...
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23 votes
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Merge [kotlin-coroutines] and [kotlinx.coroutines]

There are two tags used for questions on Kotlin coroutines: kotlinx.coroutines and kotlin-coroutines. They are almost indistinguishable in scope, but precisely speaking the latter is more general and ...
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16 votes
1 answer

Merge tags [apache] and [apache2]?

We have two different tags for the Apache web server: apache (> 47,000 Questions tagged) The Apache HTTP Server, commonly referred to as Apache, is an open-source HTTP server for modern operating ...
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16 votes
1 answer

The oracle vs. oracledb tag

I see more and more questions using the oracle tag to target questions that are linked to the company Oracle (e.g. Java questions or other Oracle products), rather than their (main) database product. ...
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Duplicate tags for path finding: [pathfinder] [path-finding] and [pathing] - quite similar and confusing

This question actually extends a question posted a year ago: Is [pathing] a synonym of [path-finding]? I'm adding a third tag pathfinder to it, which, like pathing, has no tag wiki and is used by only ...
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Help clean up jquery-ui-* tags [duplicate]

This is a follow up to Should the tags [sortable], [jquery-sortable] and [jquery-ui-sortable] be merged? 1 I need help of moderators and members with the voting power to clean this up. If you have ...
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15 votes
2 answers

What is the difference between the tags [std] and [c++-standard-library]?

When should I use either the tag std (of which stdlib is a synonym) or c++-standard-library? According to their wiki pages, they refer both to the C++ Standard Library. If there isn't any difference ...
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15 votes
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Suggested Retag/Synonym: team-foundation-service is now visual-studio-online

The Team Foundation Service has been renamed to Visual Studio Online. I think we should retag the team-foundation-service as visual-studio-online, and arrange for the former to be a synonym of the ...
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14 votes
1 answer

Should these two tags be combined [bll] and [business-logic-layer]?

Following is Tag Info for bll (107 questions): About bll A Business Logic Layer (BLL) is a typical software engineering artifact within a Multitier architecture. A Business Logic Layer (...
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13 votes
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Redraw [sample]

The sample tag is for a... Small part of or a selection from something (code , logs , data and etc.), intended to show the structure, style, or nature of the whole. In practice, sample is mostly ...
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Tag synonyms: [android-avd] and [avd]

android-avd and avd refer to the same thing. - I can't make them synonyms because: Creating a tag synonym requires 5 score in this tag. So it's up to you!
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12 votes
2 answers

Should [hashtable] and [hashmap] be synonyms?

The wiki for hashmap begins with "A hash map (or hash table) is a data structure", implying that the tag has the same meaning as hashtable(e.g., it is not intended for labeling the Java classes). ...
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Make [azure-sqldw] a synonym of [azure-sql-data-warehouse] [duplicate]

It looks like something similar was asked about 6 years ago in the question Merge the two tags used for Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse, however, this is with a different set of tags for the same ...
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Synonymize [spark-framework] to [spark-java]

The spark-framework tag refers to the exact same thing as spark-java, the first should be made a synonym of the second. The excerpt for spark-framework reads: Spark is a Sinatra inspired micro web ...
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12 votes
1 answer

Difference between [sqlite] and [sqlite3] tags

Is there any useful difference between the tags sqlite and sqlite3? Could one either be removed or made a synonym of the other? The wiki tag description for both tags is the same: SQLite is a ...
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10 votes
1 answer

Merge [onedrive-api] into [onedrive]

Is there any reason to have a separate tag for onedrive's api? I say we merge onedrive-api into onedrive.
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10 votes
1 answer

Synonyms: amazon-mws and mws

I believe that amazon-mws and mws are identical. They are referring to the same thing. I would suggest keeping amazon-mws for clarity. I do not have the rep to do this myself, or I would.
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The tags [percent-encoding], [uriencoding], [urlencode], and [url-encoding]

We have four tags that seem to be about the same concept: urlencode (1181) This is about encoding text in/for a URL. Some characters are not valid for URLs. For instance ' or \ and more. url-...
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9 votes
1 answer

Should "quartus" and "quartus-ii" be synonyms?

Both tags quartus and quartus-ii actually refer to the same piece of software provided by Altera. The tag wiki on quartus reads (excerpt): Quartus is a software product developed by Altera which ...
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9 votes
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The tag [non-nullable] and [nullable] should be synonyms of [nullability]

I am reasking Make [non-nullable], [nullable] and [nullability] synonyms because the old question originally asked a different question (Make non-nullable synonym of nullable) so the voting on the old ...
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Merge the [android-lollipop] and [android-5.0-lollipop] tags

android-lollipop is the same as android-5.0-lollipop, but android-5.0-lollipop a) uses the naming scheme that every other Android version tag has uses, and b) has been around longer. Can the android-...
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9 votes
1 answer

Synonymize or blacklist [vanilla-js] tag

There has been a website in the past, about "vanilla-js" ( because of the multiple open source libraries/frameworks got founded during that period. That was not something ...
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Merge tags [queryover] and [nhibernate-queryover]

I suggest that the tags queryover and nhibernate-queryover should be merged into nhibernate-queryover, as they mean the same thing. From Tag-Wiki: queryover QueryOver is a strongly-typed fluent-like ...
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8 votes
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Repeat question - tag synonym [amazon-ses] and [aws-ses]

This was raised previously, but it was not addressed and came back again: Tag Synonym [amazon-ses] and [aws-ses] There are 23 aws-ses questions that should be merged into amazon-ses (700+ questions)....
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8 votes
1 answer

Merge/synonymize [apex] and [apex-code]

The two tags apex and apex-code are equivalent. From the apex wiki: Apex is a strongly typed, OOP language that allows to execute flow and transaction control statements on the platform ...
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8 votes
0 answers

Google-Drive related tag synonyms

EDIT: google-drive-api is now a synonym for google-drive-sdk, so we're part-way there. Now - how about making google-drive-realtime-api a synonym as well? There are three tags on SO that imo cover ...
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8 votes
1 answer

Merge tags [order-of-operations], [order-of-evaluation], and [operator-precedence]

The [order] tag is in the process of being burninated. As part of that cleanup, I suggest merging the order-of-operations, order-of-evaluation, and operator-precedence tags. We have 92 questions ...
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8 votes
1 answer

Duplicate tags [plunker] and [plunkr]

While the site is, plunker seems to be the correct name anyway. Also, it has more questions and a tag-wiki.
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7 votes
1 answer

Expedite Tag Synonym approval for [sql-update] and [sql-server-data-tools]

After following these questions, Why tag synonyms doesn't get attention How to gather support for tag synonyms? Tag synonyms for [virtual-keyboard] It seems like asking a question is the only ...
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7 votes
1 answer

Should we merge the tag [idiomatic] into [idioms]?

Reading the description of these two tags idiomatic and idioms, it seems that they are both covering the same material. I don't have a strong preference for either one, and they both have over 300 ...
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7 votes
2 answers

Merge tags [knr] and [kr-c]?

I came across tags knr (51 questions) and kr-c(33 questions), and 3 questions are tagged with both. Wiki entries: knr Questions about or related to the book "The C Programming Language" (which is ...
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7 votes
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Request to merge tags [azure-data-factory-2] with [azure-data-factory]

There are 2,716 questions tagged azure-data-factory There are 1,406 questions tagged azure-data-factory-2 There are 743 questions tagged azure-data-factory and azure-data-factory-2 This means ...
7 votes
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Synonym [postfix] -> [postfix-mta] seems to have been reverted

The status-completed rename and synonym mapping requested in Fix [postfix] mail server tag; disambiguate vs [infix] seems to have been reverted. Starting July 10th, questions have been pouring into ...
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1 answer

Can we merge both these tags, [fab] and [floating-action-button]?

Both the tags fab and floating-action-button are used for FloatingActionButton fab Floating action buttons or FAB are used for a special type of promoted action. They are distinguished by a circled ...
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Request to change tag name for Bootstrap [duplicate]

There has consistently been a large amount of accidental use of the bootstrap tag when users intend to use the far more popular twitter-bootstrap. This has been problematic enough that both tag wiki'...
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duplicate tags [angular-ui-router] [ui-router]

Tags angular-ui-router and ui-router both refer to the same thing, the latter being considerably newer and less used.
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Make [relativelayout] a synonym of [android-relativelayout]

A couple of years ago I created the android-relativelayout tag as a potential synonym to relativelayout. The intention was to make it similar to android-linearlayout that was a synonym of linearlayout....
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